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Passport Bros is No Cap and American Black Women in Crisis Mode

Sunday, June 18, 2023

I had to take a pause to accept the current situation in Black America – we are in real trouble. While this article has passport bros in the title, the first thing our people will think is they can argue a battle of the sexes – this is more serious than that. In fact, this is the most serious existential event that Black America is facing, period. 

This weekend which was Juneteenth weekend, I liberated myself from the Black community altogether and enjoyed myself. I hung out in Asian and Latino communities and felt more of my current position of being a global entrepreneur being around people from all backgrounds and ethnicities as if I was in a place like Dubai, Cartagena, London, or Tokyo. I heard there was a mass shooting at a Black nightclub here in the Atlanta area at the Cosmopolitan Lounge so I’m not missing anything from the Black community. 

The biggest thing for me is a conversation I was having with a young Dominican sista who was shapely and friendly but kinda too young in the head for a brotha of my caliber. The passport bro conversation came up and she told me something that was profound and not talked about. She said she went back home to the Dominican Republic last month and noticed a huge number of Colombian and Venezuelan women there in the DR walking around and at the airport. 

She told me exactly why they were there and you know why but don’t want to admit it – those Colombian and Venezuelan women traveled to the DR specifically to meet Black American men and passport bros who are looking for them. We had an interesting conversation because this young DR lady knew of the passport bros and the Black brothas have money looking for a wife and she said all the Latina ladies are excited about this and talking about it. 

Asian women are aware as well but I’m really concerned about Latin America because of how beautiful and thick Afro-Latina sistas who totally resemble Black American women but their bodies and the sex are better than American sistas. The American sistas appear to know the Passport Bro situation but have not fully acknowledged the crisis that she is in right now.

Black American sistas are being viewed as discarded by her own Black men and no one in this world really wants a sista except for a short-term smash and dash or use her as a front for DEI contracts. But they can use East European, Asian, and Latina chicks as a front for DEI contracts, so I guess it is just the smash and dash for sistas nowadays. 

We got global confirmation from all over the world from Thailand to Colombia to DR and even my visit to Tokyo that there is a huge dramatic increase of Black men traveling to these destinations as passport bros. 400 million views total on the passport bro hashtag on Tik Tok, so don’t pretend the world does not know about this situation among Black men and Black women. 

There is nothing a sista can debate, all her negative shaming tactics and snide remarks don’t mean a damn thing anymore – brothas are not even paying attention to Black American women anymore or anything she got to say. That is how bad and how serious this situation has become in the Black community here. 

The real concern is this is a stealth crisis, let me explain. A ghetto hood rat sista, she always got ghetto dudes to choose from and get run through, as long as she gets social benefits or hustles a few dudes, she is shielded from this crisis. The Jack-and-Jill Boule sistas already got her uppity man from lineage and she got selections as well so she is also shielded from the crisis, she is in Paris with an uppity trust fund estate dude from upstate New York enjoying her stuck-up life and her lame 3-minute missionary sexual intercourse with her lame Boule man. 

This crisis impacts the middle – the sistas who spent her college years and professional life dissing her own Black male counterpart with unrealistic expectations and saying dumb crap like she doesn’t need a man. I have seen this my whole professional career – brothas are making over $120k but the sista doesn’t realize that while she is making $40k-$70k but swear to God and Jesus she is doing better than that $120k brotha at the workplace. She calls the $120k brotha corny while she talks to the busted broke brothas making the same as her only to get smashed and dashed as well. 

A lot of sistas think child support is what sets her apart and she is good, okay let’s look at that. A sista is likely getting under $1.000/month in tax-free child support but let’s give her silly behind that $1,000/month tax-free – that is only $12,000 a year. That $12,000/year is chicken scratch money to a brotha making $120K, the heck is you sistas even bragging about?

The problem for the longest time is a sista has been brainwashed by liberals to the point she doesn’t even recognize and see value in her own Black man and she thinks she is on some better stuff instead of working with her own man to get things done as a power couple. 

Now that the good brothas and the high-value brothas have all but checked out and gone overseas, we have a serious crisis in the Black community. Our family unit is gone and once that is gone, there is no more Williams family, no more Johnson family, no more Jackson family where these Black families held down the core of a Black community through the church, through business, through charity, through the school academic leadership and political leadership. These stank attitude sistas killed all of that off thinking she don’t need a man anymore and she could just single mom her behind from this point on. 

Meanwhile, I know of Latino families building up franchises of used car dealers, and Taquira restaurants all in my local area and their spot is busy night and day with people. That’s their cousin behind the bar, that’s their cousin's friend they hired as a waitress and they all making the business work and proud of their establishment and serving the community. But I go to Kroger and see a stank attitude sista talking on her phone who thinks she is on some better stuff than the Black men walking around who I can easily tell they are like me – extremely high value and not flaunting or flashy with the money. 

You know the bad part – an Asian, Indian, Latino, or European chick can spot a high-value brotha right away and she just waiting for a brotha to speak. The minute a brotha says one word to her, she jumps head-first into getting to know our name, wants to hang out and date, and moves from 0 to 100 with a brotha calling that same damn day. I mentioned this before and just repeating – I’m in Tokyo at the café and find Japanese women are coming and sitting right next to me, here in America a sista goes out of her goddamn way to sit at the other side of the tables at Starbuck to avoid a Black man like I’m thinking about her toxic behavior and mannerism. 

Sistas, yall better get it together and do something because you lost and look kinda stupid and unwanted and undesirable, and rejected right now. The whole world knows – that is the eye-opening conversation I had with that Dominican sista (she was Afro-Latina) over the weekend. They are all laughing at the sistas and her own high-value good Black man leaving her. The White guys who the sistas said they wanted to swirl with are laughing at the American sistas because sistas represent the Western feminism they hate and supporting Passport Bros and Black men as a win against woke feminism. 

You sistas better stop letting these ugly ass sistas get on Tik Tok and bash Black men and you don’t speak out on it. One thing that bothers me is this whole “pick me” shaming among the sistas – only a self-hating lesbian would talk to another woman with a “pick me” rhetoric, no woman has any opinion on another woman's desire to be with a good man, why is a “pick me” even allowed to be in play?!

All these Colombia and Venezuelan chicks with big butts are screaming “Pick me!” to high-value good Black men and you listening to some ugly ass Black feminist chick shaming you about that? For real!? 

This is a serious crisis – you sistas only got low-quality brothas to choose from and we all see who get mostly laid off from these jobs – you sistas. You sistas are not fooling anybody with the gaslighting and we don’t know who told you that money or the bag is the end game to fulfillment. We are about to lose our Black community, our Black family, and our Black identity because sistas chased away the good Black men where he is now pursuing women overseas and he outright rejects the current state of Black womanhood. 

The entire Black community as we know it is in a crisis – that is exactly where we are at today.