Dream and Hustle

Our API Gateway Allow Us to Break Bread with Global API Partners

Sunday, May 1, 2022

By creating gateways for our Toshikiso ecosystem, we are able to make moves in multiple directions to create value and generate streams of revenue. Not only can we bill API consumers globally, but we can also partner with API developers globally and offer customer access through our global gateways.

The funny part was a Black dude from the West Side of Chicago who was handling Internet things since 1994 was watching these clowns calling themselves Black in Tech acting like they were special, self-promoting themselves but got these weak-ass business models and their only goal is to get VC funding because they believe being validated and accepted is a badge of honor in tech – it’s not. They are nothing but a bunch of punk-ass characters to me.

Think about what is possible here – a brotha or sista can start a digital nomad entrepreneurial venture by creating an industry-specific, vertical set of APIs that can handle sports score recordkeeping and provide an information feed to sports venues and they can move to Mexico or Colombia or Bali and have their own digital-based operation earning revenue from their laptop. That’s what a ghetto Black dude programming on pawnshop laptops makes to empower folks while we got silly ish like Blavity creating clickbait content that goes stale after the first click-thru view and becomes an unfinished read.

See, if you look at our whole mission and journey, the theme is the same – help entrepreneurs become more digital-enabled and partner with digital entrepreneurs to share revenue, to break bread together. Yet, all these empowerments we engineered, we had some f*ck clowns over in the Black community supporting YouTube charlatans and pretending Ed Dunn and this work wasn’t being done because they want to pick and choose and crown who they thought was handling ish. That’s why I dissed the living f*ck out of their ass and I don’t have sh*t to do with them and they ain’t going to have sh*t to do with me. I don’t play games with disrespectful and judgmental weak-ass clowns out here and folks in the Black community picked and chosen the wrong characters – they can eat what they cooked.

But me and you, we can make the dough. Our gateway setup is already wired to route calls to our API hubs around the globe so we have already built out the pipeline. What we can accommodate is APIs that our team does not have the expertise or time to build, we can outsource to a refugee Ukrainian DevOps API developer and their team to set up shop in the new country they migrated to and start a new digital business to earn revenue. When a call is made, we just put the API as part of our billing and charge the customer. When the customer pays, we already have a payment routed to their account and we take a cut of the fees collected.

Let’s bake together. One strategy people looking to become API-centric digital nomads should do is to look for a niche that a connected customer would need. For example, someone can create an API for high-frequency trading where they track all of the stocks and volume and which ones are the biggest movers. This allows day traders to subscribe to this API and their machines automatically download the trending stocks and know which one to quickly buy and quickly sell for profit. This type of service can expand worldwide and that digital nomad can move to a nice pad in Tijuana, Mexico, and work off their laptops.

We give others the ability to break bread with us. We already have the pipeline and hubs and the billing mechanism. This is no different from when cell phone companies were offering third-party ringtones and stickers via their mobile networks or Amazon Prime and Hulu offer premium channels like Starz or HBO Max through their streaming service. This is how we can scale up Toshikiso globally with partners all over the world who help us attract more and more diversity of customers to serve and bill and collect payment.

As you see, the business model is manifesting fast and the scale for growth is all there. I didn’t need a dime from Silicon Valley  - lol look at these weak folks begging VCs - and we start generating revenue on the first month of account receivables. We are going to pursue the SPAC route and we can move fast on that as well because we got account receivables, high-value customers, and a developer ecosystem as our assets. We will be using cloud services as hubs for cloud developers, will be using SDKs distributed on GitHub and NuGet and this Black guy don’t need a line of text written by that garbage Black Enterprise to handle his as a brotha going out and getting his and helping others around the world get theirs.

End of the day, your motive will show out of your business model. You should already realize we built our entire business model on helping entrepreneurs and scaling up worldwide. Our original goal was to empower the Black community in urban economics but folks want to start acting funny and they can go kick rocks, I don’t work hard just to deal with a bunch of stupid judging motherf*ckers typing comments and following charlatans. I get money helping others make money in a genuine and fulfilling manner.

With that said, let’s bring that bread to the table, and let’s eat. That’s what all of this is about – all of us coming to the table and we and our people are eating good. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide