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The Black American Prep Roadmap for the Next Six Months

Monday, June 15, 2020

Be aware of the primary landscape - we are living in a moment of rapid acceleration and deceleration. A lot of things expected to take years to manifest has manifested in weeks during the first half of 2020.

We already experienced a highly-contagious virus that has no cure, transportation and market hubs being suspended for months, governments ordering people to stay indoors. We saw businesses closed down and employees furloughed. Supply chain broken and antiquated failed to keep things in stock for business continuity. The government decided to start printing money to send out a stimulus check and provide supplemental income to current unemployment benefit payouts. And at the six-month mark, people are rising up against police brutality and inequality by taking a stand with social unrest. This is just the first half.

The second-half of 2020, is going to be worst because we going to experience a reckoning and fallout occurring just as fast and heavy as the first-half of 2020. We are looking at an economy being propped up by the Federal Reserve, businesses and organizations failing because they don’t have effective mobile-first platforms to facilitate trade and services. And the big picture – a lot of layoffs are coming because people jobs will be obsolete due to digitalization, cats going to wake up one morning and realize the Chinese and India tech talent American media never told you about have advanced machine learning and can run on cloud farms to outsource business processes for corporations – they don’t need you like that anymore.

We kinda know for certain, the second half of 2020 is not going to be a holiday. We know we got to brace ourselves but how is the real question that need to be answered. In this article, we are going to talk about the short-term and long-terms things brothas and sistas have to do to try and make it through the second half of 2020.

Expect Them to Come for Black Jobs as Retaliation

In the past, when we stand up as a people against the American system of white privilege, we have passive-aggressive attempts to take our jobs to show they running the show. A lot of company executives are making promises they will do their part to end discrimination and systematic racism against black people but they run operations with middle-managers who carry out the actual discrimination within their corporation.

The reality is, no one can protect you from losing your job but you can fight back and prepare yourself to be ready for a real job. Here is the thing; you need to prepare yourself to quit your job to get a more appropriate job in this transformative world we living in. That means you learn new high-paying skills to stay in demand and employable even during a bad economy.

We are in a Transformative Phase

There is a major paradigm shift going on, please do not lose sight of this. Technology and innovation did not stop because the economy stopped due to COVID-19. However, the transformation is creating new paradigms of opportunity.

For starters, companies need consultation on how to re-open their business. They need consultation on how to setup mobile-first digital trading for their firms. You can see opportunities in creating weekend work to help businesses get up and running and optimize their business flow through managing digital advertising and marketing and setting up payment systems on their mobile devices and more. That’s an example of opportunity.

Moving Towards Local Fiscalism

If you have not made your global moves by now, it’s going to be hard for you to get any traction anytime soon and we talking years from now, not months. Countries tightened their borders and restricting trade and have entry bans in place for foreigners. All of these countries are focusing on recovering their economy - they are going to focus on their local citizens who in turn are going to their local communities to rebuild.

You need to start looking local and how to create local fiscalism ecosystem. This is why Dream and Hustle go to Tokyo because that is a city, just like Singapore, Seoul and other Asian megacities that are resilient because they are made up of smaller provinces practicing local fiscalism. We got to learn how to sell and trade in our own community and establish an ecosystem for local trade.

If you look at these Asian megacities you see the core is fast casual dining – ramen shops and snack bars; we need the same kind of dining – quick, fast, cheap and get people in and out. The second core is resale shops – we can refurbish and recycle good clothes and accessories to resale to the market. Furthermore, we create local trade halls, local pickup shops, local delivery services, local rental services and more to create that local fiscalism ecosystem to sustain ourselves.

Money Will Not Be the Same

The biggest impact that is not discussed on mainstream media is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell basically printing trillions of dollars in digital money where a bank can just press a button and have billions push to their bank reserves to lend out. I will cover this in detail as this is the most transformative and disruptive thing in your life, more than COVID-19. If you are politically astute you would realize neither Biden or Trump matters – Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve System is the one truly running and leading this country right now and for the next several years – yall sound kinda stupid talking about Trump and Biden, seriously.

You may need to see how to work your money for the next six months. If the central bank set interest rates to negative interest rates or zero, this is designed to force you to take your money out of your saving account and spend it on other investments or support local fiscalism – this is very possible. The second thing is Modern Monetary Theory or MMT where the government focus on debt financing to banks by printing money - this is a transformative paradigm shift which determines if you should invest in precious metals or other safe harbor currency.

What You Need To Do           

The next six months is going to hard as hell, you and I already know this. What you have to do is prepare and hope for the best but make sure you ready for whatever. Here is what I believe you need to do or keep doing:

Keep Prepping. Save up on food and supplies. Discipline yourself to eat off your supply and avoid going out to spend and shop – save your money. Get ‘security’ a term these right-wingers use for getting guns and ammo to protect yourself. You seen a hint of food and toilet paper becoming scarce now imagine the scenario when that stuff become expensive and people don’t got jobs to pay for such stuff – going to be way worse of an outcome.

Learn New Stuff. There is plenty of $100-$130k jobs to learn where the technology is free to download and master off YouTube and free e-books. Jenkins, Kafka, R and Python to name a few and some of these I will cover in future articles to help you understand. Open API and other technology we are going to be using over here we will be sharing how to apply them. Get your mind set on learning new stuff, don’t want to hear the BS about Dream and Hustle is over our heads – those cats laughing at Noah building an Ark on dry land got a lot water over their heads when they fail to build their own Ark, remember that.

Pay Off Debts. You should have significantly reduced your debts during the COVID-19 quarantine because you had nowhere else to spend your money. If you didn’t, you not taking the situation seriously and may get caught up down the road. People will come out of the first half of 2020 debt-free and will be able to get access to limited credit and other financial vehicles squeezing you out and leave you out if you sitting there with debt loads.

Invest in Future Opportunities. Start looking at the future opportunities that we are going to adopt as the “new normal” in our society. QR code mobile scanning, scheduling and capacity planning, mask and PPE production, supply chain and logistics such as delivery services. Think about how you can position yourself for these “new normal” opportunities to rebuild your own life up in a new direction. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide