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What to Expect from Tokyo

Thursday, November 30, 2023

In December 2023, I will be in Tokyo mostly to wrap up the year of our launch. It should be apparent right now that Tokyo has been a second home to me and a place of inspiration and growth.

I have made a lot of friends over there, been inspired by a lot of innovation and tradition someone of my caliber can respect and appreciate. If someone said they went to Tokyo and they still the same lame character, then they didn’t appreciate Tokyo – that city changes you and grow you.

I have mentioned before, everything from visiting the cafes with your laptop and start working on your business and personal planning. Even journaling and studying – I knew someone who was there when I was there and they were there just to travel while working on an e-book for 90 days, the max tourist visa. Me and her had coffee – you cannot do that experience in America like we used to.

I want to get one thing out of the way – the lady I knew in Tokyo I have always dated; we cannot go any further and that was communicated. The reason is simple and I said it here before, Japanese women do not have a global-empire mindset. I find them silly, pre-judging, and chasing nonsense just like our sistas in America and they walk around old and lonely in their elder age, youth experience wasted and just ran through by every dude who long gone somewhere else.

There are only two types of women I met in this world who truly have that mindset – East European women and CCP Chinese women, that is the kind of woman I need, no pretending but a woman when I say I’m starting a business, she already got her laptop and books and whiteboard planning how me and her going to take over the world. I got money and rizz and can always hook up with a lightweight silly chick, I need a real woman with shared purpose.  

In Tokyo here is what is going to happen:

Launching Merchant and the Flow.  The platform is incredible and the design is game-changer. We do not have you to build out so called online shops. We created building blocks that give you to ability to put together a physical store, an online store, a pop-up store, a ghost kitchen, a self-service kiosk, a drop event for a vendor – you get the picture.

Debut DBEXX. I have not mentioned it but we will debut DBEXX preview in Tokyo. The ability to create marketplace exchanges for business-to-business trade and auctions. Here is a hint and again; inspired by Tokyo. Can easily create a used luxury bag market where buyers auction off to retailers – Japan does this exact model the same way they sell yellow-fin tuna fish and the famous flower auction market.

Design and Create with Me. I will be filming more episodes of design sessions – these are the “study with me” videos but I will show how to design digital solutions and business by hand on paper. I do not study – I plan the goals, design the approach and document the steps to execute. So, it will better than a “study with me” that is more background noise, it will show someone how a real professional turn dreams into reality.

Digital Enterprises. We are going to explore digital operations that inspired Toshikiso that has little counterparts in the USA. The ad-network on the subway system and digital lifestyle events that fill up restaurants, the pop-ups and drops that are effective through mobile technology and more. I will cover that in Dream and Hustle articles while over there.

Micro-Manufacturing.  This will likely be geared towards the sistas – we are going to look at the candy manufacturing system where you see tons of independent ladies who create candy boxes based on over 100 years of recipes and family business. Hint: Black women in the 1920s through 1940s did this in places like Harlem, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and so on but sistas lost her ways. Brothas, there are the same kind of opportunities as well.

I want to mention the biggest part of this trip that I discovered that you don’t hear a lot of other brothas and sistas talking when they run to Japan. Japan is the only place on planet Earth that preserved African-American hustle traditions from 100 years ago. Remember the candy-making? Those are recipes Black people used to do and they got those recipes from America and preserve them. Jazz and acid jazz and bebop and chill-hop? That’s us, bro.

The beautiful part is re-discovering the blueprints they preserved from lost African-American glory days that I know our people used to do and see it being practicing – that’s the real gem of Japan and why I said it’s the best place for brothas and sistas who go to Japan and find these things out.  

The next article will be in Tokyo, until then. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide