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Butterfly Effect: Small Bad Decisions Fated Black Community Overall Rapid Destruction

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

In Atlanta, we got a simp for a mayor named Andre Dickens who made up some nonsense called “Year of the Youth” where he thinks he can coax out-of-control violence among the high school kids and young adults. I laugh every time I see these simp “community activists” clown Black men and wannabee rappers show up trying to say they talking to the youth when they all know they are ineffectual and won’t solve anything.

I’m writing this article from Tokyo, Japan where I’m finding my peace, reconciling with my Japanese chick, going out to Nara later, and feeding some friendly deer and stuff – that stuff you take selfies of to impress the chicks on Tinder. Now let’s go back to America - the real problem is something the Black community does not understand that they understand here in Asia which is the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is the philosophy that the smallest decision you make has the biggest consequences in your life. For example, a Black teenage girl thinks it’s cool to have sex with a clown broke brotha – she becomes pregnant and becomes a teenage mother. That teenage pregnancy just marginalized her for most of her adult life. She cannot run to Dubai or Bali as a free adult, she will always have the burden of her child and this is a tax on her life.

Then another teenage girl keeps to herself, runs straight home from school, and studies and studies. That teenage girl grows up to be a woman working at DBS in Singapore and set up her own investing algorithm that bourse trading houses license from her and she a quiet multi-millionaire with maids and au pair helping raise her kid. That decision to stay away from broke clowns as a child set her up on a ramp to prosperity and progress.

Young brothas hang out with other young brothas and they start trying to rank up to see who leads, and who follows and everybody has to prove they are the hardest. Then we see the cycle begins where they need bodies as a symbol of their rep that they are hitters to instill fear among their followers. Then the young brothas look at other young Black men and call them “opposition” then they shoot at each other, killing each other. Then they get arrested for murder, their whole life is thrown away because of a worthless choice of trying to impress other dudes.

We can talk about Black guys running around impregnating women and he got to pay child support for the next 20 years. He goes into arrears; his check is garnished and he trying to operate as a barber on a cash basis to avoid having his checks garnished. He cannot start empires, he cannot travel to see fit and friendly feminine women in Latin America so he is on YouTube hating on passport bros who are not thinking about a broke marginalized brotha because a passport is too busy hanging out with fit, friendly and feminine women in Latin America.

Black politicians, yall keep voting for those who take political donation money from pawn shops and auto pawn lenders to charge high-interest loans in the Black community. Some politicians, including Barack Obama and the South Shore Bank debacle where Obama try to get corporatists to set up franchises and big box stores in the Black community instead of supporting local entrepreneurship. Here in Japan if you ever visit, nothing but entrepreneurs all setup, people running their own food shops, used brand wear stores, small bakeries, and confectionaries – stuff Black people used to do in the 1920s to 1980s but were greedy Black politicians sold the Black community and small Black merchants out of business.

Look around you in the Black community – someone decided at 2:30 am at night to go to a gas station in the Black community – that decision cost them their life by getting shot in the crossfire at a gas station shooting in the news. Their kids don’t have a parent and don’t have financial stability and they grow up hardened and with criminal behavior to survive – that one decision to fill up on gas at 2:30 am caused all of this to happen to 2-3 generations of another Black destroyed family unit for the next 80 years of the Williams family.

That’s the butterfly effect.

This article is really written for the clowns in the passport bro movement who are deciding to follow this manosphere bullcrap out here instead of being their own man. I thought the movement was SYSBM or save yourself, Black man. But you cats out here d*ckriding these garbage manosphere clowns on social media hijacking the essence of the passport bro movement.

Common sense should tell you some old brotha with gray hairs like Passport OG on YouTube can’t tell you a damn thing about moving around this world – he looks sexually frustrated in his videos and just runs his mouth trying to be philosophical. Then you got these other clowns like that Average Black Man who also look beta as hell, spend more time showing videos of Black women acting crazy instead of showing you how to move around in this world as a young Black man.

Look at the older brothas 10 years ago who followed Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Boyce Watkins and Umar Johnson, and Polight – where the f*ck are they at? They lying about their status today and they are still lame brothas who chose to follow clown stuff instead of operating like Black men for their people, their community, and their kids. Their decision failed the current Black generation of young men who don’t have any blueprints to build upon.

I am in Tokyo, there are plenty of fine sistas out there who are interracial and grew up in boarding schools with rich parents. There are plenty of women from around the world working here who know how to move globally and set up global operations. But there is a lot of stuff for a young brotha to do and enjoy for himself and find himself at peace instead of chasing chicks – the world does not operate by chasing chicks, I thought all brothas saw the Scarface movie? You get the money, get the power then you get the girl.  We got passport bros doing it ass-backwards trying to go overseas to chase chicks instead of SYSBM.

Look at that International Passport YouTube character who is in Tokyo while I’m here - International Passport doing lightweight nonsense on his YouTube while I just move and handle things and actually get Japanese women to date, just me and her. Not one video of that guy drinking all night with a whole bunch of Japanese women all laughing - that's how the ladies roll here. Group dating, then single dating in Japan - that's how I met my lady of five years.

The Wall Street Journal is featuring a story that young people are dying at an alarming rate never seen before due to increased violence, drug abuse, and the biggest cause of death – auto accidents that kill more youths driving recklessly. See let’s go back to that weak simp mayor Andre Dickens in Atlanta – he thinks he can “feel good” out of this problem with some youth summit PR stunt for 11 Alive news to report on. But we all know the reality of youth violence.

We all know that these kids who got guns and shooting at others fated their own life to live by the gun and die by the gun – they are not trying to look to be entrepreneurs or have a job and we all know that’s BS rhetoric. Everybody is fated based on the decisions they made – there is nothing me and you can do to stop them, all we can do is stop them from messing up our fate. That’s why people are locked up in jail away from society because the decision to release criminals due to COVID-19 in early 2020 led to a rapid increase in crime and gang initializations among Black youths.

You brothas out there who claim you want to be a passport bro keep following these manosphere clowns and will find yourself also fated as well. You going to realize we live in a global economy and Indians, Chinese, East Europeans, and Africans move around this world including here in Tokyo and they know the ropes while you American brothas sit here talking about Kevin Samuels and Charles Tyler who were both lame ass brothas yall trying to lionize their legacies.

I’m in Tokyo, I took myself here. I found my space; this is about me – this Black man saved himself a long time ago by focusing on what the f*ck I had to do for myself. I followed no one but the path of God and what he had in store for me.  You brothas out there following some characters who are talking a good talk then try to sell you consultation, you fated yourself by the small dumb decision to follow these characters that you may not reach the pinnacle you envisioned.

All I’m saying here is all those little decisions the Black community thinks it is cool – smoke weed, get arrested for weed, can’t find a good job, got to pay probation and child support and own back taxes – all those big prices yall got to pay is because of one dumb ass decision you thought was cool and you were going to slide from. It doesn’t work like that – butterfly effect.

Be mindful of all the decisions you make, who you follow, and how you roll, and make sure everything you do is in the best interest of yourself and your future.