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Update on MochaStar Global Advertising Platform – Release is Imminent

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

We are preparing to announce our MochaStar advertising platform, which will be another major milestone in our growth and progress. We have already established the subscription model on PZR009, implemented our search engine that is indexing PZR009, and are now releasing our advertising engine, where PZR009 will be a platform to host advertising.

Let’s discuss how we approach the platform. We built the advertising platform from the ground up using the latest and greatest technology. We also decided we can scale this platform worldwide and across every demographic. Like our search engine and upcoming DBEXX, our exchange, we can service clients outside of the Toshikiso ecosystem while using the Toshikiso engine.

Using a simple diagram, our advertisement platform is designed to be understood in simple terms. The reason why is international reach.  

Advertisers. This is the brand that wants to create marketing campaigns. They can register as an advertiser on MochaStar with their Kossier account. They will be able to fund their account and run campaigns on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Advertisements. These are the media assets that are uploaded into our system. The asset can be an image, video, audio, text or even customized content personalized to a target profile. The advertiser will upload the media, add metadata but most important, add LLM prompts – yes, we use prompts and will discuss this new feature in detail.

Partners. These are the establishments that will host the advertisements. They can be podcasters who want to host audio commercials, video programs that want video commercials, storefronts with billboards on top that want to host print ads, or websites that want to host banners. Partners receive a cut of the advertising revenue generated.

Touchpoints. A touchpoint is the actual device that hosts the advertisement. This can be a digital billboard, a TV screen in a salon's waiting area, a podcast show, or a website that hosts the ads. The touchpoint is registered to MochaStar and will be streamed on paid media to display to a target audience. The touchpoints also use prompts to identify the type of ads relevant to the touchpoint location and context.

Matching Engine. This is the broker system that matches advertisements with touchpoints using the prompts. This is where LLM comes into play by learning about the advertisement and the touchpoints and make the best match. If you are wondering, the matching engine is derived from our DBEXX exchange and can be reused in other applications such as dating apps and job-searching apps.

Now the biggest part not in the diagram is the target profile. Remember that the target profile does not necessarily mean a person or human being. It is not new technology, but machines can advertise to other machines, such as crypto miners that can be advertised to validate a transaction to receive a reward.  A target profile can be a location like South London or a demographic like Afro-Latino or an individual such as a Kossier profile that checks in at fashion boutiques and independent bookstores.

Let’s talk prompts before moving forward. Using prompts is an excellent way to help advertisers find their market. Instead of tags that are one-to-one matching, prompts are a language such as Korean-American with preference for car culture living on Chicago North Side. Just type in prompts and the LLM will start to process how to match with a touchpoint such as a auto custom shop waiting area on the North Side of Chicago.

The value chain is how money is made, and value is created. The advertiser funds the campaign budget and sets the advertising reach. Once the advertisement is displayed at the touchpoint, the impression fee is deducted from the account, and the partner and we get paid our share. The advertiser gets value from the impression on their target profile.

There are some other elements to note. First, there is a social credit system in place. Advertisers who want to FAFO with hustle schemes will get a low credit score, and partners who see the low score can reject that ad displayed on their touchpoints. Partners can preview what ads they can accept/reject, and advertisers can accept/reject where they want to display their ads as well.

PZR009 will be the first host of our MochaStar platform, and the first advertisements will come from within the system to promote articles in the banner section. As a content contributor to PZR009, I will sponsor ads to promote certain articles within PZR009 to help with engagement and increased readership.

This is a major milestone because it means we own our advertising platform and can deliver this service worldwide. When DBEXX is released, people can also pay for advertising credits with cryptocurrency.

It should be apparent by now that we are moving fast with these major releases, and pretty soon, the entire ecosystem will be shaping up. This is why we are moving in silence. We are implementing the big infrastructure projects that the smaller projects can quickly build upon. No need to be loud - work with your customers, get the money, and build the empire up even more.  


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide