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Join Dream and Hustle on Our Upcoming Content Subscription Platform

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

With the launch of Toshikiso, we can now create awesome platforms to serve both our partners and customers. One of the platforms we going to launch is a paid subscription content platform that allows users to subscribe to content contributors. Because this is 100% Black-owned and Chicago West Side grown and you see how Dream and Hustle got down, you know exactly the platform will carry itself.

With that said, no – we not entertaining up any radical ignorance or elitist snobbery either. We going to strive to promote a diverse array of content that we all can grow and learn from and get a better understanding of the people, places, and perspectives around us. That’s the kind of platform we are aiming for.

I want to discuss the platform because Dream and Hustle will transition to this new platform. I have not finalized the name of the platform and but obviously, it’s going to be a ubiquitous platform-style name. The cool part is the transition is going to be smooth and seamless because we are using the same Toshikiso technology that is driving Dream and Hustle right now.

If you look at the current Dream and Hustle which is where you should be reading this article from, we are using API calls for every domain or area.

Contributor. Right now, we only have one contributor for Dream and Hustle, but we can quickly expand to tens of thousands of contributors because the Story API accommodates this. The new platform will be contributor focus and it will be a Kossier address.

Channel. This is the subscription feed or channel and Dream and Hustle will be one of those channels under the contributor Ed Dunn or myself. I will create more channels and any contributor can have one or many channels.

Series.  These are the sections like a magazine where someone may have a theme like latest news, warm and fuzzy, crime blotter, cute kittens, and more. The series holds the stories.

Story. This is the articles and the articles will appear on the site for subscribers to read or the articles can be distributed as a mailing list.

As you see, we have a flexible platform built off Toshikiso and can be created very quickly because everything you see is already here on Dream and Hustle and we can just flip some sections and redesign the site and see new stuff. But there is more thing that we are going to incorporate into our new platform.

Subscription-Based. We will collect subscriptions and manage memberships and distribute payment to the contributor minus our fees. Content contributors can set their own price but we are still working on the terms where a contributor has to deliver a certain number of contents per month or get hit with penalties and subscribers are given credit as a refund.

Distribution. We will have a distribution model from the mailing list, QR code posters, print, and license syndication to allow multiple revenue streams to get stories out to the critical mass. In addition, we can look at translation services to distribute content in foreign markets and receive revenue in international markets. Contributors will find we got massive reach for their content beyond the one channel distribution other platforms offer.

Community Comments. One thing we going to do differently is users will not be adding comments under a contributor story. Instead, we are going to have communities where a subscriber can speak on a topic or hashtag and reference the story they came with their commentary. This creates a deeper discussion on a common theme and also helps cross-promote other contributors exposing them to a wider audience engaged in discussions.  So if I write about a metaverse article, someone can comment in the metaverse topic and see the reference to my article and add their comment and people can reply and discuss it.

Social Credit System. People will be held accountable for both their good deeds and bad deeds. We will use other technology that moderate content and if we find folks acting stupid, they can be dealt with and will be dealt with – we don’t play with trolls harassing other folks like these White-owned platforms allow. People will pay and if they don’t like it, they can take a walk and keep it moving.

Payments. We are going to use our settlement system that pays contributors for their month-end subscribers. Our ideal goal is to pay folks early in the month for last month's earnings. We have to allow for fees and penalties to deduct to make sure contributors meet their quota. We can direct deposit to our contributors' accounts and give them a tax form if they make enough money per requirements.  

Here is what we planning to do – we want writers to make enough money to make content their main hustle. We will be focused on creating the distribution and marketing and establishing a community around their content. But here is the most important part – we want folks that are going to be real. Folks who don’t have to worry about being throttled because they threaten the status quo – let these folks come at me because they don’t like what you writing about.

Like I said in the beginning, now that Toshikiso is prime-time and we got an SDK, building out these platforms that empower people is going to flow out in waves. This is just the beginning. Watch how we quietly move in silence, move in power with these platforms.  


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide