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Our Startup Will Initially Have Majority Black Workers…But…

Monday, May 22, 2023

I’m still in Japan and as always, Tokyo is mind-blowing when you can see their Matrix and not just the tourist stuff. Few folks will walk around Tokyo and get it, they just will be like “Tokyo is cool!” and that is not what I want you to fly over here for. I want every brotha and sista to make Tokyo their first destination as it will be the most important in the 21st century as we move into a new digital age.

Because then you will understand what this article is about.

I usually don’t write extensively about my experience in Tokyo in real time because I am absorbing and going through a phase of discovery. It is usually when I’m flying back or landed back in the States, the retrospective of what I just experienced begins and it is mind-blowing when I sit down and think about what I just experienced in Tokyo.

Just really quick – last night that was on my mind still right now. I was crossing an intersection at night when most Japanese workers are dressed up and going out drinking after a long day at work. Most of the Japanese women hang out in groups together and I saw a group crossing the intersection. One of the girls in the group was very fine and she saw me looking and looked right at me, ignoring all her girlfriends. I called her out and she left her group of girlfriends and I told her I like to meet up and gave her my Line information and made sure she was added this time.

My point is we don’t do this in the African-American community anymore and I remember when we used to in the 1980s and early 1990s. You simply cannot meet an African-American sista this way anymore – American sistas too standoffish and be caught up in the feminist BS. Obviously, I won’t be talking to her because I’m back with my Japanese boo and we talked it out over coffee at a late-night café here in Japan.

The point of the last paragraph is even though this happened last night, I won’t be able to process the truth of what I just described. The truth is no brotha or man of high value has any incentive or value proposition to date an African-American sista based on the hostile and toxic culture in America. When he can pull a Japanese lady out of the crosswalk among her friends and set up a date in Tokyo – I’m sorry she was fine, thick pretty face and had big legs and her curves were proportional.

My point it is game over for American sistas and she cannot compete with the options a real rich global brotha got to choose from.  Black American sistas better change their nasty toxic attitudes up because she doesn’t have leverage and will lose in the long run.

This is a good segway for this article's main point – the Black community did not support the Black technologists properly and decided to chase Black nationalists and Black relationship charlatans instead. Then the first thing Black folks want to blab about when a brotha or sista makes it is we should be hiring Black workers and supporting the Black economy with our venture when they didn’t support a damn thing during our hard work and rise to the top.

Well, guess what – I decided I am going to have Black workers as part of our launch. This is a good thing and I’m proud as an African-American to make this decision. The thing is, our workers are going to be agents and bots handling processes as requests and performing jobs at a high scale, they are not human.

What I decided to do is create a program to allow the bots and agents self-identify their gender and ethnicity and pronouns upon creation. The program randomizes if the bot/agent wants to be Black non-Latino, Black-Latino or Caucasian, or Asian just like the US census. Then once I have about a good sample of bots and agents, then I can decide which bot I want to process the work to carry out our virtual DEI and virtual wokeness initiative I mandated among the non-human workers.

I was inspired by watching Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever on the flight to Japan – lol, I’m lying, I turned that boring crap off in less than 10 minutes of watching it.

There is a point to creating self-identified bots and it has nothing to do with wokeness. If you look at Japan and see these corporations have these anime-style mascots and they also have Gundam robot suits in Japan; they are virtualizing technology to enhance and replace, this is the future and direction. Look at how Japan creates humanoid robots while American robots as you see in car manufacturing are just big robotic arms that weld cars together down an assembly line.

See, the Black community wanted to pretend I don’t exist but at the same time want to benefit from my hard work – basically virtualizing me. Then I realize I can respond to the Black community - how about I virtualized their behinds? When you think who these benefits, creating artificial entities, it going to make sense.

Human virtualization when we look at futurism such as a hologram on Star Wars of a recording, is all technology trying to relate to humans. In the future, artificial intelligence will machine learn what motivates and drive human taste for pleasure and pain and create simulations to communicate better with humans. That is why chatbots show a human face instead of this digital scramble interface to make it easier to relate to humans.

These Black workers I selected are a solution for me as a Black tech CEO/founder. I want to hire Black workers but the Black community always got some nasty toxic nonsense running from their mouths and behavior just like American Black sistas always toxic towards good Black men in our community. It helps me as a startup to virtually feel like I’m meeting DEI/ESG metrics and avoid dealing with folks who haven’t supported me. It’s kinda like a Japanese dude who has virtual computer girlfriends, rubberized intimate dolls, and fantasy female figures, I think.

Remember that bots and agents are designed to carry out a task/procedure. Those tasks/procedures are the steps necessary to accomplish a job and agents/bots can be assigned a role to complete the job. That is what a human employee does, they have a role in the company and they have a job to do. This is what is being transformed in the 21st century through digitalization.

You all will soon learn what I described is the digitalization process and our people who are not ready are going to be in trouble. One of the things many people not understanding that is major here in Japan is the temp work paradigm shift. There are few full and lifetime jobs anymore in Japan and they usually only hire fresh Japanese college grads to program to the work culture at a young impressionable age.

Most jobs in Japan now are temp work and conditional work and the work role and tasks are already defined by technology-backed processes where if they are not hitting numbers; they are let go. Many of you may just realize a certain American company operates in this fashion – Amazon. If you not hitting numbers in the warehouse or delivery, they send you a text message saying they letting you go. You are being managed by a bot/agent and the whole hiring/firing process is mostly done by this workforce automation software with just a human watching and monitoring.

The moral of the story is this – when you are an African-American goofball following clowns on social media instead of preparing yourself to be ahead of the technological shift facing us in the 21st century, you going to be left behind. When you don’t support good folks who put in real work trying to change something, they are innovative enough to find a way to move on and move around toxic folks.

Because a brotha like me is right now while I writing this article at the coffee café here in Tokyo, just helped some Colombians, a group of young men and women find their way to Shibuya to go shopping while they wait on their layover. I don’t need to be around haters and toxic characters and I have the money and moves to stay away from those kinds of people. I can be in Tokyo, London, or Dubai as far away from the clown stuff.

The same way with relationships – a passport bro doesn’t have to put up with the sistas when he can make moves and have a girl set up in his destination cities all around the world. Most of them set it up where she comes and visits him once a month for a weekend or whole week before she goes back home and he can focus on his grind work towards his empire. Real folks can quickly move around the toxic folks and leave them behind or clueless and they can replace negative folks with positive folks or alternative choices.

So yes, I have Black workers, just not what you envisioned – I just hope the Black community is proud of a brotha they didn’t support on the way up.