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African Brothas Pioneered the Passport Bro Movement in China – Reviewing Their Blueprint

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The current passport bro movement conversation is a hot mess of chasing clicks and views for profit on social media. I see a lot of content where we got folks trying to use the passport bro movement to attack American Black women as a win for the battle of the sexes. A lot of MGTOW and manosphere are hijacking the passport bros topic and not talking about the how-to but just telling Black women their reckoning is coming.

One of the guys, a Dallas-based lawyer is hijacking the passport bro movement but when I tried to listen to his shows, he just peddling to send him money via CashApp and buying some passport bro t-shirts off his YouTube page so the grift is on. Anybody who openly says they gave Dr. Umar Johnson money for that phantom school nonsense is all I need to know they are not really about this movement and just grifting.

I also see disturbing content by Black man-hating Black women that reveal hidden mental illness – I have been around long enough to see these so-called Black feminist bloggers end up committing suicide because it wasn’t about Black men, she had PTSD or something mental going on and those stupid Black women online supporting that Black feminist vitriol did nothing but drove her mental crisis further down the hole of despair and anguish.

Some of these Black feminists are posting outright lies on the Internet not realizing they going to catch a legal lawsuit case of Cardi B on their lying blogging behind trying to defame and slander brothas as sex traffickers and predators.

Then we got liars – the manosphere bros are saying Kevin Samuels or Charles Tyler triggered the passport bro movement – no they did not.  Kevin Samuels who is now dead, his business model was to hustle Black women with counseling on how to obtain a high-value man, knowing a high-value has zero interest in a Kevin Samuels client. Charles Tyler who is now dead, the guy I covered 10 years running down to Brazil had zero clout and just “hung out” in Brazil and gaslighted his goofy follower base of Black men bros with the notion there is a paradise of women outside of America and was also more into attacking Black American women with a “found something better in Brazil” propaganda campaign for clicks and views.  

The real passport movement and I have documented this on Dream and Hustle almost 10 years ago started with West African brothas going to China and other parts of Asia. China, seeking to establish economic ties with Africa has allowed Africans to move to China to trade and set up businesses mostly in the Guangzhou area which is right outside of Hong Kong. We also see the passport African bros move into Europe and North America during this same time period so I will call out any faker or liar who says Kevin Samuels or Charles Tyler invented this movement when all those two did was either talking nonsense or just went somewhere and built nothing.

By the way, there is some TikTok clip with a woman called TonyaTKO I saw where she featured some African woman trying to lecture African-American passport bros. See how much lying and funny stuff going on? That African chick running her mouth, her African men been ran away from these Westernized African sistas over 10 years ago and ran to Asia and married, raising families and setting up businesses. Do you want to know what happened next? These Westernized African women straighten their act up to fight for their African man back but because they didn’t build together in the beginning, it’s the Chinese and the Afro-Chinese running the economy in Africa, changing the rules-based order of the African continent. Too little too late but hey, at least we get to see cool African wedding videos where they dance like a squad and stuff, yay!

Not only the African brothas started the passport movement, but they also finished it and showed up exactly where all of this is headed and it does not look good for the Black community and definitely not good for Black women. Meanwhile, Dr. Umar is chomping at the bit, not able to do anything about his artificial construct of Pan-Africanism dissolving in real-time and he just milking the mouth-running game for clicks and views as his only card to play.

In this article, we are going to have an analysis of the real passport pro movement in the early days of Africans going to China. In China, the African brothas set up businesses, dated and married Chinese women, and raised a new generation of Afro-Chinese disruptive to the current Black Diaspora as we know it. The goal is to show what they have done, what we can learn, and how to proceed better.

Setting Up the Colony

This is the part you can tell the current passport bro movement may be phony and a gaslighting event. In order to sustain any foreign campaign, you must be able to set a solid footing in the area you are targeting. The Africans were invited to China and given a space. No country invited African-Americans and gave them a space. In order to do that, a host country would likely set up a free zone as Dubai has done.  

Keep in mind, the African brothas did not run to China on a woman-first basis. The first goal was money and power and to establish a supply chain and trade lines back to their motherland. Now you see African cities more modernized with washers and dryers and generators and clothing manufacturing and more as the African traders set up wholesale markets to sell to the world, including selling hair extensions worldwide after they set up their area in Guangzhou.

In fact, African women came along with African men and also pursue their stories as well. This wasn’t an African man against the African woman – these were pioneers who all moved somewhere to develop their story. Some of them found love from Chinese women and if you didn’t realize by now just looking at the pictures in this article – those Chinese women chased these African men, married that African man, and had that African man babies, not the other way around.

One can argue that Wode Maya who was one of the Africans who went to China and then set up a YouTube channel with his passport touring Africa and checking out the women were the real modern pioneer of this passport bro genre. Because if you look at the video format, it is copied from Wode Maya's early works and style of producing the videos.

Jobs and Trade in the New Settlement

As you know, if the passport bro movement is serious about their movement, they have to be able to sustain the colony. We don’t know where the passport bro money is coming from and you and I am not hearing much details on this topic.

What we know from experience is how typically our people run into money or get money to sustain themselves to showcase the lifestyle they hollering. Someone could have died and left them a six-figure insurance policy and they use the money to travel the world. They could be related to a professional athlete or someone else with money and they kicked them off some money to travel the world to stay away from them – celebrities do that all time, pay their families to move to Paris or London to stay out of American media drama. Or they did PPP fraud and they not coming back to America, those are the smart ones instead of the idiots staying here in the USA knowing the feds going to catch up with them.

One of the things I’m hearing is “remote work” and this can be gig work and hearing bros arguing about making $50,000 and that is enough to live like a king in Brazil, Dominican Republic, or Thailand. I’m not exactly excited about this approach but I do believe it is doable because I can live at this threshold and below this threshold, eating right with whole fruits and protein, enjoying beaches and parks and pools, and having a girlfriend that sits in front of the scooter we can ride together in Thailand. But that brotha better have a plan B side hustle to replace plan A and that’s the part you not hearing these characters on YouTube not telling you brothas, I will break down the numbers and science and see if remote work is viable.

In the early African movement, the pioneer African passport bros made money from setting up global trade routes and supply chains from China to Africa and Latin America, and the Middle East.  They made serious money and they got spots in London and Dubai nowadays and creating downline generational African success stories. So if the passport bros going to talk about setting up a colony, this part needs to be hashed out where we come in and build out an opportunity just like every other group that comes to the USA and set up a collective merchant class.

Local Tensions and Events

The passport bros have two major events in Africa that we know of because they begged us African-Americans to help them regarding issues in China. The first major one was a near-riot in Guangzhou because Chinese police arrested an African over a bicycle sale dispute and he died in custody. This was the powder keg on top of Chinese police keep stopping and interrogating and harassing Africans to see if their visas were expired or still active. Many of the Chinese men were complaining that the African men were “taking their women away” from them, lol. This is true, go do your search engine research.

The second issue was COVID-19 and xenophobia was spreading around Guangzhou. The Chinese locals were saying the Africans were spreading COVID-19 and food establishments were banning Africans from entering saying Chinese-only. Even the famous Guangzhou Kentucky Fried Chicken put up a sign saying no Africans and you know that set the Africans off. There was a made-up claim that an African-American was being denied entry into the restaurants to drag ADOS to spread the word and it worked; KFC was pressured to get Africans back to eating a 2-piece fried chicken and a side biscuit and the funny part – it was only after ADOS got involved the African ambassadors showed up and started talking about the problem.

I’m going to mention another passport bro country in case you don’t remember last year – Ukraine. The African passport bros and the women who lied about being students (all of them were not medical students) and were getting harassed and pushed back at the Ukrainian border – it was once again, ADOS and American media that intervened to help these Africans get out of Ukraine before the African ambassadors stepped in, I hope Maxine Waters and Jamal Bowman don’t do the passport bros like that.  

With that said, what emergency plan do the passport bros have in place to address tensions and their own safety in a foreign land? In Brazil, they having tensions from the presidential elections where they had folks storm the capitol administration building hoping to unseat the president. In Thailand, they have been protests and tensions regarding the monarchy and the prime minister. If things pop off in these countries, what are the brothas going to do? If the brothas don’t have a plan, the passport bros going to get on TV and beg TonyaTKO and the modern Black American woman to come and rescue him and his Thai chick.

In Summary, Passport Bro is Not a Lightweight Move

I’m the real thing and I can tell you right now as a real passport bro – it is going to cost cash out of pocket at least $50k to $250K to make a real passport move and I’m not talking moving, I’m talking just the paperwork. Remember the passport bros you're seeing talking now are on temporary entry visas and not the real kind of make-a-move visa that cost the kind of money I just mentioned.

Other than that, it’s some hustle lightweight move that is mostly a gamble hoping to pay off, and more than likely, it will not pan out. In reality, it going to be a nightmare for broke brothas talking he wants a cheap, big-booty, feminine Thai chick when no one told him that a Thai chick can Muay Thai kick him in the chest and break several ribs as she was trained since a child in mixed-martial arts.

As I stated before, the only realistic move is a remote work visa and working a remote job and only Dubai, Mexico, and Portugal are the two countries realistic for a passport bro to consider. Mexico is the only realistic option. So the Thailand stuff the facts are not really there and folks are on YouTube making up lies and nonsense about settling there. You can get a non-immigrant renewable visa for up to 1 year or 5 years or a marriage visa where you marry down there. But remember, this is beyond a passport – this is an actual visa you need to obtain and costs money to get.

This is why I’m going to provide some truth and facts on this passport bros because I see a lot of BS and lies being passed around and we going to have some idiot YouTube brotha show up in Thailand with drugs and then realize they carry a death penalty or long prison sentence for carrying and using drugs in Thailand and he going to be crying for American Black feminists to rescue him.

Because if a passport movement is going to happen, it has to be done via the African-to-China model. We go with our sistas and we build up a new colony and economic establishment to sustain ourselves. Most of these passport bros are not builders or know the global business or have remote work skills and just sitting around driving beer trucks and listening to Tariq Nasheed and typing LOL to another Black man in the chat session, let’s be honest about the real picture here.

Now if me and you heard these brothas were going to explore crypto skills or digital transformation skills and move to these places and set up business operations and create a global hub of business to sustain themselves and find a woman to spend their new money on, then me and you would believe they for real, but for now – nah. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide