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The Moving to PZR009 Platform Explained

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I have made the announcement that Dream and Hustle is moving to the PZR009 platform. The PZR009 platform was debut last May in Tokyo. I have written an article about it while I was in Tokyo to give highlights.

PZR009 is a content platform that a simple one would try to compare to SubStack or Medium where contributors have their own channel to create content. The revenue model is pool-based and folks who are not producing are cancelled like a CW sitcom.

We are not getting rid of Dream and Hustle; the reality is Dream and Hustle is not a platform and I said this plenty of time. This site is just a shell of content streamed from our View the Vista platform. PZR009 also stream content from the View the Vista platform.

With PZR009, massive improvements and transformative features are going to be available that we could not put into a blog like the current Dream and Hustle. Let me highlight the key points.

Channels and Contributors. PZR009 will allow multiple content contributors create channels and publish their content for an audience. Just to let everybody know, there is no free access or freemium – all content is behind a paywall with a subscription fee. Not only will Dream and Hustle be a channel but I have new channels to introduce on the platform as well, so the content will be expansive.

Revenue Pooling. We are using a revenue pooling model that distribute revenue based on performance. Someone who does 30% of all traffic draw will get 30% of the pool, those that do 1% will get 1% and after a while, get their water cutoff for being underperforming. We only doing value creators here, not just anybody keyboard typing.

Multi-Media. We can offer articles, e-books, podcasts, and video streaming. Please note – the contributor is going have hosting fees deducted from their revenue. We not going to have some goofball post up 500GB video files that are mediocre. If they cannot be profitable in their media offering, then they will be sent packing because we not harboring unprofitable people.

Before I move forward, you should see a pattern with our new approach – only real folks getting rewarded. We are not interested in quantity, we interested in quality. The old way of dotcom models was allowed anybody to get on the Internet and post up some stuff and hope it stick. The new way is to focus on efficiency of the platform and the content to remain sustainable and profitable.

Advertising Engine.  This is a breakthrough because the focus will be similar to a carbon credit offset and focused on local enterprises and customer preferences. Focusing on contextual is not accurate and can be annoying as you see with Google and Facebook posting the same ads because you visited one site and they think that is all you care about. This advertising engine is global and will be used for digital and physical media touchpoints.

Search Engine. We have a search engine farm that will index content not only for PZR009 but for other platforms as a service. People will be able to search for phrases as well as navigate through tags on PZR009 to find related articles and discover new content as they use our site.

Before I move forward again, the advertising and search features should give folks a clue – we are not going broke or losing or failing anytime soon. We making revenue on features like the advertising engine as a service, search as a service in addition to our core API platform that we can distribute globally – we have one of the most resilient flexible and scalable business model and platform reconfigurations out there.  Let me continue.

Cache Farms. Last week we have finally released a global hub of cache servers to distribute content. This is similar to Akami where content can be stored in an “edge data center” close to the customer around the world. So someone in Japan is pulling content from a cache server in Japan, not here in America. In case you didn’t figure it out, we can cache our client content as a service similar to Redis hosting and that is another revenue stream as well.

Comment Section.  People will be able to add comments and this is also another API server like Discus we can offer not only content platforms, but any object like a dining table can have comments or a business can have comments on their dishes. The difference between our content is we are going to be using machine learning to detect behavior and antics which lead to the next point.

Social Credit Score. Our ecosystem has a social credit score and we are adopting the Dubai model. The Dubai model is the UAE do not play with fools and this create an environment of people who are quality and about their business. People who contribute value and positive get good scores and folks who want to act a fool, they going to find out their Kossier sleeve has been revoked.

I will cover our social credit system and Kossier later in detail but anybody who have a problem with it, we have no problem exiting them from our system.  It will be mostly goofy folks who are not worth anything and making noise and taking up space. In reality and this is based on actual research and facts on the ground – only good, quality people will be the result of our system and we will help businesses gain high-quality customers and not waste time or risk dealing with clowns and dangerous people.

The current Dream and Hustle platform is limited; the new platform was discussed for years and we finally releasing a new paradigm and improvement as we move into bigger and better things.  What PZR009 is shaping up to be is a global multimedia platform and I see plenty of opportunity in markets around the world, especially for content contributors. They can write content that will be available in multiple countries on release with localization.

This article will not appear on PZR009 but we have a lot of content in the backlog. The new content will be mixed-media as podcasts are more popular than written articles. I have already been recording and will be pushing out the new content very soon. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide