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Black America Have a Broken Social Contract with Black Excellence

Monday, May 3, 2021

The social contract within Black America is we recognize the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier – yeah, the Black community social contract is coming back to your memory, innit? 

Instead, the Black community celebrated criminal culture from drug dealers to self-hating rappers to the sexualization of Black women and downgrading the whole damn race to say it’s okay to be a sorry ass excuse of a Black man and Black woman. Our Black children were ridiculed for being too smart and overachieving in their dreams and yall wanted to bring them down to earth – bring them down to your level, right? 

Well, thanks to the awesome grace of God, a lot of our Black children made it past the negativity and pushbacks and sabotage to grow and become Black Excellence. For too long, the Black community felt they can crap on their own youth and their dreams because they are afraid of their own Black youth will grow up and surpass their elders. Then the peers of these Black Excellence were trying to undermine their own people from their own hood. 

Look at these folks in our Black community; they will talk all day about someone on YouTube or someone they don’t know or never met and tell someone they personally know the stranger is doing better than the person they grew up with. Well, those punks about to get the blowback overacting like that. I will explain later to these non-excellent Black folks trying to prop up a stranger against their own hood, a collective Black Excellence is better than any name coming out their mouth.  Black millionaires are about egos, Black Excellence is about ecosystems of excellence.

Here is the problem; the Black community broken a social contract in terms of elevation and uplifting of Black Excellence to come back and reinvest their talents and skills into our community. In other groups and cultures, including African; their children are raised to succeed to send money back home – it’s a term for it; it’s called remittance. The American Black community done nothing to create a social contract to have direct remittance given back – the Black community turned on Black Excellence by embracing Black ignorance. 

In 2021, we are in one of the biggest transformations in our lives – the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will require smart folks, skilled folks, excellent folks who can build and negotiate with Asian mass production and Middle East financing – you think they deal and do business with drug-using clowns in our Black community that our community celebrate? I cannot buy a damn vacation home in Florida because shell corporations are buying them as soon as they listed and goofy cats in our community talking about dialing for dollars with that broke ass house-buying hustle going nowhere as Redfin and Zillow doing online cash offer right now. 

See, the Black community now got margin calls trying to go short on their own Black Excellence who stock blew all the way up in 2021. The Black community got to pay the piper as a result of embracing Black ignorance. So let me explain to you exactly what’s going to happen so no one is surprised. 

See, Black Excellence is going to see everything in front of them – they going to go with the major banks to create tax credit swap opportunities for urban revitalization; renewal energy in our communities, they not working with yall. See, Black Excellence is going to see the spaces we got set up for them from Dubai to Tokyo to Cartagena to South London to Joburg – once those brothas see what the women in Morocco look like - the ones the real high-value brothas are chasing (if Kevin Samuels never told you that, guess you listening to the wrong one) Black Excellence ain’t checking the Black community and going to quickly forget who they thought they were. 

I’m breaking the sad news to the Black community now – you get out what you put in. The Black community broke their social contract to support the upliftment and elevation of our Black youth into Black Excellence and those of us that made it was no thanks to the Black community. But the Black community sitting there with their hands out expecting something back after crapping on the ones with who they have broken the social contract. 

The upcoming Black economic boom is not going to be a physical Black community or Black Wall Street Shangri-la fantasy the Black community got in their head; you should fully expect gentrification at the massive influx of Biden’s infrastructure investment in poor urban communities. It’s going to be those pockets of Black Excellence that will go for their next level – they don’t owe the Black community who betrayed the social contract. The only person Black Excellence owes it to is themselves to take things to the next level for the future generation. 

See, we going to end with this. All that bullcrap Black Enterprise top 100 nonsense, we got at least 3-7 million Black Excellence who going to handle things in 2021. Those 3-7 million Black Excellence, that’s that kid in the 4th grade everybody picked on her for being smart but she made it, remember that. That’s that brotha in college trying to get his degree while the sistas in college were chasing the dumb clowns who dropped out after their sophomore year. That’s a person who her co-workers laugh at the job because she was quietly learning how the business operates while the Black co-workers read gossip blogs at the job and add comments. These are the ones the Black community ignored, tried to downplay, and knew these people since they were kids and the Black community focused instead on some silly Black Enterprise magazine top 100 nonsense. 

Black Excellence will cancel the contract with the current hating jealous Black community, moving on without them as these folks enjoy following YouTube characters and commentating on Jay-Z and Nas music videos. Black Excellence will have a new social contract to expand our horizons to bigger and better things to grow a true Black Excellence class. The Black community that celebrated drugs can’t make moves in China or the rest of Asia. The Black community that celebrated criminal behavior cannot get to the UK and major EU countries or even the Middle East – no access to Asian money or Islamic banking. Only Black Excellence has that kind of access because they did things right. 

Let’s just have that dose of reality – the Black community is too basic and broke to pay the kind of salary for Black Excellence which is way over $150k, who is the Black community going to hire, their third cousin? What non-Black going to work below-market wages to work for the Black Community who crapped on their own Black Excellence. Do you think the Asian and Latino communities don’t know the Black Community crap on their own trying to be something out here in the world? You expect them to work for the Black community? Just remember when someone breaks a contract, people don’t trust them anymore. 

I guess you never heard the horror work stories working at Black-owned firms like Black new media companies, Black cable networks, Black record labels, and Black radio stations, huh? Especially how Black women are treated at those places. Yeah, the Black community really did themselves a favor crapping on Black Excellence and with that said, there will be a Black economic explosion but it won’t be like you think. 

I hope the Black community re-think their dumb moves against their own people and commits to the original social contract with Black Excellence because yall don’t have anybody else to rely on, facts. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide