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Upcoming Black Economic Explosion is Mind-Blowing: Prepare for the Awesome

Monday, March 29, 2021

All signs are pointing to a massive Black economic explosion in 2021 and this time, the growth will be more resilient. However, the current status quo and current mindset will not be part of the transformation, they will be the casualty of the transformation due to being disrupted, obsoleted and marginalized.

The Black Boule. This group relied on portraying themselves as being better than the other Black people to make themselves feel good. They relied on crumb snatching from White privilege by pandering themselves to serve at the will of White privilege. Today, the Black Boule cannot compete with Asian wealth nor other immigrant groups who are rising in influence and power. Furthermore, the Black Boule did not build up a true foundational base, they focused more on a performative appearance to pretend they better and should be admired.

The Black Wokeness. Now these are some losers, for real. These are the modern-day Black folks who are caught up in social media platforms giving out their opinions. The Black Wokeness is caught up in virtual reality – they have virtual fake friends who agree with them or like their typed-up comments; they join virtual groups and act like they are part of a club or “digital woke” movement. The Black wokeness base their value system on social media likes, number of followers and observing someone net worth. The problem with Black wokeness is they simply cannot compete, cannot comprehend and cannot catch up with real world Black folks putting in real work.

There is only one group of Black folks who are fit for purpose to take full advantage of the upcoming Black economic explosion – the Black Excellence. Black Excellence are the ones who put in the work, learned from setbacks, invested in their improvements and have the experience to say what they do and do what they say.

Factors Leading to the Black Economic Explosion

The government initial lockdown reaction to COVID-19 created various factors to make the environment ripe for economic explosion as the world move out of a lockdown. These factors should be considered by the Black Excellence class to understand the landscape.

Current Status Quo Obsoleted. The COVID-19 lockdown exposed a lot of people and businesses who were fronting success but were actually out here living hand-to-mouth. We saw businesses that could not stay open and shut down permanently because they had no savings for their operations. We saw celebrities and actors who were flossing money also running out of money having crazy monthly expenses they can no longer maintain. Bigger picture, a lot of trade lines where cancelled where people cannot order from China and supply chain disrupted. These events created a great reset around the world – prime opportunity for you to come in and take over the status quo while they burdened and you are fresh and excellent.

Cheaper Spaces. If you look at the overpriced New York or Los Angeles commercial real estate, both COVID-19 and the violent protestors had them board up their buildings and emptied their Class A office spaces. Now commercial rent is cheap in New York and LA, even Hong Kong square footage space went down significantly. AirBnB properties had to be sold off with the travel ban. All of this is a grab opportunity for prime spaces and investment properties for Black Excellence. In addition, there are new spaces such as parks, sidewalk cafes, street markets that can leveraged using mobile first and delivery fulfillment logistics.

New Paradigm of Business Models. You don’t have to do what we used to do for a recover – you have to think different. Now is the time to explore membership economy by creating subscription-based access to physical spaces on-demand. Now is the time to look at the green economy to create renewal energy and resale of used luxury bags and luxury clothing. Now is the time for sharing economy to share spaces, resources and assets. Now is the time to create tax credit investing ventures – these are ventures that are specifically designed to have a low tax liability (solar power, EV startups) that big companies buy for no other reason but to offset their existing tax obligations – that’s a big business right now.

Better Access to Funding. Black folks no longer need to grovel these angel investors or venture capital firms – in fact, Black Excellence should cancel and outright ban doing any business with angel investors or venture capital after how they treated Black startups – fuck VCs and angel investors. The landscape is many financial institutions made commitment to invest in Black-owned businesses and support Black community developments. There are plenty of grants being offered to Black startups with no strings, there are crowdfunding platforms and banks are providing easier access to lending and debt financing and also investing in Black businesses. Banks want to do business with Black Excellence to scale them up to be sold or partnered with their biggest banking customers for a commission – the market is flushed with cash right now for Black startups outside some punk ass VCs and angel investors.

Better Payment/Revenue Models. Black-owned businesses can now setup automatic subscription services for their business model to create and cancel memberships on demand. There are now options to engage in QR payments, digital tipping and multi-party payment splitting on mobile apps, there is contextual payments to pay based on time or distance or any unit, reservations and cancellations can be automated as well. There are many ways Black Excellence can get revenue streams nowadays. Another trend – new market tax credits for education, medical and community services that a venture can collect and swap with other firms for a profit.

Low-Code and Blockchain Platforms. You do not need to purchase expensive software upfront to streamline your operations. You can now pay for software subscription service month-to-month like Office 365 and ramp up your licensing needs on demand. The current software engineering focus on event sourcing to promote business workflows. Then there are shared data ledgers that can be managed by artificial intelligence where accounting line items can be analyzed and detect trends and abnormalities. Then we have microservices that can perform small valuable tasks such as analyze security camera feeds, deliver coupons to customers or manage social media campaigns. We came a long way with technology in the last few years.

Trade Wars and Immigration Reform. While the most visible trade war is between the US and China, there are more in play from the USA and Europe with Brexit and more. These opportunities disrupt status quo while creating new opportunities for local people to start local manufacturing and supply chain to deliver goods disrupted by existing trade wars. Black excellence sees opportunity with immigrant reform and working with those who want to find work and new life in America and help them out of compassion, not fear of competition.

As you see, we have a solid, positive landscape ahead of us and this creates an environment for the economic explosion we seeing coming later in 2021. But remember, the Black Boule is too caught up trying to portray status quo and the Black Wokeness is lost in the sauce of their own weak mindset caught up in virtual reality worlds and commentary. It is Black Excellence who is going to see what’s coming and take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us.

Strategies to Move with the Momentum

To take advantage of the upcoming Black economic explosion, you have to be prepared yourself to be ready for what’s coming. The biggest problem over and over why Black folks cannot be Black Excellence is not understanding the consequences of stupid decisions they make can cost them their life or loss of opportunity. Let’s go through the strategies.

Stay Safe and Away from Fools. There is no reason you should be hanging out with people at nightclubs and parties and trying to be a social butterfly during COVID-19 lockdowns. You should have been smart enough to dump that kind of people out of your life and focused on being true to yourself and where you want to go and what you wanted to pursue. You stay safe avoiding hanging out with random and unknown and unaccredited people in your circle. You learn to recognize charlatans giving out relationship and financial advice on YouTube and cornballs in your social media circle not adding real value in this world.

Keep Your Day Job. Never listen to a fool talking about someone working a 9 to 5 job like they talking down. For a Black entrepreneur, the biggest benefit of maintaining a 9 to 5 job while starting up a business is having health benefits because stressful Black entrepreneurs tend to get real sick and accumulate real medical bills knocking them out of the game. Second biggest advantage of 9 to 5 is the ability to network with real professionals in real environments, not casual meetups with fake folks at the coffee shop.

Publish, Podcast and Broadcast. Learn to be your own storyteller and content distribution unit. Write books, even short stories e-books and publications to maintain consistency. Run a podcast show to talk to your audience and create mailing list and magazine compiling your conversations with pictures to engage a following and customers. Livestream from time to time and don’t talk about yourself, talk about your product/service and benefits to your customer and show you did all that for them.

Should You Move to Atlanta? If you live in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, Seattle – you stay where you are and build up from the ashes left by the lockdown and the violent protestors. Atlanta has advantages such as bigger spaces for both residential and commercial and a world-accessible airport. But the real blow-up opportunities are going to be high-density urban communities like the big cities and if you know your block and see empty storefronts – that’s where you need to be and build up from there.

Consider Co-ops Models.  You should never look at doing “business partnership” with anybody anymore – never do that. Instead, focus on a co-op model with stakeholders so everybody can be held accountable for the business operation. You use Agile, event sourcing, distributed ledgers to create a value chain system to deliver value and measure value. Those events are tied to understanding who is contributing success to the company. Your path should be bond-raising to start a co-op, work together to build up the business core, look into being acquired by a SPAC or a tax credit acquisition and everybody in that co-op cashes out and rinse and repeat.

Matching and Broker Opportunities. This is the missing gap in the upcoming Black economic explosion. You work as a matchmaker that can match job seekers with job opportunities in our communities and vet them properly. Same with matchmaking relationship couples. Create services that match food with people based on dietary needs or preference, match lifestyle with boutiques and lounges, match products with distribution channels. You can be a physical or digital broker where you find warehousing solutions for entrepreneurs or you host data for businesses including data at rest or data tokenization as a microservice but you fill in those connecting pieces needed for the Black economic explosion to manifest.

Deal with Market Makers, Not Black Identities. This is where 99% of Black entrepreneurs screw up the most. Black folks want to read/view stuff from another Black person talking garbage instead of get the correct information from a real authority subject matter expert. Do not racialize how you learn and gather learning and intelligence in this world. Learn from the best so you can end up beating the best at their own game. There is no need to read Black bloggers giving inspirational, aspirational and motivational content and you are among weak ass people who praise that kind of content – you are Black Excellence and you deal only with excellent content that get you to the next level of where you want to be. The content we going to need is going to be in white papers, Asian news segments, instructional videos by large companies and trade shows – that’s what you follow, the real work.

To wrap up, we are in the era of the biggest Black economic expansion to happen in our Black history. Black women stand to win the biggest but it’s enough for everybody out there to get some of the pie. Some of the talking points in this article will be follow up articles to explain in detail. But we need to get something straight – brothas and sistas ain’t going to be fronting and faking it in this landscape of digital transformation and global competition. The only thing that’s going to last and make it is Black Excellence and I hope folks realize now is the time to decide how to move forward with their life at this juncture.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide