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How We Planning to Accelerate the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Thursday, October 5, 2023

One of our first roadmap task is to create solutions to help empower those seeking the digital nomad lifestyle with the tools and platform they need to move. A digital nomad is someone who can use their digital skills move around the world and is not tied down to a single station. 

A digital nomad doesn’t need to beg someone for a job, they have a used laptop they bought from Jerry’s Pawn shop on Piedmont and can travel overseas and put in work and enjoy life outside the toxic and violent United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Our first rollout is PZR009 which is a content site that will use a profit-pooling revenue system where writers will get a relative share of a pool based on their contribution impact. Some creators on the platform can receive direct sponsorship and revenue come from both advertising revenue as well as member subscription revenue.

PZR009 is prepared to go harder and wider range than this Dream and Hustle blog, I will be covering a lot of topics but the thing is I want to be more productive with the content to really help folks to directly from A to B. But the good thing is we are going to have more contributors from all over contributing content from a wide range.

Hopefully, this first platform will be our first attempt at creating a shared revenue model hoping to serve the needs of digital nomads who can just be writers at any stage of their life and contribute good enough content for viewers to pay for. That is one way.

The second way is creating an alternative to digital content and that is digital assets. Noticed that NFTs went through a hype cycle but the issue was the underlying crypto model got hit hard when that FTX and other exchanges and crypto winter events happened. We will not be using any crypto for digital assets – we can use currency which should have always been the model.

The problem with crypto-backed assets like NFT is the speculative nature and folks like to use algo speculation to artificially inflate value to sell or short value to buy below actual value – the creator of the digital asset or the owner is being played by these algo traders. Our view is allowing intrinsic value to just come from those interested and have an appreciation for the digital asset.

We can setup digital assets that can be rented or bought between parties. Licensing is a better model where someone create a software and license it to users around the world. That kind of model definitely allow someone to travel the world and work at the same time earning income.

These two digital trade models – digital content and digital assets are our first phase rollout on the Toshikiso platform and the goal is to help digital nomads move around the world.

We have two specific niches – the first niche is Japanese nationals who are struggling under a weak yen and investors going into Japan and exploiting the weak yen buying up property in Japan. That makes it hard for young Japanese people to rent or buy apartments (they call condos apartments in other countries so don’t try to correct me).

By the way, I dropped the Japanese chick because I cannot let go of the fact she was not there at the airport when I arrived in Tokyo back in May 2023. She been acting flaky and I learned that I can always do better, find better especially in Tokyo. One relationship advice I would give to anybody as an elder man – when you see those little BS moves, take those little off-putting actions seriously and walk away or make a firm decision to put up with it.

But have a line that cannot be crossed. My problem is she don’t call and check up on me and see how I’m doing – she claims it is a language barrier. I don’t care if she called me and said “ooga booga” and hang up, it’s the fact she made an attempt to reach out and care about me and because Ms. Japanese chick struggles to do that basic “stay in touch” task, I have to move on. Trust me, it’s plenty of fine women especially in Japan that will replace a funny acting Japanese chick really quick.

But Japan has been good to me and my growth and I love the people there and they made me feel like I belong there so they already have the Toshikiso platform setting up in place over there – move in silence.

The second niche is young Americans who have been the biggest surprised supporters of what I’m doing recently. They shouldn’t have to be forced to work at Amazon warehouse or Uber Eats as their revenue stream – I hate hearing them losing a job and then say they going to have to work a gig economy to make ends meet. I would like them to spend their youth learning to save money, have experiences around the world, create digital content, enjoy the beach and sunsets and have fun.

Many of you may not have picked up on something when I was in Tokyo last spring but I showed photos – I was working on my own platform to make sure I can be overseas and it is working properly. If we get Japan setup, then we can move into other countries with SE Asia being the next target – they have been extremely supportive of me.

With that said, you know who is at the very bottom of the list and who I’m not even considering among the global growth landscape – my own Black community here in America. I will be in Brixton and Birmingham UK or Rotterdam or Geneva supporting Afro-Europeans who been supportive but not even thinking about the Black community I came from where they chase charlatans but will try to ignore a real working brotha like myself, man fuck them for real and I don’t even think about them anymore.

PZR009 has been quietly going through improvements and will be fully setup in the next couple of days from this article publish date. We are moving pretty fast and soon, faster than I can write articles. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide