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Announcing Kossier New Features and Major Milestone

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Our mid-April update turns on the switch for Kossier to now start enabling digital-first operations. In plain language, Kossier can now be used to activate services that can be purchased by their customers. Also, Kossier has the ability to perform on-spot checks or queued check-ins for businesses and ventures.

This is a major release because now we are on path to start deploying our services around the world. The first step was to setup the global node framework so we can push data and digital services to markets around the world. The second step is to set up the ability to perform interactions and transactions between parties.

Let’s talk about the Kossier update and what has changed as a result.

Paid Activations

We can now offer the ability to accept payment and carry out a task using our event-driven architecture. This is not new technology by us; we done this before with Kossier years ago but did not have the technology maturity we have today. 

With Kossier activation feature, a business can setup a digital value chain to deliver value (product/service) in exchange for value (money). A customer can take an action such as pay for an access code, receive the access code and redeem it to carry out a task against a defined microservice to facilitate the request.

PZR009 is our first platform using our technology for monthly subscription access. PZR009 now requires a subscription to view content. Here is the process of getting a paid subscription.

Purchase a Subscription. A user can just click on the subscribe button and redirected to a payment page. Once the user makes a valid purchase, we generate an unique redemption code and pin and email the information to the email address associated with the purchase.

Redeem Code. It is important to note that a Kossier profile does not contain personal information such as an email address, nor do store such associations. The redemption code can be used on any Kossier account and a person can transfer their code to another user to activate. The user will log into Kossier and enter the code under the Redeem section.

Access Activated. Once the code has been validated and redeemed, Kossier sends the event to our network, and we route the parameters to the associated microservice to execute a task. In this case, the microservice activates the access to PZR009 for the Kossier user.

Once activated, the user can log in PZR009 and have access to the content.

Event Driven Activations

Our activation service is not just for subscriptions; it can activate anything connected to an IoT device or a microservice. Understanding event-driven activities is important.

Our Toshikiso system is driven on an event-driven saga-task pattern. When an action is taken, that is an event – walking into a store, checking in at a salon, getting a day pass at a co-working space.

For example, you walk into a store, a motion sensor can detect you walked and a camera listening to the motion sensor published events get the event you walked in and use facial recognition to recognize you. If it recognizes you, a salesperson you were working with can be notified, even if they are off work and can send a message to ask if you need assistance via chat.

These events open up a new world of customer engagement not available to the average business and now they have this capability with our Toshikiso platform. Someone can open a laundromat and scan a QR code to pay and get a redeem QR code or pin code to activate a washer/dryer combination space in the laundromat.

Or someone can sell tickets to their pop-up art gallery and people buy a redeem code that display a QR code the door person can scan and redeem and let them through. I can go on and on but we made it a lot easier to run digital-first ventures with our new Kossier activation feature.

Utility Tokens and Funding Options

There is another angle that we are going to discuss for the first time. Let’s say you want to start a content platform and you don’t want to grovel investors for funding and give up your shares. Unlike ICOs or initial coin offerings that are mostly rip-offs, you can offer micro-financing of the initial redemptions.

Instead of revenue-sharing with an investor who demand 20% of your revenue for the first number of years, you can offer financing of the first 5,000 redemptions. In this scenario, let’s say each redemption is $10 but your cost of activation is $4. You allow the investors to purchase future redemptions at $4 and give them a interest rate of 6.5% or .26 cents. Offering 5,000 at $4 each is $20,000 initial funding.

With the first 5,000 redemptions at $10, you pay the investor $4.26 which is the original investment plus interest and you keep the $5.74. The strategy here is you had $20k immediately to get your content platform up and running and after the 5,000 has been reached, you are now getting your full $10 and off and running with your digital business.

This is what our upcoming exchange platform DBEXX can facilitate, allowing people to buy micro-financing notes for startups that are redeem codes tied to an investor and when they are redeem, automatically pay the investor their money plus interest back.

Kossier Smart Queue Check-In

The check-in process for Kossier has already been in place, this is how people log in our platforms. We have upgraded the check-in process for smart queueing. This means a person can scan a QR code and wait for a notification when they can enter a premise.

This feature makes doing business more secure. Without smart queuing, anybody can walk in such as a crowd of thugs and start flash mobbing the place. Number two, you don’t want just anybody walking into your business in this day and age, you should know something about your customer or potential customer.

With smart queuing you can limit how many people are the store at a given time. Also, people don’t have to wait like a crowded salon with folks sitting around. They will receive a notification that they are ready to be served while they go somewhere else, like the Cheesecake Factory queuing system.

Most existing queuing systems use SMS and we can offer this transport as well but we have our own messaging system within Kossier. We can push status/notifications to Kossier and this is way less than SMS and this allow us to offer this service anywhere in the world.

Setting up this queuing service will be self-service and instantly up and running. A business will be using our upcoming Merchant and the Flow software and enable the queuing system. Once enabled, a business can place a QR code outdoor that can be scanned and that customer will be queued for access. This is a post-billing feature so the merchant can be up and running with just a few mouse clicks.

Major Milestone at The Manufactured Solution

The new features with Kossier now enables us to monetize our platform worldwide. We are now launching PZR009 primarily in America and Japan and will be offering more premium content that attract new users from all over the world.

The ability to activate or carry out a saga-task pattern – that means multiple steps create limitless possibilities to drive a business. This allows someone to create a business where customers buy a redeem code to request a plumber on demand and can sell it to a neighbor or use it on their own which will contact and dispatch a plumber to fix an emergency problem. Didn’t they have something called prepaid legal back in the day similar to this?

Creating smart queuing to throttle customer capacity in a store will help stores manage their growth and security. Be mindful that we can have several lanes of queuing where someone can pay extra to jump ahead of the normal queue or if the system identifies a previous customer that made a previous purchase, they get priority bump-up in the queuing system because the store did business with them in the past.

I have not even scratched the surface. People will have the ability to buy/trade redeem codes on DBEXX and startups needing upfront cash can sell futures on redeem codes with interest. The Early Adopters will have access to these new features and don’t have to pay for a damn thing.

We will give more information on the Early Adopters with a formal process. But overall, we are at a new milestone of growth and possibilities. 


Ed Dunn

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