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The Difference Between a Cenotaph and a Monolith

Monday, May 1, 2023

The purpose of this article is to understand the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what’s ahead of you. Most of you are not ready and not even at the level to even conceive the understanding. However, many of our brothas and sistas are sitting around joking about some lightweight stuff thinking they are special or excellent. No, after reading this article we will see who is a lame clown and who is really excellent around here, keep reading. 

Most of these folks don’t even know what a Cenotaph or a monolith actually is yet they are in the 21st century acting like they are special. That’s your giveaway to determine the wheat from the chaff. 

A Cenotaph in existence today is a monument to those who passed whose bodies are not present. In London in the Whitehall area, there is a Cenotaph for the war dead of the First World War. In the photo above to the left, is the Vimy Cenotaph in France in dedication to the Canadian soldiers who fought for the French in the First World War. As you see, Cenotaphs were created over 100 years ago to honor the memory of those who passed and were not able to tell their story. 

In America, we have the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where actual unidentified bodies are soldiers are buried in that location so it is a tomb, not a Cenotaph. The Vietnam Wall is actually not a Cenotaph either because it contains identifiable names of identified people, it is a memorial. It is important to note the understanding of a Cenotaph because it is important to understand what a future-facing monolith will be. 

A monolith is mostly written about in sci-fi literature and in movies. The first exposure to the monolith was in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey with a bunch of monkeys acting crazy around a monolith – according to author Arthur Clarke of the Space Odyssey novel series, a monolith was an alien artifact that was spread around the universe to teach advanced technology. So those monkeys acting crazy in the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie evolved into humans after learning advanced technology to build civilizations, they didn’t explain that part in the movie. 

Well, we are here in 2023 AD and the concept of a monolith is coming closer to reality and my company is headed in that trajectory. I have already described in the past articles the creation of a structure that will serve as an interface to the local community providing information, intelligence, and transactions via an API – based on our Toshikiso platform. 

A monolith will be a structure operating like a data center but will have built-in processes, rules, and datasets to transfer knowledge, conduct communication and engage in transactions with all those who interface with it. It will have artificial intelligence with the ability to create conversations and simulate people and events that happened in the past. 

The AI technology today can simulate faces, voices, and historical re-enactments of events. Machine learning can constantly adapt to communication and language. The monolith can understand individual people, places, and things. The monolith can provide a new paradigm of intelligence to help create a local fiscalism ecosystem that will help local merchants thrive and succeed by understanding their business model and adjusting and providing correction paths to make sure that businesses stay profitable and can sustain low-employment in the community the monolith is deployed. 

The Cenotaph is just a dumb structure with intrinsic meaning where the person who visits it makes assumptions about what the Cenotaph means from just a plaque stating what the Cenotaph was built for. A monolith is a digital entity that can communicate and broadcast knowledge and establish interfaces with the person who interacts with the monolith. 

As I said at the beginning of this article, it’s a lot of lame clowns thinking they are special – they actually think money status and wealth status matter – not in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you move around the world in developing countries, you will see rapid modernization by Chinese engineers who have mastered the ability to build 20 million-plus megacities in China and have the template to create urban environments efficiently and quickly. 

We have already hinted in Dream and Hustle's previous articles that we are building such a structure – a structure powered by our Toshikiso platform that allows interaction via APIs. Think about what our Toshikiso can already do right now. This Dream and Hustle blog is driven by the Toshikiso platform where View the Vista uses Toshikiso as an intermediary between Toshikiso and Dream and Hustle. Toshikiso can create digital-first retailing via Merchant and the Flow which does the same intermediary exchange with Toshikiso. I only named two, it is much more possibilities from our platforms. 

The physical version of Toshikiso will be essentially a monolith. The monolith will use Toshikiso graph technology to classify and sort data nodes. The monolith will work as an edge server, communicating with other Toshikiso-monoliths to sync data that can serve the local community and provide innovation and consultants that humans cannot scale up to. The monolith can help translate a language that allows businesses to offer menus and brochures on e-ink tablets and can translate on the fly. 

So in summary, Cenotaphs were created 100 years ago as structures dedicated to the remembrance of an event or a story, mostly the loss of human lives. A monolith, 100 years later in the modern world will be able to interact directly with other machine-based entities as well as human life forms such as yourself.

Like I said, we got joke brothas and sistas walking around talking up the money they made but they are not even at the level we are with artificial intelligence in 2023. A monolith can wipe out these brothas and sistas lightweight money-making scheme very quickly and self-invent new opportunities through the monolith's own intelligence gathering. 

Noticed the actual Black person who got this going on isn’t around you blabbing about money because I’m on something more powerful than a money count. We are creating a futuristic mechanism that can create economies, smart communities, smarter people, and more efficient processes and new solutions. We transitioning Cenotaphs to monoliths in 2023 and these cats trying to brag are so damn clueless about the world we are in today with generative AI and the possibilities they don’t got the math skills to compute.