Dream and Hustle

The Journey Roadmap Ahead

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Hello, this is an update of the status of The Manufactured Solution and our progress. We are continuing a quiet phased rollout of our offerings as there is no need for fanfare or clout-chasing. Personally - already got money, food, clothes, whips, passport tatted up, and I got good women around the world in my life. There is no one I need to impress or win over, they can roll with us or they can sit in the stands.

The only place I’m at now is being focused on who, what, and where is relevant to the growth and expansion of what I’m setting out to do. That is what I’m going to discuss in this article.

My Personal Wellness

For me personally, I believe I go through what everybody rising to the top goes through. You find out the people you grew up with or went to school with or your work colleagues ain’t shit and ain’t supportive of you wanting to pursue your purpose. In fact, they act like your personal growth is their personal problem. They support everybody else but when it comes to you, they act like how dare you pursue your goals.

The day I started cutting off or running off these characters who I allowed to be close in my life is the day I started seeing a clearer vision and the path open up for me to walk forward uninhibited. There was a phase I had to tell more people to go somewhere than I had to say come aboard. When you choose the path you are headed towards, you have to remove those “associated” with you and replace them with people who are riding with you towards your end destination.

The biggest and proudest association I let go was the Black community – fk them. People want you obligated via racial affinity to Black people and the Black community but don’t support you on the way up. Broke and judging brothas and sistas you were trying to create solutions for are the main ones doubting you and don’t even know specifically what you are doing!

I had Black women keep coming into my space always running her damn mouth about knowing someone doing what I’m doing to try to size me down. Then they brag about Pookie and Ray-Ray to me as if they competition. Sistas kept coming at me trying to shame me I’m not all that out here, hoping to gaslight her own Black man instead of help uplift him. Most of the Black people acted like enemies and opposition to me going for mines and trust me, it wasn’t hard to get rid of them all.

I had a major transformation and I hope people understand this is their fate as well if they want to go big and go for theirs. You are going to have to change everybody up and position yourself where you need to be for your goals. I have gotten massive support in SE Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America – the USA not so much. So, I have no need to be here in America if cats want to act funny. I will be looking at my options for Tokyo, Dubai, Bangkok, Mexico City, London, Joburg and so on.

See, in the 21st century, brothas and sistas don’t need to be around the Black community or even seen or heard by the Black community. They can be overseas handling things and don’t give a damn what the clowns at Black Enterprise magazine think who is who among our people. I will reveal later on the real reason for why you cannot find quality Black men/Black women anymore in America is because they in places like Lisbon, Dubai and Bali and Tokyo on digital nomad levels away from the American nonsense.

The Black community said fk Ed Dunn, so Ed Dunn said fk them as well. I got overseas chicks and overseas supporters of what I do so I don’t need “Black affinity” nonsense at this stage. That is where we at right now.

Development Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is the game changer – people like to blabber about AI but when you buy those used gaming laptops with Nvidia RTX installed from the pawn shops and download CUDA to run parallel programming on cores – that’s when the talking stop and the changes begin.

One of the major accomplishments me and my team have done recently was automate our development code – we literally can run routines that write code for us and know how to optimize the code for our environments – no more typing lines of code anymore. What would take two hours take two seconds writing code.

We are incorporating more generative AI into our ecosystem and I’m meeting with up-and-coming enterprises who are looking into tapping into our APIs to offer their services to our customers using our pipelines.  The cool thing is I have something to show and tell and I can talk to others with something to show and tell and we work together – no clowns in the Blavity AfroTech running their fking mouth like they special are nowhere near the real hustle, the real work and real connections around the world.

Because the clowns in that Blavity AfroTech clique BS don’t got anything except saying some VC gave them some funding and they cannot make it past version 1.1 of whatever the fk they built and bragged about. It cost money and core skills to increment to version 1.2, they don’t tell you that part.

Having the ability to develop, pivot, refactor are independent moves you have to make as a leader and on the time. You don’t need some VC dangling money over your head telling you as a Black man/woman to stick to your original business plan because they got money in your venture – you set yourself up for failure just to put out a press release to impress some broke ass Blavity AfroTech follower over the Internet instead of remaining agile and resilient to changes in this fast-paced, global competitive industry.

The Rollout Order

Our rollout was always based on the target group that will benefit the most from our solutions. Keep in mind that that target group have to appreciate what we are offering so the Black community has been disqualified as they did not appreciate what I was taking years and work to develop.

The group we are targeting are digital nomads, passport bros and the lazy girl movement. This is a group that can lead a shift in entrepreneurship and creating local value to their destination communities. They can move to a remote place in Wyoming and create a digital enterprise, based on content and create revenue to spend within the community creating demand, growth and jobs.

This is also our most scalable target base – if we help a few passport bros setup in Japan and keep their digital operations in America, we took some positive brothas out of the negative toxic Black community away from sabotaging systems and get them in a chilled environment to buy and collect sneakers, whiskey, and luxury watches. If we help sistas use our digital infrastructure to run automated workflow processes as her lazy girl job – we can have sistas focus more on her natural role to be physically there for her children and the greater community or just be on Instagram modeling.

So here is the order. The first rollout will be the essentials – Kossier (lifestyle app), Stony|Ellis (entity registration), Kolin-Avers (media management). The second rollout is the platforms – View the Vista (brand management), Merchant and the Flow (product-service system) and DBEXX (exchange platform). The third phase is full rollout of PZR009 (content platform) and other platforms unannounced to public at this time.

Most of these products are complete and we are rolling them out with our View the Vista platform that is complete at this time because we are managing our brand on View the Vista.

There are some important updates I want to cover.

First, we plan to phase out email and SMS offerings on our platform. We do not want spam filters, censorship by other platforms interfering with our ability to communicate with our customers. With that said, no login with social media accounts either – we want to 1000% own all aspect of our customer experience.  The business side with have know-your-customer elements or KYC in place so we will have information so we can bill and get paid.

Second, we will start looking at crowdfunding efforts to subside some projects. The biggest project is going to be financing Toshikiso edge hubs to run local fiscalism with those who contribute get credits on the bigger ecosystem with their support.

The third is the utility token call Michi – do not confuse utility tokens to crypto where one serves a utility purpose while the other has a speculative asset. Our utility tokens will be used to facilitate smart money moves such as distribution payment amounts, modeling with AI how to move money scenarios or profit/loss outcomes based on decisions.

One More Thing

Me and my boo in Japan is going through a rough patch, well she is the one tripping – I’m building the empire over here to buy her Hermes and dress our babies up in Gucci and she can take them to boarding school in her Range Rover HSE. I was going to give up on her completely because what we brothas are learning especially as passport bros, Japanese women be ghosting on brothas over lightweight/trivial shit that she could have just talked out with a brotha but she is scared to.

My Chinese girlfriends in the past wasn’t scared of shit and was already right there on the front line with her Black man fighting the fight where I had to grab her and pull her back and lead as the man. We didn’t have arguments, we had different ways of seeing things and acknowledge each other backgrounds – she appreciated my Black upbringing and I appreciate her CCP upbringing. A Black man need a strong woman in his circle, not these ratchet toxic sistas we got today settling for Pookie and a gig economy job.

I already moved on to the next one from the ex one and was dating 2nd generation Latina chicks on Buford Highway again, something I was telling Kevin Samuels to do and look who he ended up dying with. But I said something to myself I will reveal later and I prayed to my ancestral uncles and aunts that my Japanese boo has been good to me, she is my choom and find a way to help her find her way in dealing with a Black man trying to take on the world in 2023.

Did you know that day, she contacted me? Explaining something awkward but as a man, you just observe what a woman is doing because she rarely knows what to say. She was trying to make inroads and understanding. With that, let me tell you all what I said – I said it is the responsibility of the passport bros to guide these women worldwide how to deal with an African-American brotha and our job to educate them. I explained to her she cannot deal with me the same way her men in her culture deal with her and the FBA/ADOS brothas are built different.

She now learning to open her damn mouth and realize nothing is in front of us that me and her cannot overcome together out of love for each other and our shared future. There is nothing wrong with fking up, making mistakes, facing stress or embarrassment, just realize that an African-American man will always have her back and be there just like she is there for me trying to make everything perfect or accommodating when I’m in Tokyo.

But overall, her antics had a possibility of fking up the money and the flow and the empire up acting all random like she did. The moral of the story is even the person you are in love with - you have to evaluate are they going to be an asset or liability? That was the point of this long-winded last part of this article and something you have to think about when it comes to you going for yours – everybody is entitled to their purpose journey and make sure you don’t let anybody you having a relationship stand in the way of your purpose.

We’ll see how it works out and to be continued. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide