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Black Chicago Voters are Certified Stupid and Just Deleted Themselves

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

We should not be shocked or surprised at Chicago's Black voters; I wasn’t. The Chicago Black community re-elected one of the most worthless Black politicians, Danny Davis, back to Congress to continue to do nothing for the Black community.

This is a sad moment in Black History because there is no turning back from this. The Chicago Black community sealed their fate and will now experience an acceleration of decline like many other Black communities around the country. Overall, the only thing the Chicago Black voters cast a ballot for was to lose their community.

There is no roadmap to recovery, turnaround plan, or strategy to improve for the Black community. Just more crime, more replacement migrants, and more gentrification against the old Black Chicago population that hide in their houses from those wild streets and only come out to vote for Democrats.  It is officially game over.

I didn’t want to comment on the obvious outcome until after the election but this article is for the rest of the Black communities out there to learn from Chicago. By re-electing an old, feeble, worthless piece of sh*t like Danny Davis, they have no one to protect them from the blood bath that is actively being plotted on the Chicago Black community.

We have already seen how they moved the migrants into the Chicago Black community by design. You saw how they found millions of dollars to spend on accommodating migrants but didn’t spend money on helping the Black community. You even hear bigger picture schemes such as flying in migrants, and now the story about Tyson laying off Americans while hiring migrants with work permits at a lower wage.

All of this in-your-face scheming against the Black community and these goofy folks in Chicago voted for Danny Davis again. During Danny Davis's victory speech, he just mumbled some BS and made no mention of his agenda or what he is going to do for the Chicago Black community. This is what the Chicago Black community voted for.

Let me wrap this up because this is a wrap for the Chicago Black community. The Black Chicago voters made a stubborn and stupid move despite what is currently going on against the Black community. The Chicago Black community has no political leverage and made themselves more vulnerable to Democrat far-left machinations to take over Black political power, which is what the Justice Democrats openly wrote in their manifesto to take out weak Black politicians to replace with far-leftists.

They are over there in Chicago smiling and sh*t for re-electing Danny Davis, but the real winners are far-left progressives who are thanking the stupid Black Chicago voters for making it easier to push Black people out of power the next couple of years. They are unleashing crime, violence, migrants, gentrification, buying up real estate, and these stupid Chicago Black voters see it going on but went to the polls and voted for more of their own demise.

Do not feel sorry for anybody from Chicago complaining about their situation – they voted for their circumstances. I am from the West Side of Chicago and will divest fully from those fools and throw a flower on the grave they dug for themselves. I do not care about whatever happens to the Black community in Chicago, and they better not get on TV crying about problems in their community; I will turn to another station and watch polar bears frolicking around on a glacier before I give a sh*t about what happened on the West Side of Chicago.

I’m going to call it – I recommend any young and able Black person in Chicago pack up and get the hell out of that city. Let me be 100 with you – the real reason I moved from Chicago in 1999 is because the Black community voted to re-elect Richard Daley Jr a scumbag who used corrupt police to oppress the Black community with torture centers to get false confessions. Go to Houston, Raleigh, and Phoenix, but get the living hell out of Chicago because there is no “get better” that is going to happen; it’s only going to get worse.

The second thing – if you are in a city similar to Chicago with the same set of stupid Black voters who go out and vote Democrat, speak up and protest, and get loud and vocal. You are about to see what will happen to Chicago in the next few years. If you see the same Black voters hell-bent on voting Democrat or status quo, don’t get mad and quietly pack up and divest yourself from that community and let the far-left liberals take care of the stupid Black voters who keep voting for their demise.


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide