Dream and Hustle

Observing the Black Ignorance/Black Excellence Destruction Loop

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

I can speak on this issue with command and control and from a position of strength. The weak folks in our community who worship charlatans know they can’t bring anything to me because I’m real. I don’t need to talk hustle to Black Ignorance to get them to send money to my CashApp, I got my own skills and profession to make money.

The uppity folks in our community, they know I will walk right past their stuck-up Black Bougie gatekeeper behind to real money in Europe and Asia and emerging money in the Middle East and Latin America. Must be frustrating to act Bougie funky with some lightweight business plan and silly writeups begging the man for validation and acceptance when a ghetto brotha from the West Side of Chicago has his own global platform economy to enable urban empires in the 21st century.

I got both of these groups on silent mode and as I said, I can speak from a position of strength.

Modern Black History is not a pretty picture nor a good story of who we are as a people. We have something in our culture that causes us to fight each other on the basis of ignorance versus excellence and everybody loses as a result. We got ignorant folks who don’t want to advance and think the US government and White Supremacy will never go as far as to marginalize us as a people and rely on these institutions for their survival by betraying their own people. These are the PPP fraudsters that think $20k - $200k PPP is a lot of money and worth the jail time. Snitches, liars and deniers, and so on.

Then we got excellent folks in the Black community who could do something but they settle for White Privilege table scraps and think driving around Atlanta or Houston in a Lamborghini or Bentley or Rolls Royce SUV is the end game – those cars depreciate at $300/day and get outdated real fast. Black Excellence focuses on chasing numbers and acts like that impress anyone when the truth is, everybody is waiting for that Black Excellence to get caught slipping to tear them down. Black Excellence has no scale and is settling for materialistic performative showmanship.  

Both groups of Black Ignorance and Black Excellence begin going at odds with each other and this has been our cycle in the Black community for quite some time, let’s explain exactly what is going on.

Black Ignorance Chase Bullsh*t and Charlatans. In this pattern, Black folks who feel marginalized do not fight the power. Instead, they succumb to mass psychosis of believing anybody who is addressing them and start creating delusional dreams. You see broke brothas and broke sistas talking about becoming millionaires all the damn time. Black ignorance fails to see that their own Black community can be transformed to deliver a quality of life that gives better benefits than being a millionaire. Instead, Black ignorance chases materialistic goals and get suckered by hustlers peddling materialism to them.

Black Ignorance Shun Black Excellence. I don’t know if this is jealously and as I matured in life, I realize Black Ignorance hostility to Black Excellence is an assault on the identity of Black Ignorance. The question is how did Black Excellence made it and doing things while Black Ignorance is broke and stagnant? This is where Black Ignorance tries to ignore the accomplishments of Black Excellence and doesn’t support them. Instead, they supporting other Black Ignorance elements and amplify it from self-hating rappers to Instagram celebrities who promote Black Ignorance to send a message to Black Excellence that Black Ignorance can stay ignorant and never respect those who pursue excellence.

Black Excellence Discharges the Black Community.  This is the John Galt moment. Black Excellence if they are truly excellent will discover they have options. Black Excellence will realize they can date outside their race and move to places outside their racial identity and find economic mobility they never had dealing with Black Ignorance. Black Ignorance calls them a sellout and asks them to turn in their Black card – please, Black Excellence will send that Black card back next-day shipping because they don’t want it anymore. It takes 20 years to build up to Black Excellence and it all gets thrown away as Black Excellence writes off the Black community due to the antics of Black Ignorance.

Black Ignorance and Black Excellence Destroy Their Own Community. This is where the destruction begins. We lose Black Excellence who divests from the Black community because Black Ignorance is so prevalent and accepted. Black ignorance listens to self-degrading radio stations, watches Black petty dramas, does milk crate challenges and shuns the smart kids and the good Black men and good Black women. As a result, we watch our commercial centers decline, we watch our education system decline with low test scores and at the end of the day, we see the destruction of our communities. Both parties suffer – Black ignorance sees marginalization with only gig economy jobs available to them and Black Excellence sees marginalization as well with no platform to scale up within their own Black community because there is no support system to grow. We all lose as a result.

How to Stop This Destructive Cycle.

There is a way to handle this situation and we going to be very honest about what it will take to bring the Black community back and disrupt the Black Ignorance vs Black Excellence locking of horns. We have to go artificial – that means the use of artificial intelligence. It will not take spiritual because that falls into Black Ignorance because those folks are talking about praying and forgiving instead of fixing things.

I speak from a position of strength and have the ability to operate with command and control of driving towards a solution. One of the guiding people doing this in a radical way is President Xi of China who at the time of this article publication, focused on clamping down on Chinese Ignorance. They shut down Chinese social media influencers, those peddling fake/misleading news, those promoting get-rich schemes, and telling kids they have to play video games only on the weekends. The Chinese don’t just talk about this – they have a social credit system to enforce this with rewards and punishments and trust me, those punishments like banning from travel puts a hurt on folks who want to be ignorant in China.

We don’t have to go this far in the Black community artificially. I realize the problem with Black Ignorance is Black marginalization – we got to empower our people with real opportunities and open the gateway towards prosperity and quality of life. Most Black Ignorance I know (actually all of them) are really caught up in paying probation fees, have single parent burdens, do not have the proper training to be entrepreneurs or pursue professional careers. We can definitely use collective-based tech solutions to help with these issues.

Black Excellence can chase White privilege for validation and acceptance all they want but we all know what they really want – to be Black and independent with free thought and free action. Black Excellence will need to realize they need to establish a foundational base and claim a space to launch from. That space is the Black community they know is home – they need to come home and make that space work for them and others. Black Excellence can operate with minimalism to find working spaces in our Black communities with cheap commercial spaces to build out next-generation solutions like proptech, fintech, and advertising and health-based solutions and placemaking.

What I have seen, especially here in Atlanta is Black Ignorance is realizing they need to better support Black Excellence by visiting and supporting Black-owned businesses and pour their money into Black Excellence as an investment. And we are seeing Black Excellence realizing they have a loyal base of Black customers and don’t need to beg White privilege for validation and operate on free thought to grow and expand.

If we want to save our Black community in 2021, we have to go hard. Shut down these Black ignorance enablers like gossip folks, Black media promoting ignorance, charlatan schemers and hustlers, and focus on providing real quality of life solutions that are the real wealth we are seeking. Then we deal with these Boule clowns as well pretending they are a higher class of people, acting stuck up or want to gatekeep or bread block brothas. The best way to deal with the Black Boule is to bypass their ass and go straight to Asia to source manufacturing or go straight to UAE to seek Islamic-based investment funding and so on.  

Those of us in the middle, those who want a beautiful community that reflects our values and cultural identity, those of us who want our children to grow up happy and safe, those of us who have dreams and aspirations to pursue on our free will – let’s get together and take out both these extremes as true Black Excellence and disrupt this destructive loop and build up the quality of life we deserve to live as brothas and sistas. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide