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Sunday, April 7, 2024

I want to give the sistas a message about the world around her. We are going through a transformational phase where your fellow sistas are moving big worldwide. We are not talking DEI tokenism stuff, I’m talking real empire building, and this caliber of sistas is not recognizable to most because this is a global paradigm.

I move around the world for real and run into these sistas all of the time. These sistas have escaped the Western dogma of how a Black woman should fit in their discriminatory Western society and charted her own path somewhere else. I grew up with sistas who after college, quietly moved to London, Berlin, Italy and started a new path instead of hanging around in the United States.

In Tokyo, I always carry myself proper with my briefcase and Dell XPS 13 laptop you see in various photos with me at the café or bullet train. Guess who always pops up out of nowhere because I purposely keep myself visible from a window? A fine sista that is an expat or currently living/working in Tokyo who saw a real Black man handling it just like her. Meanwhile, Passport Bros is on a dirty beach in the Dominican Republic, smirking like they are making moves.

The most exciting thing for me as a man is talking to a sista with a fresh start who is no longer tethered to the Western Matrix. She looks refreshed and bright, that big heavy burden of dogma lifted from her spirit, and she has new horizons overseas. She is looking forward to starting something new. That is the best kind of woman a Black man like me ever meet in this world – a sista living overseas who found her space, unbothered and forward-facing with optimism.  But in America – the sistas acting stank while a brotha shop at Kroger thinking she matters to a high-value Black man that seen better, been with a better caliber of sistas around the world.

At the end of the video, she is celebrating with her bestie, playing the song “Happy” by Pharrell. That pretty much sums up exactly her current space and state of mind instead of the dogma she put up with back in France. Many sistas are moving to Korea and working in entertainment, like a lot of sistas moved to Tokyo in the 80s and 90s working for Sony Entertainment and Sony Music.

Many of you sistas are beginning to see these types of sistas through YouTube I encounter overseas. Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, London, Paris, Tokyo – be in Atlanta looking at these tacky lost sistas and a high-value Black man be like whatever – Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, Tokyo. Just a little fact many of you know – I told Kevin Samuels this directly, the type of sistas a real high-value man can get worldwide, and he still ran that nonsense because he was entertaining Black ignorance for views/clicks.

In America, there are two types of sistas that we brothas encounter. The first type is the sista that defines herself as who she is getting f*cked by. This is Porsha Williams or Lori Harvey for example, don’t know anything about her personally, just what dude she is attached to at the moment. A lot of Black women operate like this around us brothas and think we are jealous she dating a clown when she could have us. As if the sistas in Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, and Tokyo cannot book a flight or we brothas cannot book a flight to meet each other.

The second is the worst – the sistas caught up in the Black feminist Matrix. A sista allows another mentally-disturbed sista to tell her how awful we brothas are and rally under a Black feminism banner.  There is a fundamental problem with Black feminism – it is based on the male/man construct. Primal, naturally, and organically, a woman brings life into this world that she raise and nurture – she builds the circle of life.

It is the nature of men who run around making up idealism to rally other men to fight wars and do the bidding of the alpha male. Feminism is not natural and we are seeing sistas being forced to accept this male-primal dogma. It is almost a mentally sick irony that feminism based on rallying against men's foundational framework is based on the nature of men and how we men rally other men.  

The one thing that bothers me is a “feminist” sista will call another sista a “pick me” as an example of dogma. It’s not the term that bothersome; it is extremely unnatural for a sista to be labeling another woman, a birther of life and nurturer, any insult or label.

A sista calling another sista a name like a “pick me” is a giveaway that sista might be on something not aligned with her nature, her purpose. You sistas should quickly distance and run from any sista using man-based tactics such as shame/insulting you for liking men – you sistas should underlying know that right there is really lesbian grooming.

As a brotha who travels overseas and meets high-caliber sistas who escaped and freed themselves from the Matrix, this is my retrospective on sistas in America.

I feel there are a lot of good sistas, but they are pressured by the dogma of other sistas via acceptance or isolation via these “girl groups” out there. If the sistas don’t agree with you, they keep you from the sorority functions, the girls’ trips, and the social gatherings. The majority of sistas want to do her own thing and find a good man to raise a family with, not hang out with a bunch of complaining hags who aligned themselves around negatively hating brothas.

Also, sistas should recognize the DEI tokenism with the glass ceiling in place in the Western business world. They put a sista in a high position but she is not at her highest potential. They use her as the face of corporate diversity in the company and have been doing this since the 1980s. Well, we are seeing the outcome of sistas that became lost and entrenched, like that one “diversity” sista at Apple who said White men are a diverse group as well who had to step down – that woman, Denise Smith, lost her damn mind.

There is too much “wait your turn” or “stay in your place” dogma going against the sistas. This is why I keep telling sistas to travel solo overseas to places like Dubai and Tokyo and see for herself how these other sistas live life.  

I created PZR009 in Tokyo based on this orientation. I know and see the trend—the sistas and other groups are moving worldwide in urban markets to grow and develop outside of the structured dogma. My Japanese friends have the most powerful passports in the world, and they traveled and set up shop in countries around the world. Koreans also followed the same path, and now we are seeing Indians and Latin Americans performing the same global migration to urban areas and zones instead of ethnic affinity communities.

Sistas, you don’t have to be in America putting up with all of this dogma nonsense. You don’t have to listen to a mentally-ill grooming lesbian Black feminist or anything she say or calling you a “pick me” for wanting a good man in your life. You don’t need to be told by your church, your workplace, or weak brothas to tell you to stay in your place as well.

The world is shaping a new paradigm in the 21st century. I see the glow of sistas once they leave the environment, keeping them down and moving somewhere they can discover who she is and focus on where they want to go. Tokyo and Dubai aren’t about Japanese and Middle East – these spaces allow her not to be bothered as she concentrates on herself and her growth and development.

I will not publish “Black identity” content as our future direction. We know the trend is global urban markets, and I have a bigger audience that has always supported me outside the United States. It’s your turn, sistas, to start moving in this direction just like the other sistas who figured it out to move worldwide.

It’s time for sistas to start running towards her True North and reposition her life towards that destination.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide