Dream and Hustle

Introducing PZR009 and Toshikiso – The Tokyo Launch

Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Manufactured Solution is revealing our platform in Tokyo, Japan where it all started. I have a private event here with everybody involved in the years of development to showcase and celebrate. This has been a long road and that light that was so far away, we coming out of the tunnel.

In this article, I will discuss our two flagship releases that are coming out of the gate. I will discuss the platform and ecosystem that drives the solutions of our company where we can build fast, innovate fast, and scale fast. That means we have a new paradigm of rapid global growth that is needed to properly compete in the digital age.

The Ecosystem

Our core is our ecosystem which is designed as a universal and essential platform to enable both people and entities to participate. Here is our platform offering:

Toshikiso. Our core service processing unit. This is a collection of APIs, over 600 and counting, designed to run everything from smart micro-businesses to smart cities. Toshikiso is a Japanese phrase meaning “urban infrastructure” and is heavily modeled and inspired by Japanese urban technological wonders. I will show how we also implemented an “edge station” called a monolith which is a structure to enable local fiscalism anywhere in the world, with Joburg first on the list for implementation, not the American Black community that did not support me as I deserved.

Kossier. This is our digital lifestyle application for people to engage with our ecosystem. Kossier is like a wallet and more that allows universal access to check-in, messaging, blockchain-based transactions, and account ledgers. This allows businesses and enterprises quickly develop digitalization solutions where they can quickly create a gym membership model and their customers' login with Kossier and can reserve with Kossier and receive messages via Kossier at an extremely low cost of operation versus current solutions on the market.   

Kolin-Avers. This is our media-management solution to accommodate the global distribution of media assets. From streaming videos and audios to delivering advertising content or binary downloads of e-books and software, this is the central nervous system for all things media.

Michibook. This is our ledger system that rethinks the numbers we track to focus more on a lifestyle than living by numbers. Used for both personal and enterprise, shows the general ledgers, accounting ledgers, lifestyle ledgers, and also a place to conduct and manage transactions.

Stony|Ellis. Our platform for entrepreneurs and enterprises to create digital entities within our ecosystem. The ecosystem structure is to first create an entity and then create brand lines under the top entity. This allows businesses to quickly get up and running with full access to digitalization services for day-to-day operations. Like Toshikiso, we can operate physical locations of Stony|Ellis branches to help launch and manage the business. Yes, if you are from the South Side of Chicago, that is where the name Stony|Ellis came from.

View the Vista. This is our customer engagement platform and this Dream and Hustle blog is streamed from View the Vista platform. The platform can manage content intelligently to reach a customer based on demographics, space, and realms. From writing a blog, the platform can create social media links, create advertising links to media, manage newsletters, and receive feedback from their customers to have a one-stop shop for all their customer engagement both physical and virtual communication methods.

As you see, we are enabling our customers to fulfill their goals whether they want to be a digital nomad that works overseas with digital access to their operations, small businesses that need the basics setup to engage with their customers and transact with them, large enterprises and smart cities that need workflows and processes to quickly begin their digital transformation. Dubai, Bali, Lisbon, Berlin, Warsaw, Bogota, Mexico City, Bangkok – we can keep naming and naming but that’s our customer and market reach – worldwide.  

Just a reminder of my station – this Chicago West Side brotha doesn’t need the American Black community approval, judgment, or feedback – I did with the support of God and those who God brought into my life and into my mission from all around the world and that includes Dream and Hustle Early Adopters who will have preview access, everybody else can wait a minute.


You are seeing for the first time the code name of our new platform that will supersede the Dream and Hustle blog into something very big. PZR009 is designed to be a cooperative model where content contributors receive a share of the profit pool after operating expenses are paid up.

Authors from all over the world can create content and even receive direct advertisements and sponsorship on the content they create for the PZR009 platform. We will have intelligence built into the content platform to truly communicate the trending topics, contributors, and discussions and not be like these garbage content platforms that use biased editorial people picking and choosing who to promote and who to suppress or shadow-ban or throttle, we do none of that nonsense on our platform.

We will be a no-judgement zone but we will do so intelligently. We don’t do stupid woke crap like trying to push gay stuff in Qatar like that one ESPN clown did who suddenly died while in Qatar during the World Cup. In fact, our system is designed to respect borders and customs because in UAE for example, you cannot call people idiots and we have algorithms to make sure that kind of content doesn’t show up in Dubai because we are respecting other nations, not trying to be Cultural Marxists like these woke clowns at Disney and the child-sexualized stuff they pushing to everybody kids in a reckless manner.

Think about the Bud Light fiasco – one educated dumb chick forced an image of some ugly cross-dresser to hold a Bud Light can on Instagram and they gave him a personalized can of Bud Light with his sissy-looking face on it, offending the core customer base of Bud Light drinkers with that one chick forcing her pro-sissy viewpoint on everybody. You going to see more companies get torn apart from the inside by hiring these Cultural Marxists trying to quietly enforce alternative viewpoints on that business's long-standing customers.

If you look at the preview, you will notice we have a streaming advertising system that goes beyond PZR009 – we can stream to almost any touchpoint from digital signs or send to a printer to create signs and also hire/pay kids to place those signs around a market area. Those workflows and processes are designed to promote our contributors to promote subscriptions to increase the pool of revenue to distribute, more money for all. We can promote quickly trending content within our platform and highlight undiscovered content to make sure everybody gets a shot at reaching viewers.

Notice we have a revenue system similar to YouTube and Patreon but here is the thing – I don’t need the Democrat Party to come in and tell me to message some content to the Black people to get them to vote and do the electric slide or cha-cha slide at the voting booths, voting for Biden again. We are moving in a global direction and don’t answer to any special interest and will focus on making sure our contributors are promoted and get paid, using technology and algorithms as the driver.

Built to Empower

Our platforms and our solutions are built to empower the 21st-century paradigm shift. We know there are people who want to quit their jobs and become digital nomads and work from their laptops while enjoying a lifestyle in Bali. That digital nomad can create their company quickly with our platform and offer digital services.  Even here in Tokyo, nothing but digital nomads who don’t know each other at coffee tables and meeting spots just working alongside each other on their hustle. Meanwhile, passport bros here in Japan making videos talking about how to get a Japanese chick, a bunch of fakers.

Our customers are already built where they got money and they are willing to pay to improve the process of getting from their current situation to their goals. Our customers are young ASEAN, Europeans, Middle-Eastern, Latin Americans, and Africans all got the money and need our service to complete their gap to delivering solutions or staring a digital business with plenty of self-learning and automation that can grow on its own. I can care less what folks in America think – already showed this brotha how you feel about me and I handled it where cats can either get on board or keep it moving somewhere else. I know who my real customers are and what will make them pay for what we offering.

Right now, I’m in Tokyo meaning we got our pockets nice; our beaks are wet and I don’t need to go around begging anybody for money or try to impress or ask for validation. We got our own media PZR009 to promote our platform globally and our own Toshikiso platform to automate and ramp up the operations – the first two releases we are announcing here in Tokyo for our launch party.

More coming soon.