Dream and Hustle

They Badly Want to See Brothas Broke and Struggling. Let’s Fight Back and Get Them

Friday, July 5, 2024

You know something – it took me a while to realize how much folks are around hating on me and not wanting to see me go for mine. I also realize something as well that it wasn’t me personally, it was because I was a Black man and this is how they been coming for us brothas for generations.

Many of you brothas may feel an “invisible barrier” as you try to rise up in this world chasing your dreams and finding your purpose. You will look back and reflect on your own family members, the people you grew up with in school years, the women you dated, folks at your workplace – you will see a whole framework in place there colluding to create a wall of obstruction for a brotha going for his.

Family Members. These are the sneaky bunch. The expectation of me for example was I turn 18 on the West Side of Chicago, attend a City College of Chicago, work at a retail/fast food as an assistant manager, get a Puerto Rican chick in Humbolt Park pregnant and work struggle jobs to pay $75/week child support and take the CTA. I feel like they mad I chose to go into the US Army, get my GI Bill, go to college, move to Atlanta and build up the big plans. Then when I come back around them, they act like they not happy at my growth as if I supposed to fail myself to curry their favor – f*ck them, I cut them off altogether.

Withholding Praise. This is when people close to you do not celebrate your accomplishments or joyful moments as a form of mental abuse, taking advantage of your affinity. One example is you decide to become an entrepreneur and you hear crickets from those close around you. It is important you break the affinity factor and cut off anybody who deny you happiness and support. Instead, go find your space in this world and be around people that celebrate you, not tolerate you.

School Kids. Let me give the best picture – those characters were judging and acting better than. I went out and made it happen. But the brothas I actually hung around in college; they were smart and went to Yale and UCLA and now authors, company presidents, senior military officers with medals. The basic characters from school are on social media cliqued up talking the most like they were the in-crowd and I saw some of them judging me, talking about someone when me and the brothas stayed low-key and moved up and got our money up multifold than those character they d*ckriding – I had to quietly step out of that broke-ass room as well.

Preachers. The preachers are obvious – they want you to have sin/flaws in your life as a brotha and want to control you through God word so you can tithe them and get them that Rolls Royce Dawn or Escalade to floss around in. They got basic looking chicks at the church peering and judging a brotha, wanting to find flaws as well – this is a well-defined pattern, brothas – try to tear you down and position you to build up with them. I walk with God through my actions, discovery and decisions, don’t need a preacher to try to tell me anything – because to know God is to discover God on your own and his purpose for you as an individual.

Activists, Groups, and Charlatans. These are those Black groups ranging from fraternities to fringed Hebrew-identity cosplay characters to activist groups. All of them want a brotha to be at their broke-ass level and mindset. They looking for groupthink and get upset that a brotha want to free range in this world. You get caught up in them and they try to create a pecking order on a brotha and then try to use shaming for being success-driven. Many of them want brothas always having a problem and not progress so they can talk victim and grievances as their only hustle in life. That’s why I’m only in Tokyo and Dubai around driven folks, I’m nobody victim and I’m my own blessing and I had to realize that for myself.

Politicians. You see it with the Democrat Party; they want to keep brothas struggling so they can keep promising to do something for Black people every election. Then these goofy folks vote Democrat and the Democrats help everybody except Black people and the goofy folks get mad – then still going to vote for Biden. So, when the Democrats see a brotha trying to get somewhere, you know how they shame you? They call you a Republican or Trump supporter when you just want to get yourself right and rise up.

Black Media. We got two types of Black media. The first is the Boule crap where they are focusing on Black women and gas them up to think they can run Black culture by herself and highlight sissy/gay Black men while avoiding any image of real brothas out here really holding it down. The second is YouTube folks for example the Passport Bros YouTubers – instead of showing brothas how to handle their global game, they just posting video clips of women talking crazy – they don’t want to see brothas actually go global and learn the how-to, they are on YouTube trying to engage them for clicks and views to laugh at out-of-pocket women. None of these media want to just tell a brotha the how to make it and go far.

Workplace. What I seen at the workplace is the forced narrative of trying to make a brotha don’t know what he is talking about. There is a lot of reason why and bigotry is not the real cause but jealously. See, when a brotha show up at a workplace and this happens to me as well in my career, everybody wants to talk to the brotha. The Indian ladies, the Asian ladies, the White ladies, the Hispanic ladies love a brotha at work. But the other brothas and sistas– and they jealous of the attention a high-value brotha get. Especially Black women on the workplace and they try to bring rachet behavior around a brotha to get him to look bad. What sista do is come around me blabbing I must like Asian chicks or something trying to shame me. One time and I remember this – I was reading a computer book while eating lunch in a cafeteria and a Black woman asked my why I’m studying. Another Black woman asked me why I was dressed up wearing suit pants and dress shoes at work – you see the snide stuff and microaggression they be pulling on a brotha at the workplace?  

Social Support. Why does Biden send billions to Ukraine and Israel but don’t have a dime for working with brothas marginalized by society? Biden send money overseas that can solve the homeless crisis in America? Why does New York and Chicago mayor give apartments and hotels to migrants but don’t have money for taxpayers looking for rental assistance, got them on 5-6 year Section 8 waitlists? Because the way things work is they need to have a population of poor people to make us look at them and not want to end up like that. Black men been setup for this role for them to a brothas to look down upon.

Lawfare. The brothas been subject to lawfare since America was founded. There is a pattern when a Black brotha start innovating, start hustling in ways the status quo didn’t expect, they start making laws to try to tamper a brotha. Others try to use lawfare to frame a brotha on charges and accusations. Frivolous lawsuits, create ordinances to prevent business growth. The best example was the Rich Paul rule, where they created a rule to marginalize Rich Paul who was becoming influential as a rising Black sports agent.

Black Women. The sistas have long been compromised against Black men. The government told her that she cannot have a Black man in her house to accept government assistance. Quick to call the police hoping the police abuse the brotha to her satisfaction. False accusation of rape was rampant as well. Having baby by a Pookie and telling the other brotha that his baby. Just a crazy history of sistas and today, they just feel empowered by liberals and feminists to attack her Black man with impunity. The good thing is the brothas figured out to just walk away, fly away to DR, Colombia or Thailand and find a chick overseas, Passport Bros. Oh, while I'm here - yes, even I got a chick in Colombia that I fly up here and I handle her visa.

Liberals and Beta. These are those weak sniveling dudes that hate on Black men in social media and around foreign women. They range from these little penis dudes telling Asian and Indian women not to mess with Black men for example – but Asian and Indian women already know about the BBC. They also online talking about “the usual suspects” or 13% referring to the Black community in dog whistle terms. They also use DEI as a term to paint a broad brush on anybody Black, including Black Excellence who never used DEI tactics to rise up. Then we have White feminism using Black women as a proxy to try to marginalize masculine Black men and try to portray us as soft and effeminate. Yall can go somewhere with that soft guy talk – that’s basically a new version of a metrosexual.

If you are a real brotha out getting yours on your terms, you knew exactly the experience outlined in this article. Most of you brothas, this is what is waiting for you if you try to move the same route as other brothas that came before you. Don’t ever trust the story why your dad has not been in your life.

This is the moment you as a brotha like the rest of us is going to fight back against all this. We not playing games or got time for this anymore. To fight back, the good thing is brothas are doing it the best way ever.

Brothas always going to make a way, make it work and make it to the end of the day. Don’t fight them, you move forward and live your life, the best life brotha.

The best strategy is to build up and recognize your value and self-worth as a Black man.

Stop Dating. I do not recommend dating the sistas who have shown disdain for Black men – they get with garbage dudes, then want to take it out on good dudes. Instead, search for a helpmate worldwide. Focus on working hard on your plans and setup trips to locations around the world. Meet women overseas or in areas where you going to find down home women. It is way better to date proper women every 30-60 days instead of some low-quality chick every 2 weeks that you end up regretting meeting in the first place.

Build Your Money Up. Don’t spend your money on or around people who harbors negativity on a brotha earning his money. My family was begging me for money but not respecting the work I put in to get that money. These sistas wanted to play tricking games but don’t realize that money spent on her was already expensed. Instead, focus on buying assets that helps you get better or retain value. Focus on buying items that hold their value and quality and slowly, you will start increasing your wealth and your savings.

Focus on Your Career. Go to your job, learn everything you can and take advantage of the benefits. Ignore everybody unless they are good. People at the job respect a person that is passionate about their job and keep their head on a swivel. Focus on that instead of the other co-workers, especially your own because they want to check your pockets and sly diss you and your money and how you moving. Just focus on learning and getting better at your game.

Divest from Them, Invest in Yourself. Watch your six, brotha. Look at me and my position. Folks try to befriend me, a grown ass Black man that don’t need friends. They coming around checking my pockets and how I move and look for that spot they can try me. Make sure anybody you meet or associate with is on your level like Optimus Prime and Megatron. Hang out only with folks moving in the same angle as you. If they are not, I want you to understand as a man that you should not be associating with anybody not moving like you, they are a waste of time.

Spend Time on Yourself. Use your life for you. Go have adventures, discovery, relaxation, plan on your business, special projects and set your goals. The best thing you can do is make yourself the priority and the only one in the room.

The main goal is to build yourself up right bro, so you can fight. The best way to fight is to seize control of your life and leave them all out of it. Just move on and leave them all alone altogether and enjoy your life without any of them.  Find you a space where people want to see you do good for yourself, that’s the best way to get them all, by going and getting yours. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide