Dream and Hustle

The Next Six Months

Thursday, June 6, 2024

The first six month of 2024, I carried out the quiet launch and release of our products. The next six months will be fast-paced acceleration.

This is the juncture where I have to bring on the right people, make decisive and bold decisions, move big and keep the vision in full clarity.

We have the markets, the products, the partnerships and now it’s time to engage our customers with value proposition. The value stream

In this article, I will cover where we are at and the transition going on for the next six months.

Toshikiso Platform Infrastructure

We have started Toshikiso on web hosting plans where we had the skills to squeeze out the maximum benefit and scale from a cheap web hosting provider.  We moved to cloud, but limited cloud because cloud plans can be very expensive. Cloud is good for initial startup but not a long-term solution unless we cut a pricing deal.

We have two enterprise options rolling out. The first is a cloud-based solution working with major cloud providers who have a revenue split with us and this is being done in several countries. The second is going to be a physical center in commercial areas that serve as a cornerstone of flagship structure. In that community, there will be local Toshikiso API access via 5G local WLAN, third spaces such as NFT galleries, and advertising on the outside jumbotron to promote local businesses and digital services.

TMS Early Adopters

Formerly Dream and Hustle Early Adopters, these are now our Ultimate VIP clients of The Manufactured Solution who will be able to use our services at no cost for an indefinite time. They supported me while everybody else was on that typical BS, especially in the Black community I originally created this solution for.

I have already setup a Discord server for the TMS Early Adopters and will also setup other platforms. I will be moving towards social media platforms that will allow me to post what I need to post because a lot of these platforms be doing sneak moves against up-and-coming rising stars by censuring or throttling our content and exposure.

There will be a massive reach-out for the Early Adopters and I already have a manifest of who they are who are invited to apply, agree to terms and be one of the first onboard.

Revenue Stream

Our revenue stream is extremely diverse and we have a lot of one-trick, low-frequency cats who bragging but they ain’t as stable or scalable as they want me and you to believe.

Paid Content. These are both subscription-base content like PZR009 as well as digital purchase such as software which I haven’t mentioned yet – yes, we are releasing software applications based on our platform. This is known as digital trade and we can implement this in countries that have digital trade agreements.

Invoice Billing. Access to Toshikiso API uses post-paid billing where we send an invoice to our customers using our API. Having account payables are assets that makes us valuable with real value to our investors and a way to have foundational cash flow.

Revenue Sharing. We will offer co-location with cloud providers to create virtual instances of Toshikiso customized for enterprises use. The cloud provider will simply spin up the servers for the client and charge them and send us our cut.

Licensing and Commission. This is where we will offer our platforms at white labels such as our product-service-system for merchants and our exchange platform to trade digital and physical assets. We will maintain the software platform

Yes, we are well-positioned to start growing fast with a very high-quality base around the world and be attractive to investors and stakeholders down the road.

Building Up Corporate Markets

This decision has already been made – we will run our central HQ in Atlanta for now and overseas will be Tokyo and Dubai. Atlanta will be a small footprint; I was not supported in America by my own people and I will not support them as my response. Instead, I will go where I’m appreciated and I ask for respect for my decision and you would do the same thing if you were in my position.

I do not need a dime from anybody flaky, talking too much around me because my firm already got customers lined up to support me and got the funds to pay me. I do not have any tolerance for people who crossed me and communities that didn’t support me.

We already have 35 markets already defined around the world. We already have a localization strategy in these regions involving local language, currency and date format, right-to-left reading orientation. We will have local specialists making sure our products are localized to these markets.

Generative AI

You will see a lot of generative AI implemented in our branding and strategy as a digital-first firm.

We have plenty of virtualize assistants that will presenting our offerings. In addition, we have bots that perform administrative duties for our corporation and also as a service for our customers. I decided from the beginning to build out this way as I cannot depend on people, especially in startup phase.

We are using machine learning and algorithms to help create new content, recommend new products and solutions. We can pinpoint who support us, what they like about us, and areas we can improve upon. This allows us to mature our products, learn fast, be responsive, competitive and focus on delivering the best experience for our customers while being lean.  

My Personal Journey

To be honest, the journey here is bittersweet. When I first started out, I had all these characters showing up in the Black community smiling in my face but wanting to see how they can knock down a brotha. I got them out of my life.

Also had a lot of family who I had the realization my whole life, wasn’t really there to see me succeed, but got a mouthful to say if something bad happens to me. They had to go as well. Then I’m dating the sistas who was about the same stuff; not really there for me, just trying to draw me in then try to hurt me the worse possible way; I had too many other girlfriends as a backup plan so that effort failed.

I realized if these people hate me or have disregard for me that much, they don’t need to be in my life and they don’t need to know anything about me to keep disliking me. The moral of the story is you have to protect yourself, your vision, and your purpose and your projects. Learn to remove people and other obstacles blocking you from the finish line.

The shining bright light that cancelled all of them – the last 15 years of dating some awesome Asian women who supported me and my goals and accepted a brotha and his mission; that mattered to a high-value man more than anything, some sistas may want to take a note of that.

Just a side note, I had to throw out things cluttering up my house to give me better clarity and focus on the current things that matter. I’m a big fan of Marie Kondo and her approach to having a space designed around your current position in life.

The Next Six Months

We will begin the actual focus on attracting customers, making our platforms available to clients, supporting and learning from interactions.

I will ramp up the Tokyo and Dubai space and will be spending more time in those areas. I also have plans for other regions in this world that I cannot disclosed but it should be obvious it will be in Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Here is the thing where other people went stupid – I have zero need for investments, someone putting money over my head because we got money over here, I don’t remember anybody telling you I was broke and struggling. Instead of flossing in Range Rovers, I used my money to invest in my dream and hustle. I don’t need anybody telling a Black man how to run his business or don’t speak against the establishment to keep getting funding; no one will have any constraints on me.

Things are going to be changing rapidly around here and the journey has just begun. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide