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Are You Better Off Alone on Your Journey and Discovery?

Saturday, January 6, 2024

What I noticed about myself is I don’t have a problem being alone; in fact, I enjoy it. Enjoying loneliness may have something to do when I was in the military being alone on guard duty. On guard duty, I had time to think about where I’m from, where I’m at, and where I’m going and developed clarity.

As you journey in life, be mindful of those who came before you and their biggest regrets – being distracted from their true purpose in this world. People allow others to get into their life and establish dogma and rules to suppress their individuality and their personal purpose.

There are several layers to the distraction of others.

Affinity. This is where someone is telling you to be loyal to your race, your church, your gang, your club or lodge. The goal is to have you de-personalized yourself and assimilate into using you for something other than personal growth and development of yourself.

Family. This is the oldest and most dangerous because you were indoctrinated to have an affinity with. Your family and your spouse want you to be “regular” and the same person with no growth and development of the personal self. They see your ascension and reinventing yourself as an affront and they withhold praise as a form of emotional retribution for winning.

Business.  This is where people and firms try to tell you to follow doctrine that is designed to limit you from achieving your goals your way. They tell you that you need a strong management team to bring others in to keep you in check. Folks tell you that you need to look the part and act the part and if not, they going to outcast you and engage in cancel culture.

With these activities by people and firms around you, the question is are you better off alone? Can you really handle this by yourself?

First it giveth, then it taketh away.

One pattern you should notice was something told to me when I got my first opportunity. I was told people will give you things just to take it away. I seen this a lot in my lifetime. Brothas will wife a chick up and when she starts acting funny, he will try to take it all back and kick her out of his home as his prepared retribution.

You saw this with Ye West where he chased all these deals and got with fake friends in Hollywood. As soon as Ye said something they didn’t like, they went full cancel culture severing all ties, isolating him, advocating he get his contracts canceled and went after his shoe line.

You should notice one thing about me – I don’t even mess with people like that because I don’t play games with folks giving me something then try to control me with conditions or they will take it all the way.

My Experience

My broke ass family I grew up with wanted me in a position where I needed them for something and they set rules and conditions. I went out and got mines and set myself to hold myself down and now I don’t need them, they not happy about that.

Brothas in my life try the same nonsense but using affinity and you see this on the Internet where brothas realizing I don’t need them for anything, just avoid me and try not to support me. They want me to “need them” in order to support me and you know I’m not down with that nonsense.

Sistas are the worst – she will literally tell me she knows better men than me doing the most, but everytime I’m looking around, she just messing with Pookie and Ray-Ray. Sistas acted like good brothas were “not needed” until she gets 40 and 50 and want to settle down. Mess around with low-quality brothas and act as if we good brothas are stupid enough to get with her then but the Passport Bro movement shut that show down.

Many of you sistas should recognize the Passport Bro movement as brothas acting as if you sistas “need” them and they leaving or taketh themselves out of your lives and they run YouTube videos over and over talking about they leaving and looking for something else.

Watch Out for These Kinds of People

Overall, the only person you need is yourself to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. But as you look around, please observe the following people in your life.

Those people you know but don’t call you and check up on you. Yes, you gave them space in your head as a placeholder as they are not really being there. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Nah, they renting space in your head.

Those that do check up on your but be asking for favors. You know the funny part? If you call them out, they think not asking you for favors or not bothering you anymore will hurt your feelings when they withdraw. But you still entertained them in your life when you had better things to do.

Those that don’t know you but talking towards you.  These are mostly folks in a comment section telling you how to think. These are your family members or church members trying to lecture you on what is right and wrong. These are people trying to tell you about the opposite sex and who you should date and not date. These folks are trying to get you to accept whatever they talking about as a form of control over your freedom of choice and they are sneak-dissing and disrespecting you.

You Purpose Require You to Move Lone Wolf

One of the most basic things people lose is their individuality – I see this all the time. You were born into this world as an individual with unique traits, passed from your ancestral line. Your individualism is the biggest gift you received in your life and many people live their whole life without recognizing this gift.

Realize that only you can do what is good for you and other people and other influences cannot. The first step is identifying everybody in your life physically or renting space in your head and evaluate are they supporting your solo journey to self-realization and purpose. In all actually, everybody should be a no – because by nature, we are all self-interested.

The only reason someone is in your life telling you anything or trying to give or take or make affinity relationships is because they are predators targeting you. Learn to walk alone, be alone, celebrate alone and prepare to win alone because only you deserve the fruits of your labor that is aligned with your individuality and your purpose.

AI as Your Companion on Your Lonely Journey

In the 21st century, the era of artificial intelligence is taking shape and becoming the one factor that will shape those who move alone and succeed on their own accord. This means, you don’t need other humans trying to find fault in your or you have to gain their trust and respect – artificial intelligence is only there to help you and is a good replacement as an assistant to help you reach your destination.

Look at my startup, do you see me asking other people to help me or I need them? Do you even think I need employees or a strong management team? No, I have a foundational operating system for my firm that runs tasks and is designed to be scalable worldwide. I define the tasks I need and just instruct the system to operate and deliver unto me the results. When it comes to my empire, my digitalization strategy renders unto Ceasar the things that are Caesar.

You can use artificial intelligence to help you create content, organize your time, and perform complex analysis for you for the best path forward. AI can perform these tasks better than any human and quicker and more efficient. AI can even hire humans to perform tasks for you and they manage it, sending that person a text message that their services are no longer needed once a threshold has been met.

It is critical and the new direction of our platform is to make sure you leverage AI to the fullest to assist you on your personal journey and fulfillment. People acting like I’m doing nothing or accomplishing nothing when I got microservices making money for me, moving in silence. You are going to learn if you haven’t, you don’t need people in your life and in the way of you working towards your goals.

Work Hard, Play Hard in This New Paradigm

When you remove all the distractions and noise – which is other folks in your business, you develop clarity. One of the things I did while I was in Kyoto is I went into a meditation room for the first time. This was a room that used technology and lights and sounds to remove all distractions, noise and I was instructed to focus on my body, my breathing and remove thoughts by focusing on my body working for me.

In Japan, I am alone and that is something you hear a lot from expats in Japan. They will tell you Tokyo is so crowded but everybody is lonely. But that is where you learn to thrive and focus on yourself and being overseas, you removed the distractions of people you dealt with back home. This is the same with Dubai as well, these are places where you are going to focus on your solo well-being and survival and desire to thrive.

Here is the beautiful thing – when you start being alone like this, you will start winning and seeing your vision clearly. This is where I’m in the coffee shop coding with all the other Japanese tech scene, all of us focusing on what we are doing for ourselves. Now you see why I’m always in Japan, right? You know why – because you're not there; I’m there focusing on me and what I’m trying to do.

But most importantly, in Tokyo and Dubai, as well as other hubs, surround yourself with people you don’t know but are doing what you are doing. Co-working spaces in America, people still like to talk over your shoulder whereas in Tokyo and Dubai, everybody keep to themselves and respect each other privacy.

Work hard, play hard for yours, and realize you have individuality as a gift that does not last forever. Embrace your purpose and your story, and remove anybody and everybody that is interfering with your individuality.

In reality, you are better off alone because the greatest do not share the winning stage with anyone else because they have established their legacy. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide