Dream and Hustle

Modern Sistas Popping Balloons While the Brothas Living His Best Life

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Let’s just get straight to the point – the sistas are being successfully manipulated and played. She was told to hate her Black men by other groups and now her dumbass doesn’t have a man, her family structure, and now she reduced to popping ballons. She doesn’t know how stupid she looks right now.

Let’s just read the room here – is Tasha K an ADOS or from Africa or somewhere? Is that monkey-headed Tonya TKO an ADOS or from Africa or somewhere? Is that one goofy chick who ran that Beyond Black & White blog telling sistas to swirl – was she ADOS or from Trinidad or somewhere like that? We can look at Media Takeout where most of you found out “Fred” was a Nigerian all along running that nonsense. Or we can look at World Star HipHop that was originally ran by a Haitian dude showing African-Americans in a derogatory self-deprecating manner.

Then the goofy chicks within Delta Sigma Theta made Joy Ann-Reid, an lying sack of crap manufactured hack from Africa an honorary Delta member posturing as a voice for African-Americans. I can go on and on but I know there is a bigger picture here where sistas don’t realize someone decided to create a framework of Black-looking people that are non-ADOS to influence ADOS people through media manipulation.

I can tell you where this all came from and it was President Obama strategy to control the Black narrative using Africans and Caribbeans to manipulate who is “Black” and hijack the Black voice from ADOS African-Americans.

So now let’s ask another question – that social media show where they got sistas popping ballons – is that an ADOS sista or some chick from Africa or the Caribbean? A brotha can primal tell his own sista from a stranger in seconds, how did you sistas get so dumb at this?

They have been socially engineering Black American women to isolate her from her Black man and her community for the past 70 years with housing projects, affirmative action, tokenization, welfare. Clearly there was an end game there and we watching the sistas go right along with it.

I want to ask the sistas a direct question and I’m speaking genuinely as a brotha to my sistas – where the hell you thought this was going to go as the endgame? Hating the Black man, saying you don’t need the Black man, the whole Black men ain’t sh*t talk? Did you even think past your damn emotions and look at the long-term implications of going down this path of attacking your own brothas?

I want to clear one thing and make sure this understand – I see a lot of Black feminists and other chicks try to come at a Black man but when that dude push that Black feminist far enough, she starts running behind a simp Black man who want to act like he can protect her. Sista, make sure you understand something – that brotha will get his Life magazine subscription cancelled in 2024 acting hard for a goofy man-hating sista.  

Let some clown show up trying to white knight for a man-hating sista and watch how fast he get casketed at the funeral home and his momma crying over his body wondering why her son gave his life up for some silly chick that already found another goofy dude. Folks don’t play that macho man hero protecting these man-hating sistas anymore in 2024 – they will hard-kill that clown and you see this everyday on the news.

So now that you sistas know that someone successfully got you thinking to hate your own brotha, got you talking about swirling like that Sade chick in Milwaukee who got cut up in pieces by a possible serial killer – we will cover her here but thinking an e-book would be better. How her arm shows up floating around a beach in north Chicago when she in Wisconsin?  Now they got you sistas on a damn show popping ballons at a Black man?

Do you sistas know how stupid and defeated you look on a show popping balloons at your own Black men? The world is looking at that nonsense and realize how much you sistas hate your own Black man. But that is not the sad part of the whole popping balloons thing because it represents something – it shows that they won and defeated the sistas.

So now they got you sistas on video popping balloons as a confirmation they got you hating your own brotha and acting a fool towards him. However, the whole world knows your brotha is a phenomenal man, a survivor, and an achiever.  These ladies around the world love seeing a Black man still handling his and walking tall when she saw her man trying to tear down a Black man and she quietly watch a brotha keep winning. Sports, business, inventions – you sistas lost your damn mind pretending your own brothas wasn’t achieving great things for generations.

In 2024, the passport bro movement matured and all the good brothas are gone now, sista. Any high-value man with money, with a portfolio over a million dollars, got an empire or operation going and growing; he ain’t about to risk that or lose that to a stank-attitude man-hating sista.

The most logical and financially sound option for a brotha is he going overseas because he can afford to and find him a good woman that have a nice body and nice attitude to make his wife and make her the rest of his life. Even if he going to just have casual relationship, he still better off going overseas for that as well.

Your Black man is on a beach somewhere surrounded by women wearing thongs smiling at him. You sistas want to make snide comments about the women overseas want to take his money – you goddamn right! That’s exactly what they built up his empire for, to give his money to a queen and the family legacy. And that brotha decided the sistas are too uncooperative and hostile and he chosen to explore alternative options.

Even if he brings her back to America and she take his money and citizenship and run off – he made someone life better; no man is ashamed of that. He can go back to that other country and find another one easily and guess what? The woman who first ran off will happily provide a reference saying he is a good, kind supportive man who made her life better bringing her to America.

Meanwhile, you sista are here in America with the leftover stay-behind washed up dudes and you sistas are reduced to popping balloons – if I was overseas right now, I would be laughing watching that sh*t with my Japanese boo thang before I ask her to make me a sandwich and smack her butt after she gets up from the couch and go to the kitchen.  

The whole popping balloon is a new low for the sistas and there is no way in hell a brotha can take a sista seriously at this point. It’s not about dissing brothas by popping balloon, it’s the fact you sistas have to pop a balloon in the first place; something a sista emotional state won’t make her realize until she is too far gone. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide