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Focus on Today, Plan for the Future Ahead of You

Sunday, June 20, 2021

2020 should have been a pivotal moment in your life on how the world is around you. There has been a lot of eye-opening moments for the naïve. You saw how fake folks are that you had around you when things got real. You also saw yourself on lockdown and realize you may have been running from yourself your entire life and it’s time to face the real you. You saw how quickly people lost their life thinking COVID-19 was a joke or something to play around with, Herman Cain would have still been around today if he didn’t do that dumb stunt. 

There were a lot of good things that happened. Chicago cats finally figured out they should have been moved down to Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta which were better places to be situated instead of up North as if something was still in Chicago to hold on to. New York folks and California folks moved down South as well and now we got new flavors of women to talk to – even though the Northeast chicks are too stuck up for me when I got country sistas out here being too nice to a brotha. Actually here in Atlanta, I have been running into fine Latino chicks that moved from New York lately, not ADOS sistas. Why I’m talking about my personal life and business and going off-topic? Let me get back to the article. 

What I want to say is if you are under 25, you are one of the first generations that got great things ahead of you. The past generations cannot say this – many of them got 6-figure student loans with interest ballooning as we speak. Others never had upward professional mobility and spent their life working gig jobs instead of true career professions. Others had to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. But if you under 25, you got the whole world to live for and an awesome future ahead of you. 

If you are over 25 and you know how bad things were, the future is great if you choose to pivot your life away from the ignorance that your generation subscribed to. But seriously – I expect folks over 25 to stay stuck on stupid and they will be wiped out hard by artificial intelligence and marginalized by lower cost of labor around the world and have nothing to offer the game. They will be at Amazon doing grunt work while Jeff Bezos flies in his rocket ship to space for 10 minutes or they will be doing gig work from their mobile phone working themselves to an empty unfulfilled life. But while their life is unfulfilled and marginal, they will still love following clowns on YouTube and social media.  

Here are the shifts we are seeing for the near future. First, we are seeing more manufacturing and supply chain logistics being shaped up better in America. What we seeing is people who used to work at McDonald’s can find a job at a supply chain firm and make more money and work a more skilled trade meaningful job. The economy is opening up and this is a Great Reset – the opportunity is there is starting up a new business but things have to be done differently. New startup businesses have to be more experiential and some may be temporary like a pop-up or limited run. 

People are also looking at career shifts where they not going to be held up in a cubicle anymore. A lot of smart folks worked from home and worked side hustles over the Internet and realize that they need to reclaim their lifestyle and focus on revenue, not serving a job for 8 hours. It is easier to set up businesses with cloud platform solutions and mobile and platform payment solutions. So the new professional is going to have both corporate experience and entrepreneurial experience. 

One of the things that hold us back is we were taught to look at the past and react to the current. This is how most of us are controlled by others and don’t even know it. The media and your friends will try to shame you on past things that you have done when in realize, the past is just data points and means absolutely nothing right now in terms of the current state. Your current state is what’s going on right now at this very moment. What matters is the decisions that will shape the future ahead of you – this is where you belong. 

There is a lot that is ahead of us that is exciting. We are looking at design systems that are smart enough to help move entrepreneurs into healthy enterprises. We are way beyond “listings and directories” – we can create active recommendation engines to guide people to support businesses and organizations that support their lifestyle and preference as well as desired experiences. The market is flushed with ESG funds for someone to create firms that can be acquired to help big companies lower their tax liability while saying they doing good for the community. 

We are also capable of working around the world as digital nomads or move someone and create a digital-first venture. We can create new lifestyles, new experiences and realize we don’t want to go back to the world before COVID-19 where folks were judging each other or acting better than each other. In fact, most of us got rid of those people from our lives altogether in 2020. 

Those who are not looking ahead are going to be stuck and stagnant focusing on the past and the present. Yes, we going to see businesses shut down and commercial zones filled with vacancies because those are non-innovative spaces ran by people who cannot adapt. We going to see an eviction crisis affecting people who spent extra money on everything but their rent and they going to become slum renters. We going to see a generation of older folks who followed people on YouTube or social media wonder why they cannot progress much and seeing fewer and fewer chances offered to them. 

Learn to look ahead of you. We explained on this blog the number one need now is APIs such as manage coupons for small businesses – you can build that on Amazon or Microsoft cloud from Thailand or Costa Rica or a low-tax country buying up vacation villas to rent out to rich visitors. You can work at a company but make sure you have access to learning new things while providing value to the company to personally grow yourself. As an African-American, it was frustrating looking at African-Americans at the job just judging and acting petty with each other instead of learning the real resources that the job had to offer to grow themselves to new levels and paradigms. 

Transform your life to stop looking at the past – there is no past after COVID-19 messed things up and we have a new normal ahead of us. We are in a Great Reset and the rules have changed and people habits have changed as consumers and employees. Focus on everything ahead of you and be prepared for awesome things to come down the road. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide