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2024 Upcoming E-Books on Dream and Hustle and PZR009

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We are announcing our long-awaited release of e-books, which will be available on both PZR009 and Dream and Hustle. We have always been able to distribute multiple forms of media, from podcasts to e-books to streaming video. Our Kolin-Avers platform was upgraded earlier this year to support better media distribution around the world.

The underlying announcement is that we have a global media operation that was built up. That means we can sign content and distribution deals with creatives worldwide. We can distribute locally or broadly in major markets as we set up our media distribution hubs to be global. This is a big deal for independent and up-and-coming creatives who want to get their works out.

I’m going to announce my e-books but I also have podcast announcements and video announcements as well. For example, we will be doing the Study with Me video on PZR009 as well as initially on YouTube for a limited time. The Art of War says use your opposition resources before using your own. The podcasts are coming back very soon as well.

If you haven’t noticed, we have our search engine established, we have our advertising network established, we have a content platform – you already reading every article from that content platform and the media hub as well. We also have Toshikiso to offer as a service or hybrid platform with cloud providers worldwide. We can sign deals, we can license, have invoice billing, subscription billing, funding accounts and our market exchange DBEXX is coming up next. But again, a brotha isn’t do a damn thing over here, right?

I know there are two types of people around me – supporters and watchers. The majority of supporters are from outside the USA and most of the watchers were people in the USA doubting or hoping a brotha don’t rise up. I’ll break that down in another article because right now, notice quietly I built up the biggest media/digital empire on these clowns but it was always going to end up like that because we already had that capability and connects.

As many people know, I was planning to release the upcoming e-books prior to the pandemic, but that changed everything. The biggest change is that I had to rewrite the stories to reflect post-COVID because the world has changed as a result. But now that the content platform is in place, we can announce and prepare to release these e-books.

Here are the e-books that I will be releasing in 2024:

Dotcoons: A DEI Failure

The cover photo is the upcoming book on my perspective and take on the so-called “Black in Tech” movement and all those fake clowns from Tristan Walker to Angela Benton and more. All of them getting named but let me make something clear – these clowns are lightweight and not the target.

What Dotcoons will be about and will be a big discussion is these characters will go down as an embarrassment footnote of Black people who seek validation and acceptance instead of just building up. They thought they can get money from White Privilege Silicon Valley and they blurt around big numbers that don’t mean anything and they will be Black leaders and Black pioneers or whatever.

This book focus is not the Black community where some of you fell for that BS like you fell for all those other Black charlatans over the years. This e-book, yeah guess what – this e-book is for the emerging Asian, Indian, Latino, and hopefully African community to look at a case study of Black people being a mediocre sellout trying to fake it.

I want the young global international community to look at these dotcoon clowns and noticed they all mediocre today because we see counterparts who had nothing in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil who built up empires in the same time frame. That will be covered. This will be a major topic so if Tristan Walker wanted to be famous and Monique DeBaun want to be a legacy – a real one like me going to give them that legacy that need to be told about how they went about it all messed up – cornball festival in Nashville with college-tour grade lineup, the best that lame chick can do after all these years.

Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain

Originally set to be released back in 2020, had to re-write because the whole landscape of COVID has changed everything on how we do business and how people think about moving. There are 36 episodes that had to be re-written and it took over a year to re-edit.

Also, blockchain technology has evolved, and new innovations have occurred, such as NFT and dePIN. The story is still the same—Brianna, a blockchain connoisseur, creates blockchain-based solutions for everyday life and events around urban Brooklyn.

Do not expect a boring tech read – the blockchain solutions are real and innovative. But there are events and characters that I think you will enjoy. You will also see the life of her friend Malik who is addicted to listening to other Black men talk on YouTube, similar to the loser Black men who are listening to Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black – we going to make sure those losers are documented and show how they lived their worthless existence as a follower with no man goals.

Brianna is a complex character, and she interacts with other complex characters and situations as well. One episode, which I will likely provide for free, is about blockchain-based Black organizations created after a dark-skinned sista was forced to put an Amazon box next to her head to see if she was light enough to join a Black sorority—you all know this as the rumored “paper bag” test that was done for AKAs back in the day.  

Run Percy, Run!

The elder brotha picked up a young brotha waiting at a gas station he had spoken to earlier. They had a great conversation, and the elder saw a lot in himself in the young brotha and decided to take him on a ride. During the ride, the elder asked him about dating the ladies nowadays. Percy, the younger brotha, let out an arrogant, cold smile as he rubbed his face. He told the elder he has 8 kids by 8 different baby mommas.

The elder was taken aback and asked him what is behind this. Percy looked out the window at the landscape and stated he had two rules when it came to women. First, he doesn’t use a condom because he doesn’t like them. Second, he doesn’t pay child support because he doesn’t believe in it. The elder was taken back with shock before letting off a laugh and kept driving towards the destination.

The sistas, who ended up a baby momma of Percy, got together and hired a Black feminist private detective to hunt Percy down, who had several child support orders against him. The ugly-looking, frog-faced Black feminist private detective who advertises her services on Lipstick Alley is now on the hunt for Percy to garnish his wages to recover as much money as he can, and get him arrested to satisfy his baby mommas hatred of Percy.

Run Percy, Run! is a thrilling and non-stop low-brow story of a Pookie outsmarting and outwitting the nutty Black feminist and sistas who loves a Pookie like Percy. But will Percy run in a dead-end, and the frog-faced Black feminist private eye finally get her man? We will see where this all goes in this episodic series.

One in a Million

One in a Million is a love story about finding the right one for you. One of the things that I had a problem with Kevin Samuels and the manosphere is the fake “ranking” they try to give women. There is no such thing as a 5, 6, or solid 8 because you cannot determine true love as a number.

 In reality, only one ranking matters – if that other person is a 10 to you. You only need that one person to have true love, true companionship, a help mate out here in this crazy world and that person will be the one in a million that matters.

One in a Million is inspired by the song of the same title by Andrew Rayel and Jonathan Mendelsohn. It is a collection of short stories of people and the moment they met their one in a million. Everybody's personal story of how they found their “10” is not the same and why this will be a long-running series like “The Love Boat” that had the same premise.

In case you didn’t know, there is another inspiration for this e-book series – a true story based on me and her. Yeah, in case you didn’t realize – that is a Japanese rendering of an actual photo of me and her in Tokyo on our third date that looks 90% like her, but they couldn’t get a brotha right in the rendering; I guess. Many of you on my social media have seen the real picture – she is my one in a million and my “10”, the only one that mattered.

Bonus: Dream and Hustle Stories Rework

As a bonus, we have reworked the original Dream and Hustle stories from the old blog. I have polished them up and re-scripted them for modern times. The story of the brotha that went to Tokyo for MuleSoft ESB consulting has been updated to newer technology. The other brotha who setup a payment system on the West Side of Chicago has been updated as well as the sista who created her own food truck. All of the stories and more have been updated, and I will also release this.

One Thing to Keep in Mind.

When a brotha has his own media, has his own global distribution, he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he want to say. So, you going to get unfiltered and just straight raw and real talk on these matters so you can read it as I meant it.

If I can create content like this, so can you as well. Because that is what the platform is, a publishing and distribution of media around the world. No one is going to be around censoring us or limiting our Black voice or any voice – well, obviously no one is going to be distributed to a country where certain content is forbidden and we will be using rules and procedures.

From the angle I’m writing from, you should already know that a new paradigm of Black media is emerging from me. You will see other creatives start to get their deserved recognition as well because, like I said before, we can sign distribution deals with timely payouts on sales.

Our first set of ads on the MochaStar Ad Network will be for my e-books. People who contribute to PZR009 will likely get their stories, articles, or podcasts advertised on the ad network as well to help increase their sales because I get a cut of that check as well. So now you are beginning to see the quiet launch manifest itself, and in no time, you will all see a full empire up and running, taking over without even having to make a shout.

Watch and see.  


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide