Dream and Hustle

Thank You to The Ones that Will Be Remembered

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Quietly launched, moving in silence. Over the past week, we have been establishing our platforms in key locations around the world, building out the infrastructure. Folks are low-frequency and that is what you take advantage of – just move right past them and plant your seeds and grow your garden.

The ones that will be remembered are not those who talked; it will be those who lead us through changes with innovation and value creation. The ones that we are remembering and what this whole current chapter in our journey is about is the Dream and Hustle Early Adopters.

There is approximately 17 Dream and Hustle Early Adopters who supported me over the years and this is their moment. Yeah, see if I care about more than those 17 people right now in the context of the empire, just letting you all know. No new cats showing up or anything of that is going to happen. Rest of them can stand over there and mumble because while they were chasing charlatans, real work was being put in over the years and they acted funny – like I said, come find out if I care about something other than the 17 Dream and Hustle Early Adopters.

This article is for the Dream and Hustle Early Adopters and get them up and running – our company is already out in the world and the framework is running. With that said, the time is now – let’s get started.


I want to thank those who supported me on this journey – it’s been a lot of challenges and annoying stuff along the way. But I stayed on target and recalibrated my life to remove negative elements and negative people and surround myself with positive reinforcers and positive people. A lot of folks, even some of the 17 Early Adopters gave up on a brotha but I never quit and here we are today. Again, thank to all of those who supported me and this journey as it matters more than any support in the future, no money investments, no celebrity showing will ever outshine the regular folks who supported me and this journey from the beginning.

Terms and Condition

Because we are a business and will eventually have investors and other stakeholders, I want the Early Adopters understand they have to agree to legal binding terms and conditions. Overall, they cannot sub-license or transfer their benefits/entitlements to our platform. Another obvious – don’t use our platform to peddle porn and other smut. These types of violations will get Early Adopter benefits terminated quickly.

There is no need to be shady and perverse – the opportunities are so awesome because think about it – global reach, machine learning, digital asset distribution, automation – so much new paradigm solutions it’s going to be an interesting future ahead.

Global Expansion

We are already in motion of establishing our presence around the world. I cannot go into details at this time but the two places mentioned were Tokyo and Dubai. Because of fluid geo-political activity going on around the world, I have not finalized anything as we monitor situations around the world.

Dubai has the number one advantage of operating in the freezone and able to hire from around the world. But the United States have the best tax advantages, just know how to work the numbers and structure the business correctly. Dubai is a strong number one but we will still keep a presence in the United States.

Tokyo sounds nice and cool but I been on the ground, it is not friendly to launch and operate a head quarter and the enclosed Japanese culture is too isolated and not in line with global international cities such as Dubai or London or Singapore. So, we have to do more research before making any kind of solid decisions.

But in reality, we are not pressured and will focus on demand to drive our direction here.

Don’t Care

Just FYI, I’m kinda divested from the Black community. I just don’t give a fk anymore – they disrespected me while I was trying to educate and uplift my people and community. The Black community went for the simple stuff and low-frequency stuff and tried to be dismissive of the good folks. 

The sad commentary and footnote are my solution was specifically engineered and designed to support the Black community. When folks see our solution helping other communities around the world, that’s going to be real bittersweet because I’m going to counting the money and shake my head at how my own African-American Black people just vote Democrat like sheeple then shun brothas/sistas in their community trying to do something right by their people.

I better not ever get approached by anybody at this point asking me to support the Black community – I received love and support from other nations and people from other places in the world, even as they saw me trying to target the Black community with my writings and work and research.

Build Up Business Model

Want to know how awesome our opportunity and business model is? For the first time, I’m actually sleeping having dreams about my platform and the type of digital-first businesses that can be run on it. I don’t dream like that but that tells me that I’m excited about what’s about to go down with the global framework for the platform.

We can setup global media licensing and distribution on our blockchain system. We can improve the flaky NFT model with a more solid structure for digital asset. Membership models with smart rules. Content that translates to local cultures around the world automatically. Generative AI models that allow us to create avatars and logos for our customers – I can keep going.


I do not know the personal situation of Early Adopters but our platform has very good compatibility with the aims of passport bros and lazy girls. Creating automatic broker systems taking commission of the transaction business model allow a lazy girl or passport bro live overseas and make money from automatic systems 24/7 from clients around the world.

We are going to see more and more business models accommodating this type of lifestyle. Folks in Bali and Bangkok or Dubai want/need our platform to give them the ability to kick back near the beach and just check their Toshikiso microservices running the operations and signing contracts with the microservice private key with other microservices – folks going to be moving around the world working from their laptops.

PZR009 is our first release to support such a lifestyle were we see opportunities for both content creators and those selling space for advertising on our entire advertising network to get commission off the placement order.

Focus on Scaling Up, Not Dumbing Down

I need the Dream and Hustle Early Adopters understand that I’m focused on next-generation, next-paradigm moves that have not been realized before. We are not going to be dumbing down or going slow. If anything, we are moving hard and creating new pipelines and rails to make it easier for businesses to scale up globally and transact more per hour with our approach and solutions.

One example I don’t think I mentioned – if you look at Dream and Hustle, the images and media load faster. The reason why is we switched a few days before publishing this article a true media distribution and streaming system. So if someone want to do an e-book drop, they can prep up a campaign to do a worldwide release in multiple languages and people can quickly download the e-book with our advertising system – Early Adopters don’t have to pay to execute this but other folks going to open up their wallets.

Now think about it – we scaled out where a sista in South Africa can release an e-book or a Afro-Lifestyle photobook to distribute around the world including setting up a release party in Dallas and Atlanta and Charlotte remotely with QR code digital advertisement setup – that’s the potential and scale we are moving forward.

This moment here is going to be the Dream and Hustle Early Adopters and they are the 17 people I only caring about right now because they been here along the way. Trust me, already have more articles lined up, this is just going to get more exciting. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide