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Black Achievement Requires You Never Allow Yourself to be Leveraged by Anyone

Friday, February 17, 2023

Many of you heard of WallStreetBets on Reddit where the channel founder built the community group up over the years and have been in the news for fighting short sellers and winning. For example, this was the group that rallied for GameStop causing a lot of people who had bought $6/share stock to end up with $300/share. But something happened. 

The founder of WallStreetBets wanted to take the platform to a new level but Reddit decided to kick the founder off their platform and own the WallStreetBets name. Now the founder doesn’t own any parts of what they built up as a community for over 10 years. The moral of the story is the founder was stupid enough to allow Reddit to have leverage over him and Reddit took advantage of the leverage. 

We see Black folks all the time looking to be leveraged so they can brag about a short-term gain. They get a franchise just to brag to us they started a business. These Black claiming they tech want to chase Venture Capital funding to be happy and smiling someone validated them by taking equity from them. We saw Kanye happy to be signing fashion deals only to see he cannot say what he wants to say with those deals canceled on him as leverage. 

Twitter was all about leverage over your freedom of expression – say the wrong thing or something that doesn’t go with the narrative, and your voice will be canceled or throttled on the Twitter platform. Black artists sign record deals then the label tells them to degrade their own people or they will not get distribution. YouTube is demonetizing people on their platform for saying something that doesn’t agree with the narrative. PayPal canceling people's accounts for saying something that cancel culture doesn’t agree with. 

You as a Black person should know better from day one not to get caught up in this trap game. The way you move is you don’t allow yourself to be leveraged by anybody, period. You don’t sign any deals that restrict how you move, take away equity, or allow others to invite themselves into your empire and start telling you what they think of your journey. I remember Dream and Hustle wanted to promote some businesses and I wrote an article one of them stated they object to the article and I kicked their ass off my blog immediately, again – you don’t allow anyone to have an opinion on how you move. 

This goes back to the cutoff game I explained earlier. I had family members and the Black community who thought they can leverage isolation and render me a pariah for pursuing my dreams because they want Black folks to be regular and not outstanding and not excellent. As you saw, I told the Black community to go f*ck off somewhere and also told those members of my family to go f*ck off somewhere and they come back around me, they opposition and will be treated appropriately. Nobody leverages me and if they want to go there, I’m not playing with anybody out here. 

All you Black folks trying to get somewhere and seeing all these folks losing because they sold out at the first opportunity to brag about short-term gains, laugh at those sellouts but you learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat. Don’t ever let anybody have any kind of leverage on you. You do not sign non-disclosure deals and tell them to keep their secrets to themselves. You do not engage in debt-equity financing and putting folks on seats at your operation because they got the money you think you need. You focus 100% on staying 100% and owning 100% and calling the shots 100%. 

You can always find your way when you stay true to yourself and reality. I don’t need the Black community the same way Obama didn’t need them for his second run for president. I got the whole world to pursue my goals. The passport bros don’t need American sistas, plenty of fine Black women and other women shaped curvedly like Black women all over this world that loves Black American men. I don’t need funding from anybody – we got money over here and know how to make it or take it. I always got another option instead of allowing myself to be leveraged and that is how you got to move if you are Black and you are serious about truly making it the way you need to make it. 

Let’s be honest – you and I know these folks out here don’t like Black Excellence and don’t want to see me or you rising. Either they want us kowtowing to them and want us Black folks accepting their Satanic lifestyle or they going to try to vilify us and disrupt our rise to the top using every evil they got in this human realm. Stay true to yourself, keep thanking God for the good things that are happening for you, and keep in control of your life, your direction, your dreams, and your journey. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide