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Rising Digital Empires Among Falling Commercial Real Estate

Monday, March 11, 2024

There are unique, once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities that need to be seized at the right moment. I believe we are in the biggest opportunity right now.

We are currently seeing commercial real estate degradation in America and abandoned main streets. A lot of this has to do with poorly implemented policies by Democrats and liberals. But on the other hand, the rise of generative AI, modular office solutions, remote working, and cheaper business software platforms for HR and sales makes it easier for smaller, nimble startups to create digital-first businesses.

I’m already in the third paragraph, and let’s be honest—the majority of people are just reading content and won’t act. I’m beyond those kinds of people, and I want to target the Black community with this comment, especially those who failed me and this effort I've been trying for a long time. I want to make sure the Black community knows where I stand, and I will need to make some announcements.

I want to ensure they know I was always at the apex and moving at the apex in this sector for almost 30 years.

Updates and Announcements

Toshikiso Digital Expansion.  Over the past weeks, we have made Toshikiso Cloud native on several platforms worldwide with revenue-sharing agreements. That means customers of existing cloud platforms can create their own instance of Toshikiso or use our API gateway hosted on these clouds that sync with other clouds. We still have our global infrastructure.

Toshikiso Developer Expansion. Toshikiso will also be available as software for Windows and Mac. Kossier will be a mobile app. We have our own NuGet and GitHub repositories established with Maven work underway. This allows us to have direct channels with developers worldwide to integrate Toshikiso solutions into their code and software and processes using their existing development tools.

Toshikiso Global Expansion. We are moving forward with Tokyo and Dubai as our first locations. I have no plans for America except a small HQ in Atlanta and likely will re-incorporate to Delaware, research pending. These are back-office operations and we will bring in talent from all over the world in Dubai. Tokyo work culture is second to none, dedicated, focused, and extremely innovative. Other considerations will be in Latin America, Africa and East Europe. Most of my Japanese peers are starting up in Thailand and Vietnam and I have to research this more.

PZR009. This is shaping up to be a true, authentic global content platform. The biggest part is the technology of advertising + search will be a huge revenue generator. In addition, the royalty streaming to content creators from e-books to podcasts to magazine distribution. This is shaping up to be a media distribution company operating out of Tokyo and Atlanta.

Dream and Hustle. This blog will be upgraded quickly to the new features in PZR009, including search, advertising, tagging, and more. It will be a content platform focused more on urban entrepreneurship and not the jive-talking like I’m seeing on YouTube. I just restarted the Dream and Hustle YouTube channel and we will move forward with videos, study hop, and how-to.

Early Adopters. I will contact the Early Adopters, but we are moving this program under the Manufactured Solution. A couple of things need to be discussed. First, terms must be agreed to, such as no reselling and no nasty filthy stuff as primary agreement. Second, I can only offer our infrastructure, I cannot provide any agreements on a cloud provider using our platform. Third, we eliminated e-mail messaging as competitors with e-mail platforms send smaller firms like mine emails to spam folders as anti-competitive moves. We will use Kossier messaging system instead to communicate.

With that said, it should be apparent I quietly built a global empire in silence on these folks. Anybody who know how business work already know what the money look like on cloud providers around the world and our ability to scale to small micro-businesses to smart city contracts.

Game Over for the Black in Tech Stuff

So the chapter already concluded on the corny clownery “Black in tech” folks who weren’t up to par anyway with the Indian tech community or even the Southeast Asian tech community who exploded in talent, innovation, and growth over the past 20 years.

Brothas and sistas have been faking and fronting in tech for the past 30-40 years, and we have fallen behind. Look at Blavity's lack of evolutionary progress, and look at Tristan Walker, still a cornball token, no one needs a cornball token - all these emerging tech talent Indian folks are buying up property at City Walk in Dubai.

It's just goofy Black-identity segregated AfroTech nonsense when Africans, Asians, Europeans, and Latinos are all working together on tech projects in global hubs around the world in 2024. That battle has been lost, just like the Black community already lost to the migrant crisis – the Black community doesn’t know it yet.

Commercial Real Estate

Buy low, sell high. Right now, commercial real estate marketing is collapsing and reaching new lows we never seen in our lifetime. The problem was something I saw and what most of you saw, especially in New York City – the leases were too expensive and too long of a commitment. Most of the financing for the building was done using interest-only just like the mortgage crisis because everybody thought interest rates would remain low.

We are looking at abandoned commercial real estate worldwide except in Dubai and Tokyo – those two cities are actually booming right now. The only place I would be careful of is London – the commercial real estate in the UK is legal for squatters to go in and set up a shop, and you have to pay courts and eviction services a lot of money to kick them out. By the time you successfully kick them out, they vandalized and destroyed all of the internal buildings, which is more expensive to repair. Be wary of the UK market for CRE.

We are looking at people walking away from their commercial real estate lease and financing and becoming bank-owned. That is an excellent opportunity to first, let it rot, then we come in with 21st century solutions.

Digitalization of Commercial Real Estate

If you look at our whole history of Dream and Hustle, what we talked about more than anything was taking advantage of commercial real estate by fitting more value creation per square feet. The way is digital services with touchpoints. Our Toshikiso platform can power a huge futuristic building, as shown in the illustration above.

I mentioned this years ago regarding Toshikiso and Hustle Space modeling: We can simulate people, structures, applications, and currency interacting with each other to test open-world scenarios against real-world dynamics. We have already created simulated blocks of digital-focused services and know it will work.

We want you to consider some things that can be done with all of this vacant commercial real estate in the digital age.

SMS Check-In. As indicated in a previous article, you do not allow anybody to walk into your establishment unannounced. This is a bad idea in this day and age with unpredictable, crazy folks running around. They request a queuing code via SMS and get a time when they can enter.

Appointment Services. These are services that require an appointment, such as personal care, consultants, recruiting offices, scheduling rentals, and legal services.  

Digital Showrooms. These are showrooms where a product is displayed and cashless transactions for either a reservation or pickup or delivery. Please note cashless, do not keep cash on hand anymore and don’t accept it, especially with fake $100 bills floating around.

Association Clubs. These are your chamber of commerce or social clubs that require a membership and have a nice library, a nice bar for socials, and gatherings for paid memberships. Create a blockchain/crypto club, and members pay to gather and chat about crypto and have a computer room with crypto open source software to play with.

Non-Profit Organizations. These spaces can be both a museum and a gallery to help explain a non-profit cause. People can provide donations, and this is really your art museum and how it operates.

Third Space Experiences. This is an escape room experience, a projection mapping exhibit, a tea room, vase making and glass blowing experiences. These are very popular model in South Korea in the Gangnam area in hi-rises especially with Instagram photo studios on various themes.

Small Events. Small wedding chapels, digital conferences and studios where someone can perform a live or recorded streaming broadcast or podcast. These are professional services that can be done with an appointment as well.

Training.  These are places that train people for certification, learning a new language, or alternative courses such as financial literacy, trading stocks, or creating SMS-based reseller solutions. People can register online for courses and show up.

STEM Firms. These are not only software firms but can also be 3D manufacturing, precious metal manufacturing like gold and silver bars, architectural modeling firms, artificial intelligence, big data computation services, and more. These STEM businesses can fill a huge skyscraper or a city block with high-paid professionals and add to the local economy.

As you see, a new paradigm of new business models has already matured in places like Korea, China, and Japan. Small space crypto exchanges to trade utility tokens, a DBEXX product. Blockchain-based art galleries with subscription services to download exhibits as phone/desktop wallpaper and purchase books. A perfume lab digital store similar to spaces in Dubai and Doha that can also be subscription-based.

This is a perfect storm, and the opportunity is available to seize now.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide