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Moving as the Lone Wolf within the Cyberverse

Monday, October 2, 2023

On October 1, 2023 the Manufactured Solution has launched officially in silence with the new release of Kossier that is now available. This is a major milestone because this enables the critical mass to use Kossier to engage with the Toshikiso ecosystem worldwide.

Kossier is a considered what is known as a “digital lifestyle app” that allow people to navigate in a digital ecosystem such as Toshikiso. Our concept has been carefully designed and crafted to address future-facing scenarios and trends of our digital empowered world.


First, the accounts we create are called “sleeves” that many who watched Altered Carbon on Netflix is familiar with. The Kossier account does not belong to the user – it is our account and belong to us. The user is given an account to use for activity and can build it up. This is the interesting part so read carefully the next section.

A Kossier user can built up their social credit score, their activities and membership using our sleeves and at some point, in time – they can sell or transfer their account because that account is valuable. We are not interested in personal identity of a person like other platforms trying to be all in your personal business but the value created by the user is now worth something to offer to someone else.

Some people will also reference Cyberpunk 2077 SoulKiller, an advanced braindance software created by Alt who was dating Johnny Silverhand. SoulKiller would captured someone “soul” into an emgram and someone living would use that emgram to live out the captured events and experienced of that person – I would say the sleeve is more accurate but this is not a far-off possibility.

Transferrable Sleeves

So if I have paid memberships, good social credit score, influence and owned digital assets built up on my Kossier account over time, I can sell this sleeve to another user on a marketplace or just transfer it to to someone that I think will take advantage of the value I created with my sleeve over the years.  You are going to see high value sleeves and low value sleeves.

Be mindful that low-value accounts or sleeves will likely be thrown away and recycled by our platform because we have another featured inspired by a sci-fi movie.

Time is Currency

There is a sci-fi movie called “In Time” where in the future, people lifespan peaked at 25 and they had one year to live after 25 unless they were able to pay for more years on their life. They would have a clock on their forearm telling them how much time they have to live.

Our sleeves operate in the same fashion – every Kossier account has a timed lifespan the user will know about. If they do not use their account, produce positive value, then their timed account will eventually go to zero and the account is terminated before being recycled as a new sleeve back into the digital ecosystem.

Why are we doing this? This is an easy answer – natural efficiency. We do not need to be storing low-value or low-usage accounts and always creating new accounts to waste up energy and space. We can easily recycle accounts to the next person just like a digital reincarnation. There is no need to focus on number of accounts but active accounts.

Generative Identicons

It should be noted the technology behind identicon is generative AI – creating a visual representation of a hashed set of characters. The first generative visual hash I remember is Joy Division album cover where they created a waveform of one of their songs on the album using 1970s computer technology – you see young millennials wearing this Joy Division shirt and pretending they know who Ian Curtis is.

When you create an account on Kossier you will see a new identicon based on IdentiHeart code that we modified. When you create an enterprise entity, brand, application, microservice or merchant, you will see a Circular identicon that we also modified from a public library for our use.

These identicons are visual representation of your sleeve identity that will be used on information displays where if you order food, instead of your real name, you see your identicon and your display name and when you check in at a membership business such as a gym or co-working space, the person at the desk only see your display name and identicon – they don’t need to know your real name and your personal business.

Generative Identicon Air Drops

Already under development – we have an open identicon system where third-party creatives can create a limited identicon set as drops or digital assets they can sell or offer in our digital ecosystem. So like NFT drops, a creative can create a limited set of unique identicons that they can offer for sell for a Kossier sleeve – as you see, the sleeve become more valuable with these kinds of digital assets attached to the sleeve.

So if anyone of you out there know how to create generative identicons, consider creating a limited set of 2,500 to 25,000 unique identicons then offer them for sell at a set price. We will discuss the how-to later but look at our market opportunity, we can have creatives in Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere creating their localized identicons drops.

Removing Email and SMS

We have decided to remove both Email and SMS text messaging from our platform for two reasons. First, we don’t want to rely on a third-party platform to deliver critical services because we will be at their mercy with price increases, bandwidth limitations or subject to woke-based cancel culture, or put our messages in a spam/junk folder by default as competitive sabotage.

We will have our own messaging system in place where entities can talk to people, people can give feedback to entities and notification alerts. It is very important to stay in control and have ownership over critical functions of your platform and become resilient because you see exactly what kind of games being played out here with people ready to shut down your accounts and business deals because they don’t like what you said or whatever.

The second reason and the most obvious – we want to be internationally scalable and having a US-based email or US-based SMS then try to setup a Europe SMS or African SMS or Middle East SMS – see why we are creating our own global-scable system? Now keep that in mind as we move to the last part.

Utility Tokens – Michi

For accepting payments worldwide, our best option is to use utility tokens that can be purchased various ways. We can offer the utility tokens on crypto exchanges or offer it on our own upcoming exchange. We can sell them as stored value and the goal is we only have a utility token to serve the ecosystem and have a way to purchase our tokens local to regions around the world.

We have already setup our digital hubs around the world and will switch them on as our business grows – no global launch, we do incrementalism over here for scalable and cost-effective growth. A utility token carries out a task for a currency so when someone pay their invoice, a utility token process that invoice payment by marking their account as current and if they don’t pay, we have microservices that check overdue balances and cut people lights and water off.

Moving in Silence, Hungry Like a Wolf

Please be mindful – there is no need for me to be chasing the media for coverage or stroke my ego or impress any of you guys. We already know who we are and our capabilities. We already know the value our customer demands and their ability to pay. We know our growth and scale in markets worldwide for our services. There is no need to ask a goofy basic content creator to do a writeup on us; we create our own story as we move forward.

The way we going to move is to be where the action is at – the action is in Dubai, in Tokyo, in Bangkok, in Bali, in Lithuania, in Portugal, in Colombia, in Mexico City and so on. We will build up a following of people who have specific interest in what we do and have a specific need for our products and services. A lot of goofy folks want general attention from strangers to say look at them, we just need our invoices paid by our customers and we are good.

Focus only on your customers and creating value for them – all this popularity contests and attention seeking isn’t the business, literally.

The new Kossier is now available and this is a major milestone – now all of the other platforms will be available to sign in and start using and we will have PZR009 ready to start accepting content and paying out. We are innovating and expanding rapidly at the moment and you are just going to see a wolf come out, attack then hide back into the shadows of the forest as we move with our mission forward. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide