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Chicago Elderly Black Voters: Quit Complaining and Be Conquered

Sunday, March 31, 2024

We are beginning to learn a hidden revelation about history not taught to us in history class. They told us that history is authored by the victorious. But what they don’t tell us - history is decided by the defeated. The poor, misguided, miscalculated efforts of one side caused them to lose and enabled the other side to win and tell the story of victory.

Our current Black History being written right now is a generation of old Black voters who kept voting blindly for the Democrat Party election after election and we are seeing the damage and destruction of their decisions. Our communities, our economics, our family unit has deteriorated, not improved as we walk around in the Black community and see nothing but decay and desperation.

Look and listen to this slow, worthless Congressman that Black Chicago kept re-electing the past 25 years. Crime is out of control in Chicago, people and businesses are leaving the Black community, and migrants are being pushed into their communities to replace them by the Democrats, and this is what Black Chicago voted for in March 2024 to send back to Congress.

Danny Davis made no comment about the current issues facing Black Chicago, he sounds tired and out of touch and slow and doesn’t care. He just blabbed about voting for Joe Biden again. Yeah, look directly at those Black people in the crowd and hollering like they at a corner store church on Central Avenue. These are the local yokel unsophisticated Black population in Chicago who are not prepared for the plotting in 2024 to destroy them.

Let me say this instead of dragging on this article – the young Black folks in Chicago, they can pack up and leave for Dallas or Phoenix or Atlanta which is what they are doing. They go down to these cities and got better jobs, nice apartments, green parks and better quality of life and access to better food choices.

So let’s cut out young Black Chicago from this scenario, they can up and leave right now and rise to the top somewhere else.


It’s these old-ass Black Chicago folks who cannot up and leave and go anywhere and stuck there. They already bought into their homes and the rising price of housing, they cannot sell their homes and move somewhere else that easy.

They are stuck looking out at the streets with criminals running everywhere, young women selling it to suburban men driving through their communities, migrants they haven’t seen before just walking around their “traditional Black community” and no new business or no new major investments or development – just a lightweight community garden to grow some greens or tomatoes on an empty lot.

Our current generation of Black folks have to acknowledge and accept the damage these old ass Black folks done to us by kept voting Democrats instead of voting for the best interest of Black people and demand tangibles in exchange for our votes.

Re-electing Danny Davis is a sure sign that these old Black Chicago voters have not learned a damn thing and not trying to change for the better of our people. It’s like they wrote us all off and it’s time we have to acknowledge to write them off and leave them to their own devices.

I personally do not care anymore what happens to these old ass Black Chicago voters who keep voting stupid. What we all going to do is watch what happens to them and teach our children and next generation this is what happens to a people and community when they don’t vote for their best interest in the political system and decisions have consequences.

As I explained in a previous article – the far-left liberals want Danny Davis Congressional district and see him as an old weak-ass do nothing fool; they want him back in office to take over that prime real estate and that Congressional seat to have more sway in Congress. The South and West Side do not even know the people behind all of this but some of us know the names but again – Black Chicago vote stupid not even doing research on who is a friend or foe to them.   

Here is what is going to happen to the old-ass Chicago Black voters, the deciders of their own fate. The Biden administration literally allowed warrior-aged men into the country and Brandon Johnson administration flooded them into Chicago Black communities. Chicago City Hall knew they would not get any pushback from loudmouth complaining but docile and feeble Black Chicago voters who are just going to vote Democrat anyway when another election comes around.

These warrior-aged migrants, being men, are going to want power, property, and p*ssy, and the Black community is all theirs for the taking. Don’t get triggered – we all South Side and West Side Chicago in this conversation, you know how things go down around our way.

Yall can act drill or street all you want, but let’s be honest – Black street warriors don’t have replenishment capability like the migrants who can bring in more reinforcements from the border and create more babies than the current Black generation; don’t fool yourself to believe otherwise; that battle for the street corners has already been lost.

You may not know history but let me explain some Chicago Black History with the public housing projects in the 1960s and 1970s – Good Times and James Evans Sr stuff. Where did they built those public housing projects? They built Cabrini Green on the near north side in an affluent White community.

They built Henry Horner on the west side around Irish/Jewish/Polish immigrant community, same with the south side projects – they did this all around the country, not Chicago but everywhere from Baltimore to St. Louis to Harlem.

I was a kid in those public housing projects, so guess who was still there? The old White people who could not move away, including the old teachers at the school that was once all-White and now it’s full of project Black kids and those left-behind White teachers. How do you think our public-housing ghetto ass back in the 1970s treated that poor White teacher who was left behind in the community? You think we treated those left-behind White teachers with respect as an elder? LOL.

Who homes do you think we broke into being little ghetto kids? I grew up in LeClaire courts, 44th and Cicero, and the dividing line was 47th and Cicero. That was a White community – we took Hearst Elementary from them, and all the young White girls that were still there had mixed babies as teenagers and reminded you – this is in the 1970s. I remember as a kid going to the basketball court at Hearst Elementary and seeing a white kid who climbed the basketball pole to the top sitting on the net and Black kids were shaking the pole and he swinging back and forth until he fell off – I was in the 3rd grade when that happened. We took the monkey bars and the entire playground from them as well.

You know the funniest story? There was an older White postal worker in that area, and I guess he gave us candy as we passed by him to calm us down and think he was a nice guy. One day, I saw some of my ghetto peers from another project housing block took his candy, put him to the ground and he yelling as the boys went into his pockets to take money from his postal working ass – guess those bribes didn’t work out too well for the hood kids, nope.

I guess history repeats itself with different actors. That garbage Daley Sr and Bilandic did the same thing to their own White community, moving us ghetto Black folks into public housing that Brandon Johnson is now doing to the Black community with migrant shelters and vouchers.

Now these stupid old-ass Black Chicago voters are going to see their grandson swinging and falling off from a basketball pole and get his monkey bars taken, and they are going to see their granddaughters pregnant with a migrant baby. The young Black Chicago folks who are younger are going to be enjoying 80-degree weather in January, living in Phoenix, not even thinking about going back home to Chicago or planning on flying back except for a funeral.

Guys, there is literally nothing we can do but watch Black History manifest as the old-ass Black Chicago gets exactly the fate they kept voting for. Don’t tell me to feel sorry for them, either. There is no one to blame, but just a lesson we all can learn from and realize who we vote for matters, and we should be voting for our interests, not political parties and skin color. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide