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Announcing Dream and Hustle Transition to Corporate Media

Sunday, September 12, 2021

With work underway, Dream and Hustle will transition from a blog format to being part of a media division within The Manufactured Solution as part of our corporate media strategy. We are expected to be in this new mode 4th quarter or October 1st, 2021.

In reality, there is nothing dramatic on the content core of Dream and Hustle, it will still focus on the journey of Black go-getters. But there will be some major paradigm shifts that I need you to know. If you are already advanced and ahead of the game, you will know this move will shift us to be one of the most powerful Black-owned media that ever existed and you know damn why. If you are kinda slow, don’t worry that’s what this article is here for so you can understand the power move, and maybe, just maybe you can finally realize why Black media is garbage and what we doing is the real way to do Black media.

Dream and Hustle current format is a blog written by me, originally on WordPress like every other blogger back in the last 20 years rambling about this and that. Then around 2017, we switched to a platform based on our Toshikiso ecosystem which is part of the Manufactured Solution. Articles are not stored on a local MySQL database like WordPress, they are streamed from a distributed API network from Toshikiso – even the media is streamed as well. In addition, we had a working revenue payment service based on a view that deduct from the customer account directly to the author bank account and we got the house cut using our royalty settlement system.

Months ago, the 3rd Strategic Institute got together and we made some decisions. First, we going to be re-activated to address the rise of fascism, populism, and totalitarianism going on around the world. You may not realize it but we evolved from human-face regimes to system-based regimes ran by deep state actors in various factions. Look at the junta in Myanmar talking over. Look at that president in Guinea taken out in a coup who tried to create a third term and sellout to Chinese state-sponsor miners. Look at the President in Brazil burning rain forests of tribal land to make room for gold miners. Look at Duterte in the Philippines and how he acted as a pseudo-dictator demanding the death of people without due process.  This is just a sample; we can look at Nicaragua locking up anybody trying to run against Ortega to Narcos regimes to technocracy Twitter and YouTube blocking someone who is speaking truth to power. Somebody got to save the world and that’s us.

The 3rd Strategic Institute cannot accommodate content-based endeavors like Dream and Hustle under our banner as we going to be engaged in real strategic work and as you know, most work will be shadow operations; you will never hear about it and will just see the results and not realize we were the invisible hand. You will see some American-based public-facing endeavors such as ADOS United, Project Dead Earl, Project Rich Wolf, Project Block Panther – wait for the website launch to know these operations. But any foreign/overseas operations ran by our overseas affiliates, as far as your concern, we ain’t doing nothing. The 3rd Strategic Institution will focus on projects and operations, not brands.

Something had woken me up and it was President Biden and the final troop pullout of Afghanistan. Overnight, the same mainstream media that protect Biden from criticism from local affairs, attacked him for pulling out troops from Afghanistan. They called Biden withdrawal a mistake and said the pullout was too early and encourage them to stay and fight the Taliban. Then it didn’t matter if the news reporting was in America or the UK or Australia or in France, what I saw over and over was so-called defense industry experts, war hawk pundits on television stating we should not have pulled out and our troops should have stayed into Afghanistan. I realized and became woke at this point – this war was about generating revenue for the military-industrial complex that need war to stay profitable and in business. But most importantly, the defense industry was in bed with the Fourth Estate mainstream media to promote war and the case for war to the critical mass.

What we are seeing in this world is corporate media and some of you may not understand exactly how corporate media work. Think about MSNBC – that was started as a joint venture between Microsoft Corporation and NBC media. Think about CNBC – that is a joint venture between Dow Jones and NBC. Dow Jones a corporate financial supplier owns the Wall Street Journal where they promote conservative opinions. CNN was owned by Warner Media, a movie studio/music label, and was bought by AT&T and promote Clinton-based elitism. I don’t think I need to explain Bloomberg Media, run by the Bloomberg data provider company or explain Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos and the founder of Amazon. Many magazines are owned by billionaires and look at digital media like Medium owned by one of the Twitter founder midgets.

The news and information you receive are not organic anymore; it is actually a process of Manufacturing Consent that Noam Chomsky explained. The goal is to present a narrative of conflict to manufacture consent from the mass population to carry out a corporate-driven action. For example, make Black men look like criminals to get manufactured consent to build more privately-run prisons to support the prison-industrial-complex pipeline and probation payment system. Talk about Israel under threat by that little Gaza strip area to support the “Iron Dome” missile interceptor system created by the US military-industrial complex to export. Talk about North Korea and allow them to shoot off a missile or two to drive the military-industrial complex in Japan and South Korea. You get the picture and now understand why the corporate media not talking about the violence in Honduras and El Salvador driving migrants to our southern border to cross into America – no corporate financial interest in that part of the world.

If you look at the landscape of Black media, they are not corporate media, they are a bunch of cornball losers. Not even Urban One with a clown stock price performance is not true corporate media. Real corporate media is based on a core powerful business platform that can fund the media operations – Black media have no such structure.

There are some examples we can see as close to the true Black media model – The Final Call which is supplanted by the National of Islam core operations and Stacey Abrams Fair Fight when leverage political action to manufacture consent on voting rights by demonizing the States changing voting laws. Stacey Abrams is awesome, isn’t she?

All other Black media is a bunch of jive-talking clowns who want to tell me about one or two people inspirational story so one of yall can share it by clicking on a link – that’s the best thing Monique DeBaun wants from her lame Blavity business model, trying to be a Black Buzzfeed while the real Buzzfeed is trying to be a SPAC but corporate NBCUniversal is fighting the SPAC because of NBC arrangement with Buzzfeed.

We got a corporation, the Manufactured Solution that will be a digital service provider and will generate core revenue around the world based on that core model. We need corporate media and we are going to create a new media division just like all these other corporations I just mentioned above because we going for global empire-building just like them. I do not have a name finalized for the media division but Dream and Hustle and HustleSpace will fall under that media division as well as our upcoming chillhop streaming channels and upcoming books, podcasts, and publishing as well as licensing and royalty agreements.  

The major benefit is business structure – we are going to be able to run Dream and Hustle business model directly under the Manufactured Solution to take advantage of our account payables and account receivables to pay writers and fund Dream and Hustle expansion. Even with HustleSpace, it will be tightly incorporated into Stony|Ellis where an article about a business model will have a button that will say “Generate Business” that will load up the event-driven library for that business model in a system to essentially launch that business and be billed for accessing the API stack. Now I hope you are seeing the real power of transforming Dream and Hustle into a corporate media model.

We have developed a true physical/digital advertising model and a true QR code system through Kossier that we can integrate into Dream and Hustle and our other platform offerings. Remember when I told you Dream and Hustle fetch article content from a data stream from Toshikiso API for Stories? That means we can data stream to a sidewalk billboard or a flatscreen at a beauty salon our article summary with a QR code to download the individual article for free with a partnership with the beauty salon. Just a small bit but look at those cornballs at Black Enterprise getting agitated because they writing clickbait while we have technological superiority as a Black-owned media powerhouse.

Corporate media is needed to be a strong platform to flex real power. Real power is not getting thousands of followers on Facebook; real power is manufacturing consent from the masses to progress your corporate agenda. You need a real power base platform, not be a clown talking-head like Roland Martin who has no influence, just running his damn mouth. Our power from corporate media will be similar to Tyler Perry where we support brothas and sistas in the hood and let them know we love them. Our power from corporate media will be showing the true journey and story of brothas and sistas coming up and also supporting others around the world in the same spirit in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

Blavity and Black Enterprise non-corporate cornball operation will still be trying to sell Black people a third-party narrative talking about some other person launching a business and got third-party millions in funding – none of that third-party storytelling has anything to do with you trying to put food on your table. We will have true self-empowerment content directed towards you; not some third-party person you don’t know but you the person reading my article – our corporate media agenda is only concerned with you and your desire for progress and growth.

Because we going to be corporate media manufacturing consent – positive consent - something Black-owned media haven’t got a clue about but we going to change all that. Sit back and watch how real media, real power supposed to get down in the 21st century.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing – watch how fast we poach good writers, good artists, good creatives from these low-wage, self-Black-censorship to appease corporate advertisers, sexual harassment hotbed of these cornball Black-owned media when those Black creatives find out they get perpetual royalty for their articles, their works from our media division when we open for business. Corporate media, manufacturing consent – that’s the future of Dream and Hustle. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide