Dream and Hustle

Understanding Toshikiso and the Cyber Centre

Thursday, October 12, 2023

This article is to help understand how hard we moving in this world. It is also designed to show you how the future is moving and the trends of the 21st century mega-corps and AI-empowered microbusinesses.

I want to make it understood; we are moving in silence and there is no need for press releases, seeking validation and acceptance from some elite class or whatever. We know our potential, we know our value, we know our customers worldwide – that’s all you need to know when you decide to go for yours and create the plot to grow yours, remember that. 

I need the Dream and Hustle Early Adopters, the ones that will be remembered, fully understand the potential we have achieved after years of smart design, hard work.

It was so frustrating for me flying to Japan and have morning coffee in Shimbashi coding out and reviewing the design of Toshikiso – got cute Japanese girls always sitting next to me, popping out her laptop as well, smiling at me and they playing urban smooth jazz music overhead. Passport Bro.

If you got some eyeballs, you should have peeped the software that in the taskbar – Postman, FileZilla, Remote Desktop Connection, Freemind, Fiddler – yeah, only some of you are out here posing like you real in this game – photos don’t lie homey. I know you see the Excelsior café receipt under the cup writing in Japanese as well.

You know the funny part, coming back to Atlanta and be at Kroger and the sistas be acting funky like I need to sweat her or feel rejected by her stank attitude – that’s the funny part. It’s all funny until she sees the Kyoto or Dubai logo shirt I’m wearing while I’m pushing my grocery cart and whipping out the metal Venture X card on her stank attitude behind.

Japanese Multi-Purpose Building

If you look at the photo, this is an example of a smart design in Japan. This building I took a picture of with an Excelsior Café actually is iconic. The ad at the top hosted the world first QR advertisement and I went to 2009 to see it for myself and it was on Dream and Hustle I showed how it worked. This building is in Shibuya right across the street from Shibuya 109.

I want you to notice the picture because this is the origin of Toshikiso and cyber centre. In America, we have empty commercial real estate because the owner uses a long-term lease scheme as their only single pony trick. In Japan this building has multiple streams of revenue if you look closer.

This building host a Excelsior coffee shop and notice again on the second floor, people are working on their computers in Shibuya just like I was in doing in Shimbashi. I’m dropping hints on you brothas and sistas, plan a trip to Tokyo, bring your laptop and focus on your new global empire strategy away from clowns and get into your zone. That is what Japan can do best for you.

Then you see print advertisement and you see a video board on top of the building – they are making money from both physical and digital streams. This is a smart building design that you want to create in a commercial center. Notice there is no need to do a co-working space in Japan, just show up at the café and cute women show up sitting next to a brotha and I can speak Japanese and they start giggling covering their mouth before I get the Line App connect. Passport Bro.

Toshikiso API Plug and Play

Back in America, I was working on low-code APIs to help my customers quickly ramp up a business or application. If you go back to the screenshot in this article of my computer screen, you will see Toshikiso API library listed with over 700 endpoints for blockchain, media management, ledger/journal, e-commerce and more for entrepreneurs to quickly ramp up a digital business.

Toshikiso has unprecedented scale – this is what I need yall to understand.

First, I can host Toshikiso on my laptop and build desktop applications that runs against a local-installed Toshikiso API web server on port 8788 – we can do that for years to come and make money selling software. One of our applications called Dreams, Never Ends a graph-based intelligence engine is a candidate for the Toshikiso desktop implementation. DBEXX will also use this implementation to run financial exchanges on-premise.

Second use case is we install Toshikiso API at data centers around the world and create edge-based access to our APIs. This is our current implementation where we can quickly ramp up in South Africa, El Salvador, Vietnam, Japan and the UK – we can ramp up anywhere. This model creates a mesh network for anybody to create a digital service using our APIs.

Third use case is cyber centre. In this model, we have an actual building with 5G antennas that business can connect directly to using wireless and use secure tunnelling to run their local business against our stand-alone monolith cyber centre. The building will be multi-purpose just like Japan that can run digital ads on a big outdoor screen and inside, we can host a digital NFT gallery, people can buy digital assets like books or music using QR codes on posters and we can even create delivery-based service where people can order food, sit in our cyber centre and chill and wait for deliver to a designated table that has a QR code on the table used to order.

Fourth, we can install Toshikiso as an extension on cloud providers from Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud and more where people who use these cloud services can just connect inside the cloud network to our APIs and quickly create apps without doing much cloud configuration as well.

Broke pocket watchers thinking all brothas lame like them are pissed right now because they see the growth and scale of our money and what it looking like and we limitless at the moment. That’s why I said we just move in silence – our customer know who we are and they can pay the invoice and we just keep doing what we do over here.

Cyber Centre

Not only we got the pockets to acquire real estate but we can work with leading building architects around the world to collaborate on building a cyber centre or quickly refurbish an old building as a cyber centre. I’m working with architects; I don’t need to spend my money on any physical real estate.

We can take an entire skyscraper or hi-rise and digitalize it with Toshikiso API to run the services that is described in the diagram. People can pay their rent, reserve a space in the co-working area, sell advertising, buy and sell digital assets, watch movies and listen to music via streaming all within a single building.

Be mindful that blockchain and distributed ledger technology is behind the scenes running the transactions and event directives and multiple validators is verifying integrity in real-time. Folks talking about this can be hacked, the event log is also backed up for recovery if necessary – you cannot lock down and ransomware an event sourcing model, it just get written over and multiple validators can restore with integrity – bloop.

The same way we see stuff like Bugatti condos and Ferrari condos, we can tailor a Toshikiso West Dubai building for the digital enablement experience with Toshikiso API and supporting platform applications on top. We can scale this out to almost every major city with major buildings in the world as a channel revenue for our application. Pocket watchers are pissed looking at the revenue opportunity, look at them.

Moving Fast Like a Bullet Train

While in Japan, my favorite co-working space is not an office; it is the upgraded green car on the bullet train from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. I would get up around 5am and take the 3-hour train to Osaka and use those 3-hours to code while watching the landscape and the morning sun rise in the East.

Then at 8am arrival I would go to Osaka Starbucks in Dotonbori the one across from the big crab. Nothing but cute Japanese girls and other Southeastern Asian girls with thick curves sitting next to me trying to get me to talk to her. Passport Bro.

You know the funny part, right? I go back to America and be shopping at Kroger and see these sistas walking around with her stank attitude acting like a high-value brotha even care for that negative energy American sistas putting out towards the brothas. But nowadays, these sistas be looking kind of sad because they realize high-value brothas got options around the world and she ain’t even in play and she know why because of how she is acting out here.

Yall know damn well my Asian boo about to get her sprinkle-sprinkle on from a brotha putting his head down and putting in work in Japan to get this all off the ground. She was there for me and I already got her a Birkin, all you sistas will ever get is a Dooney & Burke from Dillard’s from me.

Early Adopters, I don’t think you understand what was built all this time. You saw the global trips; you saw the code and the articles outlining the vision. I hope this one article give you a baseline of what’s going down and going hard.

When I presented this in Japan, those Japanese women were literally pushing my girlfriend out the way to talk to me and take pictures with me and the Japanese brothas were nodding and asking me questions wide-eyed like I invented something that I really swagger-jacked from Japan. I’m big in Japan but when I go shop at Kroger back in the USA, these sistas in aisle 3 acting stank don’t realize I met some Venezuelan migrants in aisle 5 thicker than a sista and we doing some habla Espanol.

We are moving faster than I’m writing articles – I will keep everybody updated on our progress, but as you see after years of hard work and putting the head down, we really built foundationally something that is going to change the landscape and pad the pockets of my customers, Early Adopters, my family, and my Japanese boo up really good. Let’s get ready to go and get this. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide