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Prepping Your Escape Plan from the Potential Chaos and Collapse of America

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

After watching “Genosenile Joe” on news clippings stating he is going to stay in the White House despite his obvious cognitive decline and seeing mass media and politicians pretend nothing is wrong, I realize this is the time to implement Plan B.

Plan B means getting out of dodge when you see things going down.  Every person on this planet should always have an escape plan because we saw what happened to people who stayed behind. It is never fun for those who stay behind.

If you are the kind of person I know reading this article or this blog, you likely developed an escape plan and probably don’t remember. You escaped the hood you from by pursuing an education or joining the military. You moved from Chicago to Atlanta or Dallas to escape the high crime. Your migrant boo thang escape Venezuela to find a better life in America.  You did an escape plan because you did not stay where you are.  

In America, a lot of people feel entitled and don’t believe nothing can happen to them. They do not have an escape plan and always get caught up. The biggest caught up is economic downturn – people who do not have an escape plan or don't have valuable skills are marginalized quickly. It is never a pretty outcome.

The current President of the United States is showing obvious signs of cognitive decline and we are looking at a serious situation at hand. Genosenile Joe is refusing to cede the position of President and everybody see America as vulnerable. This is an event that can create instability in global economic markets, increase tensions and breakouts of skirmish and violence as Genosenile Joe is out of touch.

This can spin out of control real fast and everything at stake. People in America are walking around thinking this is a not serious. This is the point you better have a plan b or better create it right now. This is the moment you need to move.

I have already executed plan b on my end. I have sold all of my investments, so I’m not exposed. I have called in my liquid assets to convert before the mad rush that will drive the price down. I contacted my two chicks overseas in safe countries to let their Black man pull up. But most likely, I can move to places like Spokane or Cheyenne. I’m already packed up and ready to move anywhere in this country or world in a given notice. I was been prepped for this.

You brothas are being told about the Passport Bro movement by clowns who are not looking at the real goal. The real goal is to save yourself, Black man or SYSBM. Your goal is not to be around mad at Black women, chase women overseas, your goal is to establish a global escape plan. Sistas, you are also being distracted by these loony Black feminists trying to make you focus on being angry at men instead of having an escape plan as well.

I need you, brothas and sistas, to recognize the situation at hand and the level of risk we are at. This is a major big risk event and possible implosion of the United States if Joe Biden do not step down immediately. There is no November – Joe Biden is declining and won’t make it to November, you and I know that.

Every time after an election, the job cuts, and the economy starts to go down. But now we know Joe Biden is not a lame duck but a senile duck. He cannot get anything pass in Congress so I don’t know why I see anyone having Biden name in their mouth. The only option is Kamala Harris seize control via the 25th Amendment but she doesn’t have the balls to do such a thing to rise to power – she is a weak giggly ass woman.

This situation is serious, so start prepping. Here is a quick rundown and videos to establish your escape plan.

Analyze Your Value. Do you have skills that you can take around the world? Tech engineers, architects, health professionals, executive are the skills that other nations desire. Some dude working at the Amazon warehouse talking about Kendrick Lamar latest video isn’t worth anything to another country. Look at what kind of special skills visa they offer and get your creds as your value to be able to move around the world.

Liquidate. This is the moment you convert your assets to cash. You do not wait until everybody else is trying to sell their assets because that’s when the value drops to it low. You sell ahead of the curve right now. The best is sell at reseller sites and worst option is the pawn shop, get it out of your hands for cash now. You want to have cash on hand so you can move quickly when you need to get up and jump.

Figure Out Where. Do you know your destination. For escape plan, there are two considerations – USA or outside of the USA. For inside the USA, the best option would be places with nuclear power and low utility costs such as middle Georgia. For the international escape, most advisors will say Latin America. The problem with Latin America is it is violent and can quickly become chaotic as they have revolutions. Africa isn’t really an option and the same – look at Kenya with internal turmoil and look at Rwanda who is on the verge of going to war with Congo, not discussed a lot in the media. I think the best possible place is Southeast Asia because you can grow your own food while having access to high quality healthcare and modern urban infrastructure.

Paperwork Already Prepare. You should have visas stamped and ready for a year out. Get your visas and travel windows set now or in the future so you can just up and jump. This is the most important as well as having rent money and cash on hand to deposit into that country bank account to quick hit the ground running.

Here are some good videos to take notes from but seriously – I have already executed my plan b and escape plan. It is now time for you to seriously get to prepping and realistically, start executing plan b.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide