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Stop the Cap: Passport Bros are Not Winning Against the Sistas

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

There is the Internet, and there is the real world – a lot of people nowadays are living on the Internet, gaslighting and talking while the real world is making real moves. This article is going to clear up one of the biggest BS mantras in the Black community that Passport Bros are winning against the sistas on the global stage.

The truth is the brothas are not even close, the brothas are moving lame, and in most cases, the brothas are just gaslighting and have never been anywhere significant. On the other hand, the real ones that are moving around the world know full well the sistas are handling theirs and always have been.

Let’s Talk About the YouTubers

One of the reveals about the Passport Bros is that if you just try to search YouTube or social media, you will see these lame brothas snitching on themselves. Some of them are my age and in their 50s, acting like they are Passport Bro leaders, and they are lame as hell, too.

Here is their script – they go on TikTok and stream capture some crazy talking sistas who are raging in her man-hating rants. Then they go on YouTube and present these crazy Black women as why a brotha should get their passport.

The reveal is apparent – these lame brothas don’t know any real sistas out here. If you go to my social networks and a few of my readers are on there, I got sistas that are judges, news anchors, authors, professors, run multiple stores in multiple cities, female actors, and daughters of someone famous – I have the whole NAACP/Urban League gala ball in my social network of sistas.

These lame brothas on YouTube claiming this passport bro stuff don’t even know sistas of that caliber. If they did know phenomenal sistas, they wouldn’t be presenting those garbage TikTok sistas on their YouTube channels that no high-value man would pay attention to in the first place.

Now, a real passport bro like Jubril Agoro, he got real caliber sistas in his circle, and he has been doing it for a real way before any of those self-appointed passport bros started running their mouths. That’s the giveaway that these cats talking up Passport Bro on YouTube are lame cats and not as real as they wish they was on this global stage.

It looks like a lot of these YouTubers are some betas on that manosphere MGTOW stuff and claiming the Passport Bro movement to gaslight sistas instead of being actual Passport Bro.

But let’s talk about why these Passport Bros are not winning against the sistas. I have mentioned it several times but at the end of the day, the sistas got the fundamentals down while the brothas are just jiving and gaslighting.

Just Have Limited Tourist Visas

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff quickly. I have stated from day one when I saw these passport bros running their mouth, they only have tourist visas and not real visas. A tourist visa is just that, show up for a limited amount of time like up to 90 days and spend money like a good consumer, and go back home.

A real visa to setup shop and really get into the mix cost money. We are talking well over $100,000 cash and that is what you got to put in their bank and let it sit for a visa. The actual cost is around $250,000 in the bank, I was joking about the $100,000 price.

Guess who got $250,000 and guess who don’t? The sistas got $250,000 to put in the bank and these passport bros do not. Like we said, if the passport bros want to portray themselves as high value men winning, then they need to compete the high value sistas, not the leftover trash on TikTok yelling in a camera her hatred of Black men.

Sistas got real visas to set up a shop in a foreign country to work remotely and start dating locally. Brothas is only on a tourist visa and meets a chick that everybody ran through, and he talking about how he will be back in the Dominican Republic some time later to hook up again, like she is waiting on that tourist visa clown.

Sistas got real visas, Passport Bros get lightweight tourist visas and not winning at all.

Not in Economic Zones

Let’s look at where the sistas are going. The sistas are going to Dubai, Portugal, Singapore, and Shanghai, which have visa programs, but again, you have to drop serious money to get your foot in the door.

Dubai is the number one choice or should be if she is smart. The reason is that the free zone visa allows her to run a digital-first business and hire talent from all over the world and give them visas, which is a lot easier than other countries and way better than America. In addition, the free zone visa allows her to purchase property and cars in Dubai that tourists can rent out as additional income.

The big trend is that sistas go there on a remote work visa, hook up with other sistas, and collaborate on remote work jobs.

The passport bros are just going to poor countries with no economic opportunities, like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Thailand – where you cannot start a business and sustain yourself. I see videos of bros on a dirty beach in the DR smiling and stuff at poverty chicks when sistas are at the beach club in Dubai meeting high-quality, high-value men from all over the world.

Sistas are going places to collaborate on establishing remote work and a new paradigm of a digital nomad while passport bros are on a dirty beach in Latin America wondering if their drink is spiked. Again, brothas are not winning against the sistas.

Have Zero Economic Foundation

None of these Passport bros can compete against the actual sistas we see doing real stuff worldwide. The lady in the video used Dubai to create her back office, which Dubai is good for. I will also be using Dubai and Tokyo as our back offices.

These women are setting up global digital operations, and Dubai gives them plenty of runway for theirs. Again, these are the kind of women I meet worldwide while the passport bros are in Cartegena, cat-calling street walkers and putting them on video as their flex.

The Passport Bros has been around for a minute, and none of those characters who are on YouTube running their mouth have mentioned how to set up an economic foundation to sustain the global lifestyle. Notice the sistas in these videos discussing how they moved and what moves to make.

You cannot start a business or own property in Thailand or the Philippines except for condos. We cannot set up global trade in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, or even Africa – the African chicks making moves are in Dubai.  

If you haven’t noticed, Thailand has started cracking down on the YouTubers and telling them their YouTube revenue is subject to taxation. A lot of them had to leave Thailand and they no longer blogging in Thailand.

Sistas got the money plan, brothas don’t – are we sure Passport Bros are winning?

The Verdict

The sistas are running circles around the Passport Bros on this global game. If you look at who is doing what and where, the sistas are in Dubai handling it while brothas are in cheap tourist spots. Sistas have figured out remote work and can afford golden visas from raiding her 401k while brothas just flying to the DR hanging out on a dirty beach talking about he beating the sistas.

Look at the YouTubers when you search on Passport Bro, they don’t have any plan, they just acting special but doing nothing special. They cannot even tell another man how to setup the economic foundation. The brothas don’t want to go to Dubai because they like eating pork, like pickled pig feet. In summary, these are some lame and weak brothas that isn’t even worth the conversation to talk global moves.

What the Passport Bros are trying to do is what Kevin Samuels lame goofy game was doing. Kevin Samuel was targeting low-quality sistas to run their ignorant mouth for entertainment and did not deal with any true caliber sistas. The real sistas are out there around the world making stuff happen.

Because when you are in the London tunnel and see an African-American sista walk by you and tell you she is going to LCA to fly to Berlin over the weekend, when you are at the Shibuya stop, the door opens you see an African-American sista enter the train as you leaving and you both shoulder-tap each other in passing. You know, as a real brotha, what the real sistas are doing, and the Passport Bros are just on YouTube and TikTok talking a bunch of gaslighting. 

The Passport Bros had better stop running their mouth and figure out how to truly set up their foundation. Get the money up because it cost $250,000 to play this game where it matters and sistas got that, the brothas don’t. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide