Dream and Hustle

Why They Get Funny When You Handling Yours? Not Your Problem.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Please take a moment and think about my situation and my landscape for a second. I had a lot of people who had me figured out as basic in their heads. They had to know someone doing something better than me because, in their head, they had to replace my presence as beneath something they want to admire to avoid giving me the respect they do not want to see within me.

I’m talking about people around me who encounter me and the first thing they try to do is offset me and try to communicate to me about how someone else is doing something better than me. I see right through their uncomfortable jealous behind and let them run their mouth. At the end of the day, I’m doing what I’m doing, on my terms, at my pace.

The predictable part is when they learn I’m actually handling mines, they want to act funny. When they come around me, they want to act funny and quiet and I see it. Then you see folks online, they act funny acting like they want to talk about this person and don’t mention the other person like me. I’m pretty sure some of you on the rise and well on your way on your journey see the same attitude.

The way I deal with this situation is I have to be honest – I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. Because I’m the one seeing they are mad about me going my own way. Their attitude reveals to me they know what I’m about, it makes me smile because it is a sign of acknowledgment that I’m making them uncomfortable. What is the best part is, I’m still going to go back to my space and still handle my stuff because that is all me, my mission, my journey – end of the story.

Look at your rising phoenix situation and realize what you need to focus on. I have data distributor nodes all around the world in strategic locations to create global latency for the transfer of digital instructions and digital assets. That makes me a global distributor of digital trade. I have established an API that can serve digital nomad entrepreneurs, small to large enterprises, and cities and communities. I have global billing and payment scale and latency and redundancy as the infrastructure. We will be hosting on major cloud providers around the world to offer our services as a cloud partner. These basic ass people around don’t know anybody or got anybody on the level I built out based on my unique background and experience and the big global empire vision I manifested along the way.  

I said this before on this blog and I need you to listen seriously to this message again – I don’t got time for these clowns and you don’t either. I got to worry about considering Dubai as the hub city and the people from Asia and the cool Africans I’m going to recruit for Dubai when the free zone visa hits. I’m trying to refine all the ready-made business models where we can help Dream and Hustle Early adopters create a blockchain model to create a fractional ownership hair salon or start a fractional ownership sports team league. I got the 3D printer running architecture designs of our cyber-centre that runs an edge version of Toshikiso API for local businesses to consume.

I got so much exciting new stuff ahead of me that I don’t even have space in my head to entertain folks with an attitude because I’m doing mines and rising without their permission. I see these folks and they start acting funny, it does not matter and I see them as nothing more than old data files lingering around that need to be sent to the recycle bin on my computer.

You will be on your journey, you will meet new people aligned with your mission, and you will discover new opportunities, better processes, and new destinations to explore around this world and in the paradigm of your purpose. Remember that this journey is what you have chosen to pursue. Focus on the excitement ahead of you.

Because trust me, when you get into the motions of what you going after, you going to be more focused on the manifesting happening in front of you instead of some funky attitude person you knew before the pandemic, on your job or a close friend or family who want to express negativity towards you for going for yours.

You going to be just like me, too excited about that global expansion, focus more on talking to these fine Black British chicks at the Heathrow to Cockfosters train, and don’t care about someone showing some attitude, but hey - thanks for being upset about me doing me. That’s how you going to be, trust me. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide