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Mercedes Morr is Another Tragic Outcome of Getting Famous Before Getting Rich

Friday, September 3, 2021

I want to speak on Mercedes Morr and her tragic outcome because this is something I spoke on Dream and Hustle for years and years. What bothers me the most about this tragedy is it could have been easily avoided and once again, a sista hanging around garbage Black dudes and choosing garbage Black dudes and none of them were there or really down for her on the real level, she realized that too late.

The first thing I’m going to say as a grown man, a real man, and a Black man is this young lady died before her parents – that’s a heavy burden on the mother and father in this situation. They have to bury their daughter that was part of their family and who they raised. Please respect the parents' grief from a position of maturity and true proper condolences.

Now with that said, when I read something like Bow-Wow typing on social media he spoke to Mercedes Morr a week ago for a clout-chasing moment on social media attention-grabbing – what kind of punk clown is Bow-Wow or Lil Bow-Wow talking like this?  Bow-Wow is a weak-ass excuse of a man that appears to need light-skinned big booty women around him to boost his ego and compensate for his lack of masculinity. Look at Ludacris and Tyrese's role on the Fast and Furious series and look at Bow-Wow character role in Tokyo Drift driving around in a clown car and cannot even fight for his friend, punk ass. This young lady died and the first thing Bow-Wow does is a post like he knows her like Bow-Wow knows all the big booty IG models, that’s a lack of manhood right there.

There is another one just like Bow-Wow, that’s the studio coward Drake who also lacks manhood and does the same thing of having to associate or affiliate himself with big-booty IG models as his “harem” to compensate for something as well. Nobody gives a damn he dedicates his album to some dead IG models, the real manhood is asking what have Drake has done to protect these ladies with his fame and so-called power and influence? Any dude in the hood would have protected Mercedes Morr better than these overrated clowns.  Then I hear about someone named Tory Lanez being described as an “acquaintance” of her – the same dude accused of shooting at chicks in his car? Do you brothas and sistas realize how shitty and fake all these people I just mentioned were in Mercedes Morr life for real?

Mercedes Morr tragic ending is not a new pattern at all. This happened to a Playboy model named Dorothy Stratten in the 1980s with similar circumstances and there was a movie called Star 80 that profiled what happened to her. But what happened to Mercedes Morr is what happens to up-and-coming Black rappers where they are shot in these streets and they had hot tracks on the underground circuit and was rising up. What people were discovering was rappers were becoming famous too fast and had no money to move out of their hood and their hood folks are jealous and killed the up-and-coming rapper to gain a reputation.  It was always known in the rap industry to be careful about getting famous before getting rich so you can afford your fame.

All those rappers I just mentioned above, Drake, Tory Lanez, Lil Bow-Wow knew about this rule of thumb to avoid getting famous before getting rich. I heard Mercedes Morr had 10 million IG followers – if she had that many followers on social media, she is definitely famous and all of these famous rapper folks knew she was at risk of weirdos and creeps amongst those followers, she was to be protected properly.  No one protected this sista and now she is dead, these characters talking post-death about they called her last week, offer condolences as an acquaintance, or dedicate her name in a digital stream album, straight weak and fake stuff. All of yall fake ass celebrities need to sit your fake ass down somewhere because you failed this Mercedes Morr woman and used her as a prop in your ego-thirst propaganda of being associated with big booty IG models, a bunch of goddamn clowns.  Let her parents bury their daughter in peace away from your foolishness.

At 10 million IG followers, this young woman needed professional agency representation with an agent who knew how to keep her protected and how to manage her affairs and engagement. No one gave her that kind of protection or professional path meaning every celebrity who followed her put her at risk and left her out there to the wolves. The father who says he checked up on her from time to time, should have more advanced protection for his daughter with 10 million IG followers like monitors and cameras inside and outside her house and even sharing her biometrics like heartbeat rates – this is not a joke, she needed that kind of protection as someone with that kind of influence and reach.

You sistas out there with a lot of IG followers and you don’t know them all and you brothas as well rising up on the underground scene need to recognize the dilemma of getting famous before getting rich. You need to get the money first and rich also means being rich in knowing how to protect yourself from evil ways on your way up to the top. Black women like these IG models tend to choose the most garbage and manhood compensating Black dudes to be associated with and that’s her mistake. And those daddy-money rich Arabs and corrupt money Africans ain’t going to save you sistas either, they run like roaches like our garbage brothas but they run cowardly faster, they will run to Kabul airport and cling on an airplane wheel taking off.

Let me talk about myself because some of yall think I’m a beta dork or whatever – I’m in technology and date real down and finer sistas than those celebrities from the pole to the C-suite to overseas. There are people saying Mercedes Morr's body is fake – I don’t know about Mercedes Morr but I dating women right now with natural bodies built similar to her and don’t understand who thinks sistas are not built like that. There are plenty of women in Africa and the Middle East who naturally built exactly like Mercedes Morr, yall may not have that kind of global access like I have and others who can testify my statement is the truth.  That’s why I walk right by you sistas in Atlanta trying to act stuck-up around me, kind of laugh about it to myself as well. Mercedes Morr would still be alive and rising if she was around someone like me and I got the resume of dealing with women like her and those women can vouch for my track record. Brotha like me made plenty of women better women after meeting me.

If you are rising up and you getting a little famous and you are not rich yet, you need to get an entertainment lawyer and find a regular solid brotha or solid sista that will have your back and have their own place to keep you secured there as well. A solid brotha is someone like myself; I’m self-made and really don’t need to chase chicks or talk a lot on IG and I got women in Europe, Latin America, and Asia as well in the non-Black neighborhoods you don’t hang out at and you don’t mind. But I will take care of you babe like a real man, not some Lil Bow-Wow or Drake bullshit.   

You sistas put too much faith and always sticking with shallow, weak brothas who act like they are the hardest when you see how easily they get smoked or how much of a dumb criminal they are getting locked up being undisciplined. You have to focus on making sure if you are getting famous, then you are living secure far away from your original environment full of haters and jealous backstabbers, have the latest technology to protect your home, and have security training to move around safely and most important, deal with only credible people recommended by a lawyer or credible entertainment agencies. Avoid getting famous before getting rich and learn to manage your growth properly to survive because as you see with Mercedes Morr, she had no one to guide her and just has a bunch of punk-ass dudes who just used her as another big-booty IG model they wanted to claim affiliation with to compensate for their lack of manhood.

Mercedes Morr is not the only victim because this story is very common. I was already in process of writing about Black women who were murdered after choosing to chase the toxic Black masculinity trope when this story about Mercedes Morr broke and now I have to add her to the sad list of that upcoming story as well. Remember, don’t get famous before getting rich and choose your associates wisely as I preached this before – who you choose to associate with is a life-or-death decision. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide