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Deeper Dive into the MochaStar Advertising System

Monday, April 29, 2024

MochaStar release is imminent and will happen very shortly. As indicated before, we moving in silence and will not be doing press releases and drop dates. Our customers and our supporters know how we are moving - there is no need to entertain spectators and goofy cats. 

There is one thing I want to get out the way – it’s always someone looking at someone like me (especially my own people like those Blavity AfroTech clowns) and assume we need external validation. Sorry, we got worldwide connects, we got our own money, and we honed our own skills. Our empire is solid and revenue diversity is in effect.

We built up instead of being a sellout cornball token to another living man because we had faith in ourselves and God’s plan.  It’s that simple and not complicated.

Let me recap our multiple revenue streams.

Toshikiso API Billing. We have an SDK that developers around the world can download, get API keys and start building solutions. We invoice and bill customers around the world. We have a huge Southeast Asian following as well as growing support in Japan, made respect I don’t get back home.

Content Subscription. With PZR009 now ramping up, we can charge monthly subscription on content platforms or enter agreement with other content platforms to distribute paid subscriptions. Not just text, but podcasts, videos, e-books, webtoon short comics. We are literally a media distribution company with global reach.

Cloud Hosting. We have arrangements with cloud providers around the world to host a virtual co-location of Toshikiso for their clients. There is a revenue sharing. We just give the cloud providers an instance of Toshikiso that they host and spin up. These standalone instances are for organizations and entities that want to run either a localized version of Toshikiso to run a digital-first operation such as smart city or real estate complex.

Advertising Revenue. This is one of many product lines we can create off our Toshikiso system. We created an advertising network for advertisers and distributers. We receive a commission on ad placements and share revenue with distributors.

We have more revenue streams such as DBEXX exchange platform. We have worldwide scale to provides solutions. We will approach each region with in their stage of emerging, digitalization, or revitalization.

Addressing the Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for any business or startup is getting the word out to their potential customer. We got so many actors out there stopping us from reaching awareness of our business to our potential customers.

Corporate Entities.  When you launch a business, you will see these corpos engage in stifling or squashing upstarts like yours. They try to create fake competition or stalking horses, some of them have saboteurs trying to infiltrate your firm. A lot of these investors will try to entertain you just to “pick your brain” only to try to create their own venture from having a conversation with you.

Corporate Media. We see the corporate media biased reporting. They believe in omitting information, excluding coverage of areas that don’t fit their agenda and narrative. Corporate media works in cahoots with corporate entities in exchange for advertising revenue to have a slant towards corporation. That’s why you see so much coverage on big corpos instead of organic small startups. Comments like ex-Googlers that don’t mean a damn thing in the world of hustle.

Corporate Advertisers. These are ad agencies that shape a corporate narrative that also involves discrimination. They are now showing narratives of fake interracial couples of a White man with a Black/Asian woman but do not show Asian men and Black men as leading figures of their household and domain. These corporate advertisers engaged in either “woke” or “Americana” but they both practice the same agenda-based programming.  

We live in a corpo society where all these corporations have hijacked the organic process of doing business, spreading word about business. This is the world we live in today where we got sellouts and their stupid “get the bag” mantra – they already resigned to just be sellouts to the corporatization.

Well, I guess it take a real brotha from the West Side of Chicago to handle things and we decided to creation a solution to address this problem of advertising for everybody out there trying to get the word out. World class team that been fighting corpo-wars and bringing the power back to the people.

With that said, we are going to highlight what solutions MochaStar designed to solve.

Ad Exchange Tier.  MochaStar will offer an ad exchange similar to the old school link exchange system where web sites traded links with each other. This is to help businesses spread the word quickly about each other in a given target. This system can also be used worldwide and not limited so if someone in South Korea want to swap ads with an American Korean community with a Korean-based product, that is the kind of ad exchange we will offer at the initial tier. This is not a paid tier – it will be initially offered for free to get the system up and running.

Support Multimedia. We can offer images for web and print; we can show video for online commercials and jumbotrons in urban squares. We can also offer audio ad inserts for podcasts and broadcasts. We will be able to support all sizes and dimensions. We will also provide clients to stream and broadcast videos ads and working with our partners to help create these systems.

Prompts. Instead of trying to figure out demographics, advertisers can just type in prompts that uses machine learning to match against touchpoints. This is similar to generative AI prompts so a person can type “urban single women middle-aged beauty” and we have levels of depth to match these terms with similar terms to reach a target demographic. This way control is handed to the people to choose how to market, not some corporate ad agency with a narrative.   

Funding and Revenue Account. Advertisers around the world will be able to fund their MochaStar account with both fiat and utility tokens. This is where DBEXX will come into play and we will discuss this at a later time. Credits can be purchased and there is a ledger for both campaign funding and partner revenue for hosting ads. All transactions are recorded and transparent because that is the proper way to do business.

With this infrastructure place, MochaStar already created opportunities and new pathways for businesses and new entrepreneurs. We are taking control of the advertising sector to work for us. I want to talk about how people can find opportunity within the MochaStar ecosystem.

Ad Agency. People can start up their own digital ad agency that can place advertisements on behalf of their clients. They will create the media on their client behalf, work on prompts and approve placements where the client will get the best results.

Partner Networks. People can create their own digital distribution agency by registering a collection of touchpoints and work with establishments to create ad displays and web sites to broadcast advertisements.

An ad agency can be done by digital nomads who can live anywhere and work on behalf of worldwide clients. We have a couple of these kind of people around the world testing our platform right now in a simulated environment.  Partner networks may need to be physical for ad displays that have to be placed in a business to configure the touchpoints and make sure ads are streaming.

Remember that we have an agreement engine that allows settlement distribution so a partner can do a revenue split with whoever is hosting the ad. MochaStar is using the same system to do a revenue split between the partner with the advertiser funding to display the ad as well.

I know I talked a lot here but let me summarize the biggest benefit of all – the ability for entrepreneurs to get the word out about their business without interference or obstruction. The ability for people who want to work in advertising can create their own agency and live anywhere in the world and work with clients around the world. The ability for an urban enterprise to create ad touchpoints to promote local businesses in their community or their area of interest.

If you didn’t realize by now, we are moving out the Toshikiso ecosystem in the real world. By the time the regular and distracted folks find out what we are doing, it’s already been done. Notice when we can build our own from the bottom to the top, we can quickly move above and beyond than these crumb-snatching sellouts, especially that Blavity AfroTech clown show.

MochaStar is built off existing Toshikiso components such as our Kolin-Avers media management system – all of the media on this blog and on this page come from the same source we using for the ad system so it was quick to build up using reusable code blocks.  This is why I keep saying you got to build on your own so you can learn on your own and handle this your own way.

Release is imminent and our biggest excitement is coming from Southeast Asia and Africa as these are emerging markets. There will be more articles like this coming out because this is a big deal and PZR009 will start hosting ads and will be part of the revenue pool shared to the content creators.

Also and no need saying this, Dream and Hustle Early Adopters will be able to have access to the entire MochaStar system with no cost to them for supporting me while the rest of yall was following goofy social influencer cats who took your money and hustled you. I got global empire-level stuff for those who supported me – remember that difference between who you chosen to follow and who chosen to follow a real one like me. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide