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2024: Stay Driven

Monday, January 1, 2024

New Year is a symbolic moment to reflect on the previous year and start on a new slate. This is the moment to start new goals, improve on existing goals, and recalibrate on the meaning of your life and purpose.

The year 2023 is over; for some, it was great; for others, it was not so great. For me, the good outweighed the bad, a generic cliché they say at the funeral ceremony when they don’t know your life well enough to deliver a proper eulogy.

When I meant the good outweighed the bad, I mean the good things are I was able to reunite with my boo in Japan once the restrictions were fully lifted. My son graduated college and doing better than my haters – don’t you find that hilarious when you are up in age and your old-ass peers trying to piss match against you when your children are doing better than their old hating ass?

I personally know OG passport bros in their late 50s who raised Brazilian children, not theirs, where the Brazilian daughter grew up doing better than these Black sistas that were telling us Black men we are corny and gaslighting she makes more money than us – ok.

One of the things I wish people realize in 2024 is the same feeling they have when driving to a destination – they are the only ones behind the wheel, and everything else is just background noise. Too many people are followers or subscribers of someone else bullshit when they have to drive themselves every day and haven’t figured out where they are going in life.

Where Do You Want to Go?

The biggest thing I realize is when I sit down in a rural village in Japan, having a coffee and talking tourist Japanese to a smiling Japanese woman with a booty bigger than the average Asian chick – I realize I don’t want to deal with the nonsense in the Black community anymore. The experience in Japan is the beautiful life a Black person deserves to experience; all Black people deserve this.

I made the decision I want to be a global Black man – I don’t want to be some brotha in America walking around and being around stank-ass, self-hating American Black women when I know 2-3 Afro-Latina or Afro-European better than the sistas I had to put up with growing up in Black America.

Also, I made a decision that is a full article coming up next: I will no longer do any business with a Black-owned business that is not digitized. America is too advanced as a country to deal with Black-owned businesses that act shiftless and lazy and think my time is wasteful. I cannot wait for Black-owned shuffling businesses' slow and inefficient operations.

So, I think we will see in 2024 is a lot of Black people getting away from the plantation. You are going to see more qualified and high-value brothas leave Black women and their BS for good and not come back. You will see more and more high-quality Black women starting freezone Dubai businesses, chilling in Bali, and visiting Africa and Europe on vacations.

In America, two garbage Black couples who deserve to be with each other walking together at a corporate-owned American mall working crappy jobs they got to report to offsite managers or AI. So it is important you have to know where you are going to go and you have to be there.

Don’t be there too late; it is always advisable the minute you feel something wrong or change for the worse, get the hell out of there right now while everybody else is clueless. In 2024, learn to cut off people early when the first sign of acting funny shows up. Cut out and run when you see Chicago and New York declining to violence and replacement games going on. Cut out and run when you see Black people lining up to vote for Joe Biden again and realize these are not your friends or your people voting.

Rip the Rear View Mirror

2023, and anything previous to that is over. One thing about me is that I don’t care about what I have done in the past – it is nothing more than archival data points. It is a datagram that happened on June 17, 2023 at 10:11 am – that’s all it means and nothing more. What matters is the road you are on now and where you are going – as long as you live, this is the only moment that matters.

I have made many mistakes and many things I said that I wish I could take back. One of my biggest mistakes is telling my Japanese girl how flat her butt is versus my Latina sidepiece I’m cheating on my Japanese babe with. Even though the Latina girlfriend doesn’t know about the Japanese chick either, that’s not the point – I should have never said that and think about what I said and regret it.

But I said what I said. So she only has two choices: get in the gym and practice or walk away because I already have the deets on that one Japanese chick I was having coffee with in that rural town I mentioned earlier – nah, I don’t play around, especially if I see a big-booty Asian exotic I can take to Lenox mall and stare at the sistas walking by to get a sista reaction.

Don’t worry about 2023; let your opponents worry about something in the past as you shape up your 2024 to benefit and work for you. I had a lot of clowns in my 2023. I just let them be and don’t even think about them because I have so many new people lined up in 2024 to do business with and new girls to date, including this Ukrainian refugee. I’m currently shopping for a Venezuelan one to, may have to get to El Paso and bring my Passport card with me.

Go at Your Own Pace

Please do not concern yourself with how long it takes you to reach your goal. Let me explain something about my company and venture – I know people who took decades longer than me to accomplish the same goal. The thing is, I have a roadmap and what needs to be done, and that is what matters: not feeling rushed or pressured by peers or others who want to challenge you to prove something to them.

The worst thing in the world is refactoring after you rush out – your competitors will keep moving forward, and this is a classic sad tale in my industry. Take your time to plan and execute properly, and there is something very important. Be resilient and have a plan B in place.

When you are ready, you will be ready when it is your time. While you need a realistic deadline, remember something people don’t consider. There is a reason you are not complete right now, and it may be something you didn’t take care of. It can be dealing with personal issues or relationships you haven’t cut ties or cleaned up with. It could be the job taking up your time and effort and getting you wrapped up in their stuff. Look at what is really in your way and deal with it.

Use GPS + Intuition.

The tools you employ determine your level of success. You should expect poor performance and poor results if you use poor tools. If you use high-quality tools, they should yield high-quality output and high-quality results.

The biggest thing I see over and over is that people do not attain their goals because they associate with poor-quality people. For example, dog-faced sistas hanging around a pretty chick telling the pretty chick all men are garbage, and the pretty chick doesn’t know her self-worth to the high-quality men out there.  The ugly dog-faced sistas know the pretty girl's worth but are holding her back out of jealousy and hatred of her looks and her viable options – but this is all the pretty girl's fault for being ignorant.

I have to repeat this as a public service announcement – stop following clowns on social media and YouTube. Who you affiliate with and follow determines everything. I can tell you all the good things you need to know, but if you run off and hang out in spaces filled with goofy cats, you are not serious about the things I wasted my time telling you.

Follow the knowledge and people with a track record of giving you real, valuable knowledge. Get the race nonsense out of it. You go to Asia and see they borrowed influences from all races and cultures and made it work for them. As Deng said, it doesn’t matter if it is a black cat or a white cat if it knows how to catch a mouse.

Learn to focus on your intuition first. Realize when someone around you is talking too much, is full of it, or is trying to challenge you. I had an old clown like that around me, trying to slide in on attractive chicks that I knew, calling my phone and running his mouth to waste my time while I was working. Then, he got to the part asking for money and stalling and dodgy about paying it back. You know what he did? I resolved the situation in a grown-man fashion, and he acted like an attitude-having punk.

I wasn’t shocked; I knew he was like that day one because no man has no business trying to pal up with another man when we are supposed to be grown men in charge of our dominion and legacy – I just wanted to see how it ended up. No surprises.

Take guidance only from stuff you saw being worked in practice and reality if you don’t know how to move. In addition, always trust your gut – are those around you working on the same mission, or are they around you judging your moves, hanging around the people you find attractive, and watching your pockets? You go to trust your call when you become self-driven and selfish to achieve the purpose you meant for yourself.

No Passenger Seat Problems

The best way to avoid drama with other people as you drive in 2024 is not to have anybody in your passenger seat. Don’t let anybody ride with you, it’s one steering wheel, and it belongs to you.

People in the passenger seat tend to talk and run their mouths a little too much and start things up you don’t need on your drive towards your goal. Just drive alone.

Focus instead of sharing the road with others driving in the same direction as you and everybody knows where to go make a pit stop, help each other in an emergency, and you all drive in the same destination.

Chart Your Path

Navigating the New Year, any year, or any moment of change will require you to know which road to take. Most important and where so many people mess up is when they take on passengers or travel on a path not aligned with getting properly to the destination.

Learn to put yourself behind the wheel and make it about where you want to go. The world is changing all the time. Things people are celebrating today can easily be gone tomorrow. You instead focus on yourself and where you want to go.

I have transformed into someone who will always be driven, and I’m riding in my lane in my car towards my destination. That is how life should be lived, and a purpose should be fulfilled. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide