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Lone Wolves Are Never Lonely

Thursday, January 18, 2024

When I’m overseas, I encounter and see what many of you cannot see staying in the homeland. I get on the flight to Japan and I see a single woman by herself, looking like she can handle herself. I noticed her and she noticed me and she also noticed I know her nature and we politely respect each other nature. She is a lone wolf. 

I encounter her in Tokyo at the coffee shop while working from the second floor window; I’m minding my business coding around quiet Japanese programmers and she walks in. No one of my kind should be there; but there she is – a lone wolf on the same mission, same frequency and wavelength as me. Again, we know exactly each other and why we are there. 

We are lone wolves, that’s our spirit animal and how we move on our own. 

What is important to understand is you will not make it pursuing a global empire if you are not a lone wolf. You can be a poser or imposter syndrome just around for clicks and views on your persona. However, you will never survive in the wild where the wolves roam the landscape. 

As I moved around the world quietly building up as a Black man, I have observed some DEI-chasing brothas and sistas like that Blavity AfroTech cornball clown stuff moving with a flock-herd mentality and mindset. This is where they clique up, focus on name-dropping, number-dropping to impress people around them that are not the 20% doing 80% business with them. They just there for social validation and acceptance and clout chasing. 

In these DEI circles, they pander to White liberals looking for tokens. These sellouts pander themselves for the liberals so the liberals can portray they are accepting of people of color. As part of their sellout token strategy, those plantation people of color would work to exclude the real ones in the field or have an authentic perspective or viewpoint that goes in contrast with White liberal thought. Little hint: I noticed moving around the world that Asian men and Latino men are treated the same way as us brothas in this fashion. 

So, what they try to do is create their own narrative of identity and exclude real ones from their identity narrative, like trying to act someone like me isn’t around or worth talking about. This is how the Black Boule been operating and historically has done this on skin-tone, favoring light-skinned Blacks over dark-skinned Blacks to appear to Whites as they are closer to them to be accepting of. Look at some of the earliest films featuring Black people and look at the roles of light-skinned Blacks and dark-skinned Blacks if you don’t understand this. 

But there is a problem with social exclusion and trying to outcast someone in the competitive landscape like technology; you cannot isolate a lone wolf if you are operating on a flock-herd mindset. In plain language these goofy weak punk Black DEI cliques or whatever Boule mess these folks are could never stop a lone wolf from moving. If these characters even tried, they would have messed around and found out with a wolf. Then the bystanders will be paying attention to the wolf and start admiring the wolf and the sellout imposter syndrome tokens would fail at their faking. 

What a flock-herd mindset trying to isolate and exclude a lone wolf from their made-up social narrative fails to understand is how a lone wolf operates.

A lone wolf is never lonely; they are connected to the environment, the reality around them and the challenges and opportunities – that is their social connection. They use their senses, their cognition, their strengths and sharpen their inner ability to adapt and survive in the wilderness – that’s the drive, not being accepted or rejected in social circles. 

You have to be a lone wolf going forward in this new digital age. You going to have to know how to move around from London to Lisbon, from Dubai to Bali. You going to have to learn how to smell opportunity in Tokyo as you walk by and see a QR code art exhibit in Ueno station and realize you can create this model back in America in urban areas. Have to be aware of dangers and use your senses to avoid situations or react to immediate threat vectors. We are not in Kansas anymore; the whole world is in play to make moves in the 21st century. 

I cannot help you or assist you if you are a loser following other people with a flock-herd mindset. I met a Black woman living in Dubai and she moves around the world on her own accord handling business that I won’t disclose to protect her global hustle. She told me about a Black church in Dubai and showed me pictures of nothing but beautiful Black women going there and they were lone wolves like her. In Tokyo, I was speaking to a Nigerian woman at a networking event and she told me the same thing; there is a Black church in one of the Tokyo prefectures and nothing but fine sistas operating as lone wolves. I’m going to ask you at this juncture - do you think I have a problem finding quality sistas in this world? Yeah, thought so. 

You are not going to find me or other real ones in America at Starbucks or some fake showboating co-working space in the United States. You going to find us out there in the wild world moving on our own and if we encounter each other, wolves recognize wolves. And we don’t fuck with each other hunt. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide