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Stony|Ellis Helping Enterprises with AI-Assisted Business Modeling and Value Streams

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

We are in a new era in entrepreneurship where entrepreneurs and their customers are going to be the one that matters most. The days of people telling you to do this and that for business are over; artificial intelligence will have the learning process, the information and predictive analysis developed for you. We got planes flying on auto-pilot so we don’t need air mavericks to tell you how to fly and navigate the skies, machines do that for the pilot.

Stony|Ellis our business development platform and our first destination for entrepreneurs after creating a Kossier account will address this paradigm shift. The platform is deceptively low-touch; just write what you think on your business in your terms. Machine learning in the back-end will fill in the important parts for you, there is no longer a need for you to spend months and money trying to figure out what the AI already learned and can tell you.

Right now, we got a lot of unnecessary characters putting themselves between the business makers and their business. These characters are creating made-up rules and requirements how you have to run a business, get funding, and more commentary. The sad part is watching the basic ones lap it up, follow these in-betweens and years later, accomplished nothing but a bad attitude to defend their fragile ego.

Please understand the simple process of business - the only business move is having your customer pay for your product and services. Go setup taco stands on busy corners around college towns – did you really needed to a business guru to get this setup or you just knew where the customers flushed with student loan money and getting a quick bite are located?

Some of you are wasting around folks trying to tell you everything about the hustle except just getting paid by your customers. These other folks want to involve themselves in the conservation, position themselves a thought leader or whatever. 

You on the other hand just need to focus on keeping the cash flow rolling in and rolling in more and more as time goes on.

Business Plans

One of the biggest jokes of going for your business is someone telling you do you have a business plan. I seen a lot of BS banks I won’t name but smaller banks ask for a business plan, especially if you Black and visit their office. But it only took a week to get an online business account setup through the web from an online bank that has better digital-first services – that’s the point I’m trying to stress.

I believe the SBA is on this BS as well with their business incubator and SBA-backed loans.

Who is telling you that you need to create a business plan? It is usually someone looking to throw an obstacle in your way and get you caught up in mechanics of setting up instead of just doing business. People selling books, conferences, motivational mailing lists and more talking about how to setup a business plan, have to list this and that.

The problem I’ve and experienced with business plans is the rigid orthodox structure of creating one, it has to contain fake or assumed monthly forecast, cute words and stuff so an investor can curl a smile while reading it.

In the real world, some junior level employee at the investor office is reading your business plan and reverse engineering it to steal your well-written ideal. That’s all you did with a business plan, create a well-written document on how to steal your business idea and process.

There is no longer a need for this unnecessary and unproductive work on creating a business plan. Besides, did they ask Sam Bankfried-Fried of FTX for a business plan and they have him a lot of money? He playing video games on an investor pitch and one of the guys at the VC firm thought it was cool and exclaimed “I like this guy!” which tells you these investors are on some BS.


With Stony|Ellis – I’m pretty sure the South Side of Chicago know where the name Stony|Ellis came from but let me continue. Well, I know the West Side of Chicago know where the name Fillmore & Polk, our upcoming agreement platform came from as well. Ok, I will continue now.

With Stony|Ellis, people will be able to create their entity and their brands.

An entity is the umbrella corporate structure such as Acme, Inc. Then the brands are the product lines which are driven by a value stream. For example, Proctor & Gamble is an entity corporation and their brands are Oral-B toothbrush and Ivory soap.

The value stream is logistics to manufacture and distribute these products to retailers for customers the purchase. The last phase of a value stream is the money exchange for value, remember that.

A business operation is really establishing the foundational organizational structure and creating value streams to generate revenue by providing value. Stony|Ellis facilitates this in the Toshikiso digital ecosystem.

Generative AI

As you see, there is no longer a need for you to sit down and create a business plan and be formal and waste time on this exercise. Stop thinking you have to impress an empty suit with a nice formatted business plan.

Again, they just stealing your ideas and reverse-engineering it and you did nothing but handed over a well-written document of your business operation to your opposition – folks are idiots out here trying to impress when God can just bless.

Lett me say it again before we move on – folks be writing movie scripts and submitting them to Hollywood and expect a call back. But what happens is they watching TV one day and see their script played out in a television series but manipulated in a way where the original writer knows their script was stolen but was just adopted to that TV series context. Giving it all away to the opposition for free.

The way Stony|Ellis work is not new; you likely been using the technology already right now. For example, if a box says enter known threat vectors to your business model and you type in “ransomware, insider sabotage” then the AI already know from those keywords to suggest digital streaming architecture and security clearance/background checks on employees and how to carry it out.

The technology is several you already familiar with. First, it uses spell-check so if you type in some misspelled word or nonsense, it can look up similar words and understand what you are saying. Second is machine learning. If everybody in Detroit is discussing setting up a pet grooming shop on 8th Mile then it can tell you insights that this is a popular option – either you talk too much on 8th Mile about your hustle or everybody magically think the same. Most likely that you talk too much to folks that didn’t need to know.

What we have done in the backend is extensive solution modules that can be mapped to natural language processing to filter the words inputted. This is called a knowledge base and most self-support web sites where you type in information use this same technology as well. So, we already know to recommend a digital asset margin business where someone can let you license a song/eBook from the creator and you market it for a period of time and profit from sales, we just need you to type in the right words like distribution, digital nomad lifestyle, lazy girl hustle and more.

Also, we can not only show what to startup, the AI will already scan for current trends and economic conditions and give your operation relevant news. Most stock trading platforms use basic research on stock symbols but AI can dig deeper into competitors and markets and give better insight for a business. This includes tax opportunities, new markets and demographic analysis.

One more thing, you can talk to the AI and ask them about this new invention and the AI machine learning can go look at it, parse it and make it useful to explain like ChatGPT does. This is the level of AI we are in 2023 and the machines can do the real work while you just focus on creating value for the customer with the knowledge needed to succeed.


To wrap up, there is no need to do all these formal writing anymore in the age of AI. Just enter certain keywords and the AI already done deep research to give you better insights and depth.

For example, with Stony|Ellis the first priority is how do you seek to get paid, the payment model? Do you want to invoice Account Receivables or just monthly subscription fee direct withdrawal from an stored account? That’s the first starting point, how you want to get the money?

Then if you are a digital nomad, self-service digital subscription is your best move where you don’t have to chase down overdue invoices.

Then we can ask if you are a physical or digital-based business or don’t know. Well, the AI already knows you are digital nomad so it recommends you focus on setting up a digital-first operation with no physical building. Remember that the AI will get smarter over time.

After this, we can start developing your business through event sourcing. This is the future model of business development, learn only from events and what actually happened, not what you predicting or dreaming of.

For example, a dude can dream or think that upcoming date is going to give him a nice experience at the restaurant. But the event that actually happened is she eating with her mouth open, she answers her phone with her kids arguing and screaming, some dude call and she tell you that was her cousin and she ordering crab cakes for appetizers.

That dude if he wants to date successfully learn from that event and learn to vet his future dates better instead of keep assuming the best outcome – that has been a flaw of mine as a young adult. That’s why I told you I eventually dumped the Japanese chick because she didn’t show up at the airport when I arrive – her no-show was an event to make the decision against, not how I feel about her.

Event driven business should grow this way because instead of writing a business plan, the AI monitors events and can pivot the direction of your company to take advantage of good events and steer clear of bad events as they are coming at you.

As you see, we are in a new era where AI-assisted growth and development is the way to start, manage and grow your enterprise. Stop all the writing and impressing and trying to act motivated. Let the machines manage the details and you focus on being ready for whatever in the new age of business development. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide