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Visiting Tokyo, Patterns and Practices of the Urban Asian Food Economy

Friday, May 12, 2023

By the time you read this article, I’m in Tokyo, Japan. I will not have time to blog because I will be just like all the other passport bros and currently with my Asian persuasion. She got a brotha on her arm, while sistas got no brotha on her arm.

Ok, jokes aside (actually no jokes – all the brothas with real paper leaving sistas and checking Asian chicks)  let’s get some real facts laid out because I see a lot of brothas keep talking about Japan and Japanese girls and don’t know jack sh*t about the truth. First of all, Japan is light-years ahead of America and that is something I know that you know. Most of the stuff we think we see here in America is brand-new trends, Japan has been doing that 5-10 years ago.

So that means to you lame brothas keep talking about Westernized Black women – Japanese women are hyper-Westernized light years ahead of any American sista. A lot of brothas say to get them out of the countryside but once that Japanese chick gets to Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, or Hokkaido – she Westernized in an instant. I also have to remind brothas that Japanese women are agnostic – there is no good and evil like we have here in America, she is indoctrinated from birth to adulthood to be subservient to Japanese patriarchy, nothing your simple American behind can do to reverse that brainwashing.

That means that while you look the other way, she is banging her sempai or her boss at work, she sucking off co-workers, she having one-night stands with the Japanese amateur league baseball player she met at the bar and because of the indoctrination, she doesn’t even understand what the hell she did wrong. Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching a fragile Canadian or American find out how hard his Japanese chick was f*cking on him behind his back – much worse than any American woman. They still got hourly f*ck hotels in Shinjuku where wives go off with their co-workers before she come home and make dinner for her family.

You have to understand something about me – I knew what the package was when I got with my Japanese chick. I had to tell her that I will also f*ck on her like an alley rat just eaten a discarded Viagra pill out of the trash can. She can ride my face I don’t want nothing in return, her body count and who she f*ck is never my concern, I’m trying to buy my neighbor's house.  

She is down with me and supports my professional and entrepreneurial goals – that’s what matters more than sexual matters and I’m mature enough to reach that level.  So the thing is you have to be real with advanced Westernized Japanese chicks because they do things I don’t think you soft-ass beta passport bros are ready for – way worst than any Westernized women you talking about on your YouTube videos.

One more thing – Japan is the only G-7 nation that doesn’t recognize fathers’ rights – meaning you brothas do not have any legal rights to your child as a father, the mom gets everything. She can up and leave with the kids and you will never see little Johnny ever again in your life until Johnny is an adult or Ginny is an adult and they are all up in Chiba Prefecture, selling their bodies and strung out. So any brotha smiling and talking about Japanese women and getting with them don’t know what they talking about – Japanese girls are 100x worst than any American or Western chick and these fragile brothas learn the hard way and they don’t share with you how hard that Japanese girl took his simple heart and shredded it into pieces.

I only go to Japan for the advanced patterns and practices they are on and to see how to bring it back to the Black community. I do not go for the chicks or to find a trad wife, I mentioned this on Dream and Hustle over 10 years ago – if I’m going to Japan to find a chick, I want that Japanese chick that 3-D printed her vagina and sold it on the online market in cube shops  – that’s my kind of Japanese chick and I’m built for that, these fragile passport bros aren’t built like that.

I’m sorry to go off tangent but just want to set a realistic picture of Japan and make sure you understand that it’s a lot of people talking up Japan too much and haven’t even been to Japan and experienced it but been talking too much on it. Japan is not a passport bro destination – it is a place to learn from and explore as a wonderfully unique destination where you will not be ready for the experience and it will always be awesome on a personal level. I mean, we just had a 3-year travel ban, and only now after Golden Week is the first opportunity to even get back to Japan so people don’t know what they talking about.

This trip I’m taking in Japan I think is one of the most important and most realistic. The previous trips to Japan to adopt patterns and practices, Black people said were too advanced and over their heads but then again, we watch Black people doing the electric slide in the voting lines to vote for Joe Biden so that tells you the mindset of our Black community nowadays.

I will be doing several things. First, I have a photo shoot for the Manufactured Solution as it is a Japanese-inspired startup. Please note, I plan to launch the Manufactured Solution from Tokyo in the Minato Ward, I’m trying to hide it will be in Roppongi from yall by saying Minato Ward. Second, I will be filming “Hustle with Me” videos similar to “Study with Me” YouTube videos that I will decide to publish to either YouTube or my new content platform or both, I don’t know yet. Third, I will be studying the food culture in Japan that is very unique and have backstories that are not being told.

I was watching these types of videos in Japan where Japanese people would quit their jobs or switch to this style of career to create their own food cart on the street. What is interesting about these carts is how the city allows electrical hookups and how they are able to leverage portable gas cans and home-assembled wood to create their food carts on the street.

Then we have the ramen shops where it is mostly boiled water operation to boil the ramen, steam the meat and additional vegetables. Then I’m wondering why the Black community in America cannot do anything beyond fried chicken, fried fish, and French fries on a piece of bread with expensive grease handling that is not healthy for the Black community.

We can do better in the Black community – we can set up food vendors just like you see above and feed healthy portions of vegetables to the community instead of folks cooking unhealthy stuff every day.  I dated too Black women that I left them because they cooked greasy food that I know is not good for my heart health and cooking processed meat that is not good for my colon. As I said, I see how they cook in Asia using boiling and sauté techniques with vegetables and pure organics; the food is healthier and more filling.

This is the most important because our lives and our health are more important than anything else in the world. I want to understand the food market from the ramen restaurants, the food stalls, and the sushi places and realize that we are not doing food right in the Black community and draft a real plan. In addition, anybody can be trained properly to run food establishments that can feed the entire Black community, $7 plates at a time.

Why hasn’t this been done in our hoods because of systemic racism preventing Black people from doing the core entrepreneur work to sustain their families and also garbage Black elites like those punk clowns at Black Enterprise trying to post unrealistic high-bar nonsense all the time instead of having realistic solutions for the Black community like the Japanese people are doing to run businesses that serve their community such as having a meal they can eat at affordable prices.

I’m currently setting up in Tokyo, but I will be there for a minute and doing some leisure travel that trust me, I will be surprised by techniques and patterns that I never thought about. That is what makes Japan overall exciting.