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Passport Bro Jason, Tell Us What You’re Chasing

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Many people are trying to debate the passport bro movement but failing to realize the facts of life - passport bro is an initial phase and rights of passage. Once a man gets his passport and does his initial travel, he will change as a person. He will either evolve or devolve, based on his decisions which is why it is important for any brotha pursuing the passport bro movement to know what they are chasing.

The first thing a brotha need to sit down and write down is what are they running from. What is the brotha wishing to escape from? Let’s break down the major factors.

Lack of Opportunities and Support. The Black community has nothing to offer the current generation of Black people. The Boule, Black politicians, and Black Nationalists all thought only about themselves selling hopes, dreams, and belief systems and our people are idiots falling for the same hustle over and over. We don’t really support each other; we out here ranking and comparing Black people. Black youth are realizing no one is there to save them or uplift them and realize they have to go where they are going to get opportunities, support, and appreciation, and leave.

Liberal Woke Culture Perversion. While the Black is being told the Republicans hate Black people, liberals have been passive-aggressive in their plans to destroy the Black community. This has accelerated from retaliation for the California Prop 8 where it was assumed the Black community supported eliminating same-sex marriage. Now they are trying to promote Black men as effeminate, supporting Black feminists’ hatred of Black men, and trying to keep brothas out of the family household. So brothas have to look for other alternatives where he going to be recognized and acknowledged as a man and head of household and realize America and the Black community are too perverted.   

Rampant Crime and Violence. No place is safe in America, everybody got guns and we still got Black people popping off at the mouth until they hear guns popping off in their direction. Black people talk and front too much around people they don’t know and you always hear shootings at nightclubs, malls, and other places our people be gathering because of that reason. Our people react emotionally too much and want to be hard but they don’t have one in the chamber like the opposition they are talking to any kind of way.  Then innocent people and bystanders are getting shot and fighting for their lives and maimed for life and that’s folks you brothas know. You know if you stick around America, you just waiting for your number to be punched as a victim of crime and violence.

So be honest about what you want to get away from. I moved from Chicago to Atlanta because I got tired of unsupportive family members who I honestly don’t think about anymore and removed them from my life. Also, I had characters I went to elementary, high school, and college with who had me and my destiny all figure out in their head how far I will go.

So, when I started succeeding and accelerating growth, these clowns from my past started acting funny like I wasn’t allowed to ascend and grow – I packed my stuff and moved to Atlanta and started a new chapter and left all that nonsense behind. Chicago wasn’t all that, these Black clowns voted for Richard Daley and I knew these dumb Democrat sheep-voters in the Chicago Black community weren’t going to uplift Chicago and that was 1999. Now look at Chicago today with Walmart being run out of the Black community.

It should also be understood that some brothas have to stay behind. These are the brothas who have elder parents that need senior care. Or brothas who have young children they are raising to have a fighting chance in this world. Or brothas who are on probation, owe child support, and owe taxes where they cannot leave the country. So if you are a brotha in any of these situations, you are not chasing anything – you have to stay behind and take care of your responsibilities as a man.

What people are missing about the passport bros is that it is a freshman phase, a boot camp, and a training stage of the path. What I see our sistas and some simp brothas trying to do is attack the passport bros but let’s be honest what you don’t see – you don’t see them attacking the real ones like Ed Dunn and how I move around this world. Right?

Let me explain something from a mature standpoint – I ignore the people talking negatively about the passport bros because they will be the first to scream, cry, and beg for their life saying they got mental issues when you pull up on them popping off at the mouth of Black men. Then you realize how crazy and messed up the minds of our people are and then realize that is exactly why you leaving these folks behind and decided to become a passport bro.

Trust me, they are not worried about the passport bros, they are scared to death of what will happen after you graduate from passport bros to your next phase in life in a global economy and global market.  You brothas will begin to see who are your real enemy out here. You see these crazed Black feminists talking and you see these fake Black relationship experts talking out of their necks, right? Then you see Black nationalists talking nonsense as well. Yes – it’s your own people that are your worst enemy and that’s what the passport bro movement revealed – your opposition.

There are several paths a passport bro will pursue once they are ready for the next stage. Let’s discuss these next phases.

Proverbs 18:22. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. You are going overseas to find a better choice of women because you feel something wrong – actually, you know something with wrong with the women here in America. You are being officially told that there are options outside the United States to find your wife and yes, you are obligated to pursue those options before committing or settling for a woman you have doubts and questions over.

Journeyman. This is a man who has a passion for exploring the world and discovering new places. He wants to experience new people, new cultures. As a result, he has insights and draws upon the greater human experience. Now, keep in mind most journeymen are not chasing people, they can chase scenes of nature, ancient civilizations, or patterns and practices that they can incorporate into their life.

Digital Nomad. Most people talk about Digital Nomad and I see folks are talking very loosely and not about it. A digital nomad is someone who can work from their laptop from any place in their world. This enables them to live anywhere with income to sustain their lifestyle. Most passport bros are in the phase where they get a 90-day tourist visa and have to come back home. Digital nomad requires skill building and talent and a very competitive marketplace with global talent competing for the same opportunities.

Global Citizen. This is similar to a digital nomad with a major exception, a global citizen is more of an entrepreneur and value creator. A global citizen's first focus is getting a 2nd and 3rd citizenship from countries to own several passports so they can move freely around the world. Many global citizens talk about crypto as the medium to have assets they always have access to. True global citizens renounce their American citizenship and obtain citizenship in a Caribbean country or citizen-by-investment in a place like Ghana. This is establishing a business in Dubai free zones, living in Portugal and visiting Bali, and being truly free from all socio-political constraints and woke-liberal agendas in their life.

It is important that all of these ascensions from the passport bro phase can be combined. You can be a digital nomad working remotely from your own business setup in the USA – that is the best strategy for brothas that is not discussed. While you working remotely, you can find your wife and you both can go camping around the world as a couple taking pictures of urban areas and small cultural villages. The most important thing is you aren’t dealing with the crappy Black community anymore and settling for these stank attitude sistas and her babies she had by a Pookie that she wants you to take care of.

Before we can tell what Jason is chasing, he needs to get his financials and his persona together.

Normalize Debts. The first thing is to fix your credit up so you can obtain a travel credit card. If you are behind on student loans, child support, and taxes – work on a payment plan, and reduction in payments that may take years to stabilize but you need to start on this now. The only way you going to overcome this is to make more money so you brothas need to stop listening to BS like Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Umar Johnson, and Boyce Watkins and focus on learning skills and training to get you to that $130k salary to take care of your destiny – cut the dumb stuff out your life, brotha.

Build up Your Credit Card Portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you got good credit or bad credit, the problem is having the right credit card. I had a low credit score and you know why? I had poor credit because I was debt-free for years and owned no credit cards. I had tried getting a house and realized I needed to build my credit up. So, what I have done was I got a $500 secured credit card and put all my bills on it. After 6 months, it converted to a full credit card and credit increase. This increased my credit score to get other 15-month 0% interest cards with points and it only took a year for me to get a high-level card which requires a 750-credit score minimum. This allows you to shop and get points, travel and get lounge access at the airport, and redeem points for travel.

Build up Your Social Media Profile. What most people use for global travel are WhatsApp, Line, and Tinder. Your profile should feature a picture of you showing your physical appearance, show you in your professional or doing what you love, and show a picture of you doing something like traveling, or clubbing. Many passport bros are not meeting quality ladies overseas and just dropping in looking stupid and wondering why no woman is checking them. Build up a social media profile then set up the meetups before you travel – in fact, you should be getting inboxes and where you get them the most – that’s where you want to travel first as a passport bro.

So now that we got the background work and prep work done, we have to ask the question again. Jason, what are you chasing? Now let’s talk about what Jason wants to be chasing as a passport bro as he ascends to the next level of being a global jet setter to make moves.

Chasing the Chicks

I have seen on social media, Black women complaining about Black men traveling overseas to have sex with women overseas – what’s the problem? The only problem that these sistas omit from their complaint is that Black men are leaving Black women to travel overseas to have sex with foreign women. Then the sistas want to say keep Black women's names out our mouths talking about them.

Sistas, as a Black man I can talk about you and the stank BS you sistas are on all day to anybody I feel like just like you talk to these other Black women about me cheating on you just a few times and you posting to these blacklist sites like Don’t Date Him Girl that yall sistas had set up for years – yeah, I’m going to talk about you all day.  I mean what are you going to do about it – I’m already going overseas to get some, what good are you left-behind sistas to a brotha at this stage and point? Be on TikTok and YouTube comment section complaining about a brotha leaving you sistas for Thailand, lol, damn.

For the brothas, here is what you should be chasing. You want a first-world modest woman that can elevate your dream and hustle. Look at how Indian couples move when they go West – the husband and wife are both working tech jobs or working in the medical field, that’s how you need to move. You both bring home nearly six figures but she is still traditional where she manages the households and kids as a wife and mother and you focus on protecting your family, your wife, and the legacy you trying to build as a man of the household.

Do not be fooled – every nation on planet Earth has been perverted by Western culture and you will see women all over the world with this Westernized mentality in common places. You have to situate yourself to be around the right kind of woman I just mentioned above. The best way is you need to be in an industry or field where you run into intelligent women from overseas. That is the tech sector primarily where you can meet women from Poland and Germany who know how to code and they like Black men and she thick and curvy.

You run into these women at professional networking events, you post content on places like LinkedIn that attract these women from overseas and you see they have real credentials on their profile. You have to hunt intelligently for these types of women, they are not at the club or walking down the sidewalk.

If you want my advice and I have the best advice – there is one destination not being talked about – London, UK. The UK is going through a cost-of-living crisis right now and we are good in the USA and can bring home a nice UK chick as a rescue. Keep in mind they have some fine chicks in the UK from places like the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and from Dominican Republic, Brazil, and the Middle East. Again, you got a lot of filtering to do but in my opinion, that is the best option – not Thailand, not Colombia, DR, or Brazil – those chicks are really in places like the UK and still maintain their traditional values.

Chasing the Computer

I pretty much covered this topic and don’t think there is a better option. If you want to become a digital nomad, you have to become digital. Yes, your laptop can take you anywhere in the world.

Here is what I don’t want you to do but what most get started – work for a global consulting company with global assignments. The reality is, they going to find cheap outsourced labor to travel around the world and not going to give a brotha like you in America any consideration for global assignments. Don’t waste your time on that path.

The only option we going to discuss is you either create content or a digital service. If you are writing books or creating music or beats or stock photography, that is your side hustle and it will take a while and real success to get to the level you can be a digital nomad. So what you do is start here in America and build up your side hustle until you feel the content can sustain you living overseas.

A digital service can be a cloud-based service in the United States and you support it overseas. For example, you create an SMS appointment system that charges medical centers and restaurants. You create that kind of service and use white-label billing, you have an income stream to move overseas and the service is almost automated for you. That’s what the current passport bros are not talking about.

Look for countries that have digital nomad visas that can get you established in a place long-term because that is the important factor. When you can stay with someone long-term, that’s when you can meet other people and establish a relationship and network in your adopted home overseas.

Chasing the Cheques

If you want to chase global money and get your money up overseas, that is really how you want to be doing this. That is how I’m moving – I’m not going around the world to chase women as a primary. I do have someone special in Japan right now and I don’t need to show her off to make Black feminists mad or inspire some passport bro wannabee. What I want you to understand is this is about you Jason, this is your story and how you move to fulfill your purpose and pleasure – don’t sit around admiring what others are doing.

Let me explain my strategy because I have already been around the block and come to the following conclusion. The best solution for me is to keep my company in America and I work remotely for my company overseas. What I will be doing is seeing what is the best market to set up a second global HQ by living and enjoying places around the world.

It is also important to know I will be hiring people and the people I hire are more important than the chicks I meet overseas. I will be hiring people from all over the globe to contribute to building up my company to be a first-class global institution. Those are going to be my special people and who I will maintain a relationship with, not like FTX where they all sleep with each other in the Bahamas but a real professional, career growth relationship and mentorship with my employees who I see as valuable asset and people trying to win with me by helping me fulfill my global empire dreams.

For me, there are only two options. The first option is establishing a global firm in the USA and paying taxes and working remotely overseas for your own company based in the USA using the digital nomad visa. The second option is a freezone visa in Dubai that is currently tax-free and a lot easier to hire family and people from Thailand, the Philippines, and India all of who have tech experience.  So what I’m doing is a two-phase commitment.

I will establish the business here in Atlanta and grow it with my global team. Then we moving to Dubai as a freezone operation and everybody getting a residence, including my family members. They can buy homes in Dubai and rent them out, buy Lambos and Rarris if they want, and rent them out. But they can work outside Dubai from home and come back to Dubai only for a month for residency requirements and have face time back in the office.

Dubai have fine Thai, Filipina, African, Ukrainian, Russian, and Middle East women you can meet at the malls or walk down Diera on a Friday and Saturday so just remember – I’m not even paying attention to these other brothas because their setup is weak. Setting up a digital-first first firm in a Dubai freezone is the international standard of creating a global empire.

Keep on Running

We need Jason to tell us what he is chasing and realize that being a passport bro is the first phase of the journey. Ignore the haters, ignore the sistas who were not respecting the brothas all this time, and look away from the Black community and these fake Black community leaders that betrayed you and sold you out. Focus instead on the road ahead that you set up for yourself. Keep on running Jason, find your way.