Dream and Hustle

To Make Money, Have to Learn How to Take Money

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

One thing they don’t teach us African-Americans in school is how to take money as a business. I want you to think about it. They over there talking all day and night trying to get you to worship other Black entrepreneurs like that Black Enterprise garbage, trying to tell you to get a job somewhere or start a business but don’t explain to you the real hustle is mastering the art of taking money. When have you seen a true article from that garbage Black Enterprise about how to take money? Thought so.

In modern society, the reason you see the corpos and elitists getting super-rich is they know how to take money like a science. They have automated systems, multiple channels, multiple regions around the world. Meanwhile, brothas and sistas just be talking Cash App or they use primarily cash then be talking like they got the game all figured out on social media and my people be following that lightweight nonsense. Let’s just admit our shortcomings when it comes to taking money and stop acting like we special because ain’t nowhere near that level – well, some of us are, that’s why this article is being written.

This article will discuss how my operations take the money then we going to talk about how our people take money.

Let’s get started. I run a digital-first firm meaning we do not create physical products or maintain physical inventory. We create digital services which are mostly driven by our API platform that power other digital solutions. This is on purpose because of our payment model.

Our payment model is post-paid billing where our customers use our API platform and they receive an invoice with a payment amount and a due date, like your utility’s bills. This is the same model of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud service, two of the richest corporations in the world. We send an invoice and the customer has to pay the bill using various payment methods such as pay by credit card, deduct from a prepaid account, transfer crypto, and more. Now let me explain the part that set this Chicago West Side Daniel Webster Elementary Black-owned business from the rest of the clowns trying to act like they special.

We set up a global payment gateway node that correlates with our global API gateways to offer both API hubs around the world and ways to collect payments around the world. Notice we just described to you a global payment model – something all these Black folks talking up their bullshit don’t have, cannot scale to, and never set up while trying to act special to me and you. I mean, I got one, where is theirs? Yeah, thought so.

Each payment gateway around the world, we have and are continuing to set up channels with local payment providers to facilitate collecting payments. So in Asia, we use Asian payment providers and we set up local banks in those regions to deposit revenue. The same with the UK and EU and we have a system in place and deals in place all over the world. We are already set up, all we have to do is when we are ready to expand globally, we simply switch on the API Gateway in that region and we simply switch on the Payment Gateway in that region – already set up.