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The Worst Experience for a Black Man is When He Has to Fly Back to America

Monday, May 29, 2023

It happened to me once again and I think this one hit me the hardest. One of the first things I told my son a day before his first global flight getaway is he going to feel down once he fly back to this America. He going to be mind-blown at the other cultures, how they doing things right, how advanced they are versus us, and how cool the people, especially the cute ladies will be. Then we come back to this nonsense in America. That young man had been traveling every chance he could to get away from the USA.

I was in Tokyo and it was the best visit I had. I had reservations about Japan after the travel ban that messed up my empire roadmap big time and was very disruptive. But when I got there and I know the city well, I felt like I was at my proper space and place I should have been all this time. I enjoyed all the communities and met a few local Japanese merchants that remember me, even the street folks in Japan.

I started living day-by-day in Tokyo, not a tourist. I went to the grocery store to shop and cook; I rode the subway station just like everybody else and hung out and drank and had meals like everyone else and the Japanese I learned were understood and I was able to understand Japanese as well. It changes a lot when you can speak the local language, people are friendlier and have more respect for you.

What really changed me was how easier it was to date in Japan, even if you are not trying. Beautiful Japanese women were everywhere and the ones I was checking were thick, not the skinny ones but the ones with shape. Just pull out the Line app and she knows what to do next and what train station hub like Tokyo station or Shinjuku station to meet at, right in front of the department store exit. Then we walk together, eating together and they have small urban parks to sit and hold hands at and talk lightweight nonsense – Japanese women can keep an interesting conversation going.

I woke up around 4:30 am when the sun rises in Japan and go to Odaiba to ride a bicycle and watch the sun rises and shine on Tokyo from Tokyo Bay beach. Beautiful and calm, the most urban calm areas in the world even though I do like sitting on the Thames in London for sunsets near Tower Bridge. What I also liked was the ability to go to Starbucks and McDonald’s and whip out my laptop and always see a group of professional women or a Blasian chick show up sitting around my table – again, access to women who all looked good and modest and pleasant to see my presence.

There were two big events – first and most important, I saw my Japanese boo who I was separated from for 3 years – that is a blessing and I’m thanking God praying every day that we meet again and God delivered for me. We had our own talking and sessions and the takeaway is I have to decide if she is the one, I have to move to Japan because she not coming to the United States, she is too good of a woman for America.

Second, I met up with the remaining team members who were working on my project and I launched my company and gave a demonstration to them first, in the world as our official launch. I have launched in Japan and will detail in another article. With that said, PZR009 was launched as the pilot application on the new Toshikiso platform and we will be switching to that platform very soon, the transition is happening as we speak. My Japanese boo is very excited about what I’m doing when I showed her what I was working on – she always supported me but she saw the final project and was smiling ear-to-ear, I love that woman, for real.

Overall, an awesome experience for a Black man. But it was becoming the time for me to come back to America.  While in Tokyo, I looked up the weather forecast on the Atlanta news website and the headline was a 72-year-old Black man was shot and killed by a young Black man. That is when it hit me the country, I’m from and the country I’m about to return to.  For real, thoughts ran in my head to just rent an apartment in Tokyo and say here until my visa run out in 90 days and think about my future, my boo is here so why leave? But I got to get back to America to handle local things.

While in Tokyo, I ran into many brothas or passport bros and their numbers were huge! I spoke to them and overall, they want someone other than the sistas back in America. This is another separate article but I saw American sistas here in Tokyo as well, I was just polite with them but wasn’t checking them but I can tell on the sista's face that she is aware she losing or lost her Black man to the world out here. Met a lot of young Black couples as well traveling together in Kyoto – wish them all the best and hope they stay together because the Black single market is the worst ever situation in Black history.

I flew back to Atlanta and it was when I got on the MARTA train at the airport station until we got to Five Points – nothing but marginalized bums and Pookies got on the train and some masculine sistas. Then it hit me and I just reacted by shaking my head a little, putting my head down, and mumbling “I don’t want to be here, this is not where I’m supposed to be” and I repeated that statement over and over mumbling with internalized anger and disappointment I’m back here in this craphole the United States of America.

That feeling was real to me and I was very sad returning to America versus the awesome life experience I just had in Japan. Our people are dysfunctional, we are violent and hateful towards each other, and the sistas here are totally crappy and standoffish with a nasty toxic attitude – I don’t even want to date another American sista because it always some made-up, unnecessary nonsense she wants to bring into the relationship even when the setup is good and perfect.

When I got back, I found out several fellow shop owners are shutting down their businesses on June 1st because they cannot afford to stay open. The interest rates are too high and they cannot find new loans and the cost of goods are high and they cannot make a profit margin to keep operating expense going – that is going on across the country. Then I’m hearing about Chicago where grocery stores are shutting down in the hood where Black people stealing from the very food stores that opened up to give them access to fresh food – our people don’t deserve a Black community anymore; I will cover this in a separate article later as well.

There are various economic indicators that the United States is manufacturing a massive downturn with layoffs, more business closures, and more evictions leading to more crime, more poverty, and more marginalization within the Black community. The sistas have betrayed her good Black men who are overseas looking for Asian chicks to date and marry and our sistas are in one of the most messed up situations she put herself into where she got no one but herself and her ignorant ass sistas on Lipstick Alley to defend against this upcoming landscape, which means our sistas are up the creek without a paddle.

This situation is a depression, a quick downer for me coming back from the peace and good life I was having in Tokyo. Every Japanese girl I dated, we waited at the train station together, we went into the convenience store and picked up food together, she ordered something in Japanese and I tried it and pretend it was good and she covered her mouth with one hand laughing while eating – mannerism. Now I’m back in America with bum-ass, judgmental Black folks who cannot keep a Sav-A-Lot or Whole Foods in their community on the South Side of Chicago, man I hate this place!

At dinner with my Japanese boo, she was smiling at me and I looked into her eyes and lived that moment between me and her. I told her what the plan was. I’m going to launch my business in America, then I’m taking my laptop here in Tokyo and be a digital nomad for my own company working here and we going to make this love come to life. I held her hand under the table when I said this.

The only thing stopping me is my Latina chick here in the USA who got a better body and can cook better but I don’t want to be around this stuff in America and it seems there are storms on the horizon for America and our economic power in this world with de-dollarization going on globally. We know our ignorant Black community is going to vote for Joe Biden again and do the electric slide at the polls. Why stay here and watch the downfall?

I don’t want to feel this depressed again, coming back to America knowing how messed up things are and how our own people aren’t welcoming either – I hope this is the last time I experience this and I know almost every other Black man flying back to the USA is feeling the same way. Something got to change.