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Code Complete in Kyoto

Monday, December 25, 2023

I have spent some time in Japan, in a place of peace, focusing on growth and development. I updated the Dream and Hustle Facebook groups as I was in Japan, but this is the first article since I returned.

In this article, I want to give some insights and updates as future articles will be more detailed based on this most recent trip to Japan. I want to talk to brothas and sistas about reaching the apex of their path toward meaningful purpose and fulfillment.

In the cover photo, this is where I stayed in Kyoto, and the room is $600/night. I got it at half price on a Sunday through Tuesday because Japanese are working all day on weekdays and not staying in a room like this, and I used my travel points to get it for a deeply discounted price as my travel points were going to expire.  

I know no one in Kyoto; I can walk outside the hotel to the convenience store across the street and focus on wrapping up work and plotting my direction. If you look at the photo, you will notice all the glass windows and the sidewalk of people walking by looking up to see me working – I didn’t care; I had an audience for the work I was putting in for my next big moves.

Code Completion

As you can tell from the screen, I was working on coding throughout the entire night from sundown to sunrise. I had a presentation in Tokyo I had to work on as well, and I practiced the talking points and slide show. Notice this African-American brotha is not in the Black community presenting anything; I go where I’m appreciated.

In Japan, I announced and showcase the upcoming next releases from our platform:

The Merchant and the Flow. I have traveled around Japan and observed they already have in place similar to what I designed for this new retailing platform. The old, outdated e-commerce shop system with a checkout cart has been replaced with a modular system to plug and play your retail solution. You may need a pop-up shop with a lineless queue SMS system. You may need an escape room business where people buy tickets online or from mobile ticket vendors at the mall and reserve a time. Or you need a full supply chain vendor system with pricing and discounting with membership and personalization. Either way, creating a modular scale-up system is the way forward for bricks and clicks retailing.

View the Vista. This blog article is now written on the new View the Vista system. It is still a work in progress, but this platform has been revamped as the communication platform with your customers. You can write articles, social media posts, and newsletters as content for engagement. In addition, you can now incorporate the social credit system in place. Bad actions lead to bad social credit scores and good actions lead to good social credit scores. You don’t have to be trapped by bad actors, and you reward good actors with incentives. If the credit cards see you paying other cards on time, they come for you with 0% intro rates, so they already have the same technology you can now take advantage of. The focus here is engaging with your customers and optimizing that experience, a much-needed component where too many anonymous focus on scamming and running scummy businesses or shady customer practices.

Kolin-Avers. This is the upgraded media platform that this article is using. We have replicant media nodes worldwide to make media available worldwide – essentially a media distribution system. We do not just stream images like the cover photo in this article; we can have paid tokenized streaming media to show seamlessly in America or Japan and do a worldwide global release. Another new feature I surprised them with is playlists. You can create advertising digital billboards, retailing kiosks, and more with a playlist that you can distribute to partners and create essentially a digital ad agency or a mixtape with tokenization to pay all contributors to the project.

DBEXX. This is our digital asset exchange and one of our oldest projects, older than Hustle Space that is actively being worked on at the moment. We discovered a lot of opportunities for market exchange and DBEXX fits as a good component to make things work. For example, I will give an example of using crypto utility tokens for service-based businesses. That is crypto you pay instead of cash for contractors and plumbers so they don’t rip you off after you paid the initial deposit. You can purchase those utility tokens from a digital exchange like DBEXX. DBEXX can also be used for small-cap securities and, in some countries, used for crypto-exchange, but if you didn’t notice, we can trade any digital asset, including carbon credits or even muni-bonds that Citibank just announced they left that market, opening up the door.

Global Arbitrage

One of the things brothas and sistas are beginning to realize is they need to be thinking globally. They need to break out of that rusty cage and run. The passport bro movement among Black men has little to do with Black women; the manosphere is using it as an offensive attack against Black women. We will filter out these punk dudes in 2024 because that is of no value to be attacking Black women as a true passport bro. Because quite frankly, if we are leaving, then we are gone, nothing to talk about.

The actual passport bro movement is arbitrage – why buy a luxury investment-grade Franck Muller or Hermes Birkin in America when you can go overseas and get it cheaper in Japan because the US dollar is stronger than the currency overseas? Bring it back to America, and you have a more potent hedge asset you bought cheaper overseas to secure your financial foundation.

Second and this is a future article, I’m not buying a Range Rover HSE to drive around in Atlanta – who the fuck here in America do I need to impress? I’m buying and driving a Range Rover HSE in Dubai – fuck America. It is of no value to be flossing in America, around broke, hating cats when you get more flossing value in a market like Dubai riding with a Vietnamese chick on a weekend date you saw at the mall wearing Lululemon that got a brotha thinking, “damn!” as she walks in front of a brotha.

Back to the Future

This section is for the sistas, and this is a massive failure sistas need to accept and recover from. I want you to look at the pictures with your girlfriends and explain what you see. Then I want you to realize how lost you have become over the years with that garbage Black feminism bullshit that harmed you more than it benefited you as a Black woman. Go ahead an observe before I go in the next paragraph.

In a future article, I will describe what you sistas should have realized if you ever go to Japan. The first question is simple – who used to do this 100 years ago? Take a wild guess, sista; you can figure this out.

This is what Black women merchants have done 100 years ago in the 1920s. Japan kept the tradition and pattern intact and improved on it while sistas went left field to Black feminism bullshit. Notice something subtle in this picture – femininity. Look at the women standing there; all attention is focused on the customer paying them and doing business with them. The cashier, with her hands folded, waited respectfully.

There is also something obvious – the line was out of the door. It was a long line waiting to do business with this operation; notice the extra retractable stanchion in the photo. You would have thought it was a new Air Jordan drop going on with the kind of line waiting.

Sistas, what you are looking at is efficient retailing – this is a new concept – this place and other stores using new retailing concepts just opened when I arrived here in December 2023 at Azubudai Hills. This is an improved model of a cake shop that Black women have been doing since the 1920s and has dropped off in modern times. They don’t have “Mama Kitchens” but evolved to young women who left corporate jobs and created their own kitchens and attract a young PMC crowd.

Let me wrap this one up for you and please review the picture. The guy in the line is looking at the type of cheesecake he wants to order in the glass display. She takes the order and there is a backroom behind with trays on it – you see that? They make the custom cheesecake and put it on the tray – the lady at the end delivers the tray to the customer after the cashier transacts. The four people in operation are the order-taker, the prep chef, the cashier, and the deliverer of the product. It is likely all of them are women.

You sistas are seeing an all-woman business operation, smooth and efficient, with full femininity from the business to the one woman hugging on her man, staring at the glass together, enjoying the experience. If it makes you sistas feel better, my Japanese woman always hugs this Black man like that in Tokyo as we pick out a cake slice to eat at the dessert shop after picking her up after work at the Shinagawa train station. She chooses one cake slice, I choose another, and she shares with me, letting me have a piece from her fork as she puts it in my mouth and vice versa.

You sistas used to have business models like this 100 years ago in places like Harlem, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Baltimore – but the Japanese ladies stayed on course and improved on these women-based business models while you sistas devolved into some Black feminist bullshit over the decades. You sistas sold out your own great-grandma and never carried her successful traditions like the Japanese women have done and are demonstrating – all shown to you as a receipt with just one photo.

You sistas better get your center back, and I have already advised you sistas to go to Tokyo to see for yourself. We will cover more of this in future articles; this is just one snapshot.

Apex Attainment

Looking at the cover picture, you can see what I will describe. I was working at the desk in plain sight of anybody walking down the street in Kyoto. Several times, I saw a Japanese young woman stop and look up and stare at me as I’m working and a few took a photo of me as well.

As a brotha, I have reached apex attainment. I have raised Black children up to be successful, my own children and some ex-girlfriend's children – no bitter Black woman can talk a damn thing on this brotha because I did my job as a Black man and a Black father with my lifetime.

As a brotha, another brotha don’t have shit to say to me. I have moved hard around this world, built mines up from the ground up, and saved my coins to move independently instead of pandering to investors.  I have built up allies around the world and pushed brothas and their jive-shit-talking out of my space altogether.

I removed all the negative nonsense from my life, I set my navigation course to focus on where I wanted to go personally, and the work I invested in myself put me in a position to pursue what I was meant to achieve and attain. Even further, the lady in Japan, if she starts tripping, both she and I know I can replace her with another Japanese chick who dreams of having a well-off Black man. But even so, I’m fully aware Chinese and East European women are more solid as global empire partners, and that option is still on the table as I make the final decision on what is best for me.

Apex attainment is not bougie, arrogant, or narcissistic – it’s when you realize this one life you got is yours, and it’s time to take ownership. Make sure your life is working for you, first and foremost, and everything else is secondary. Remove unwanted stuff, don’t tolerate it, including friends and family – they can get cut off like anybody else.

Sit down, realize what you have to do to reach that point of apex attainment where purpose manifestation is being realized, and stay in your zone and finish it through. You best believe I forgot everything about what was going on in America as I sat there in Kyoto planning my big strategy and where I want to go. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide