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Black Chicago, Vote This Worthless Congressman Danny Davis Out of Office

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

No Black person in Chicago should be voting for Danny Davis under any circumstances. If you look at all of the decline of the Black communities in Chicago, ask what Danny Davis did or spoke up in Congress for us as a people. 

Crime in Chicago Black communities – where was Danny Davis? Migrant issues in Chicago Black communities – Where was Danny Davis? You heard of Maxine Waters, you heard of Cori Bush, you heard of Ayanna Pressley, you heard of Shelia Jackson-Lee, you heard of Hakeem Jeffries. Nobody has heard of Danny Davis because he has been a worthless joke of a Black politician that Black Chicago keeps voting for.

Black people are voting for worthless Black politicians because they have Black skin and are part of the Democrat party; this has to stop. No one voted themselves into their devastating decline than Black Chicago voters. No one should feel sorry for anything happening in Black Chicago communities – they are getting exactly what they kept voting for decades without considering their own best interest.

Danny Davis's record does not show he represents Black people's best interests. Open records clearly show he takes lobby money from predatory businesses that target the Black community for exploitation. His voting record is basically whatever Nancy Pelosi or what someone else told him how to vote; he does not stand on his toes and advocate for what is in the best interest of the Black community in Chicago or overall.

I want to discuss one recent vote that Danny Davis cast that clearly shows he is a committed worthless piece of sh*t to the Black community when it comes to our interest. Danny Davis voted no on the H.R.7511 - Laken Riley Act, passed in Congress with Democrat support.

Now, Black media and mainstream media will sweep this event under the rug, but Black women and the Black community should think about that “no” vote and why Danny Davis voted against it. Let’s break it down.

According to the legislation sponsor, the Laken Riley Act would amend federal law to require Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to issue detainers and take custody of illegal aliens who commit theft-related crimes, such as shoplifting, as defined by state and local law.

Laken Riley was a college student who was fatally assaulted by a Venezuelan migrant who had a criminal background back in New York and was able to move around without being tracked. The migrant had tattoos and markings that indicated he was doing dirt back in Venezuela and was not a model immigrant. So we have migrants crossing the border illegally with criminal backgrounds running around our communities unchecked.

There is no one more vulnerable to these criminal migrants than Black women, plain and simple. Danny Davis should have known that if he knew the actual sexual assaults against Black women that happened in his Congressional district, but Danny Davis doesn’t give a damn. Go look up the number and be shocked at how many Black women just in that Chicago area report sexual assaults per day – go look it up!

Not only that, real Black folks in Chicago know about Black serial killers targeting Black women in the past from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and the Chicago police did nothing, and Chicago local news did not care to report about them. Many of you know about the Atlanta Black child killings, but the Chicago Black femicide killings were way worse.

The one that most people remember is the number of Black women found dead with trauma along the south side Metra rail line where the killer dump the bodies there. When I was young, this is a true story – another young brother I was growing up with saw a severed head of a Black woman near a trash dump on his way to the garbage can – this was in the late 70s. He was not the same and he took his own life a few years back as an adult.

Danny Davis old tired dusty looking behind should have known about these femicides that were going on against Black women in the history of Black Chicago. So ask Danny Davis personally why he didn’t vote for the Laken Riley Act to protect Black women from violent migrants who are moving into Black communities unchecked and Black women are the most vulnerable target of these types of migrant criminals. Go ask him, Black Chicago, before you blindly vote for Danny Davis again because he is Black and Democrat.

Danny Davis voted against the Laken Riley Act because he was more interested in political party lines than serving the best interest of Black Chicago, especially Black women in Chicago and their safety and security. You look at Danny Davis voting record again, you will see he is nothing but a vote that Nancy Pelosi or another Democrat leader told him how to vote – he never stood on his own and voted for anything in the best interest of the Black community over the Democrat partisan politics.

If you are a Black woman in Chicago, there is zero reason to be voting for this worthless piece of sh*t Black Congressman Danny Davis because he showed he does not vote for Black women's safety and the best interest of sistas. By the way, the law passed anyway with 39 Democrats signing on because it was the right thing to do – go and ask Danny Davis why he voted no, please do that.

But here is the part that I want to educate you on if you want Danny Davis out of office. Most of those clowns running against Danny Davis are planted by Danny Davis to dilute the vote against a credible candidate that can replace Danny Davis. They do this in every Black community when it comes to trying to vote out a worthless Black candidate around the country. So Black Chicago has to be smart and rally around the right one because those others are in the race to take votes against the real one who can replace that garbage, Danny Davis.

Danny Davis is part of the problem of why Black Chicago is declining. Still, Black Chicago voters are the biggest blame for just voting for Black people running as Democrats instead of voting for their best interest. The days of voting for worthless piece of sh*t Black politicians like Danny Davis are over – the Black community will be destroyed if you Black Chicago voters go out and vote for these people who are doing nothing in return once you elect them.

You Black Chicago voters keep voting for people who take your vote and turn on you, doing everything for everybody else and telling you to go kick rocks. I thought Barack Obama telling you he is not the President of Black America but doing the most for White privileged gay people (not the Black gay community – Obama did nothing for them either) has given you a clue about this.

Look at the photo of Danny Davis - he looks like a garbage piece of sh*t that doesn’t care or give a damn about his Black community; it is written all over his face.  This is your last chance, Black Chicago, especially seeing in real-time how the Democrats take you for granted and do everything for everybody else except you – vote this garbage out of office, and let’s take ownership of our vote to work for us. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide