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Both Brothas and Sistas Don’t Want to Admit Why They Destroyed Black Love

Monday, February 13, 2023

The one thing I learned as a grown Black man is my Black people doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything. We vote for Joe “Crime Bill” Biden and vote for these crappy Black politicians then wonder why our communities look all deteriorated and dilapidated. We don’t support the cultivation of Black Excellence in our schools and communities then wonder why the smart Black folks are leaving the Black community and never looking back.

Black folks at large get really quiet when it comes to self-accountability and why we are in the messed-up situation we are in now as a people.

The situation we are in today is Black love in the community is on life support with no brain activity. The brothas are running and getting passports so they can travel to Latin America, Africa or Southeast Asia to find an alternative to the American Black women.  The sistas are avoiding any engagement with Black men, she does drive-thru at Starbucks instead of going inside to see proper brothas working on their laptops and she doesn’t smile or speak to brothas in the bread aisle at the supermarket either.

When you go on social media, all you see is vitriol being spitted towards each other. You got crazy Black feminists gaslighting in comment sections wishing all kinds of evil on Black men. Then you got MGTOW manosphere brothas talking about ignoring Black women altogether and looking elsewhere. But even when there are brothas and sistas trying to discuss the relationship crisis, none of them take any accountability.

Let’s discuss the accountability and name and shame of why Black love is all messed up nowadays and may be irreparable.

First, it started over 100 years ago with the issue of abortion. The White feminists targeted Black women in the Black community to delete their pregnancies because they knew how vulnerable marginalized Black women were back in the 1920s to advance their agenda. But in the background, the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was a racist involved in eugenics where she believed the Negroes were unfit to have babies and promoted abortion to Black women hiding her genocidal agenda. As a result, Black women fell for that liberal White feminist hustle and killed hundreds of millions of her own Black babies and be walking around smiling on committing infanticide like she got some women’s rights.

Fast forward to 55 years ago, government public housing was created with a sinister underlying plot to destroy the Black community within. The evil goal was to create hi-rise, high-density public housing units filled with Blacks with no economic opportunities nearby and have them start turning on each other. There was one factor that needed to be in play – remove the Black father. The Black woman was presented with a choice, she can have public housing and government cheese as long as a Black man was not in her household (the movie “Claudine”) or she can turn down the deal and work with her Black Nubian King and build a powerful kingdom of Kush together. The Black woman chose the public housing and government cheese over her Black man, the biggest betrayal of Black love in all of Black history.

In the 1970s, Black women were not working with her Black man, she moved to prostitute herself to Jewish and Arab liquor store owners, strip club operators, and hourly motels – you will notice if you look around there is a lot of biracial Black people with Arab and Jewish backgrounds in their 50s and 60s, especially in New York. You can look at old p0rn flicks and see Black women performing with everybody but Black men. You look at the 1970s movie Diana Ross in the movie Mahogany where she abandoned Billie Dee Williams to chase a White man for fame, Anthony Perkins. Black women knew she was being exploited as “dark meat” by pervs and sold herself instead of riding with her Black man trying to establish Black liberation in the 1970s.

Then in the 1980s and 1990s, Black women started to publicly show that she prefers a bum-ass brotha or a thug over a solid brotha who she referred to as a nerd. The sistas were dating and having babies with low-quality men who obviously would leave her and the children to fend for themselves. This was driven in part by welfare laws that promoted Black women to have multiple babies out of wedlock for welfare and food stamp public assistance. What is remarkable is in Scotland for example, they have the same program of public assistance per child (to this day) but the difference is that Scottish men were allowed in the house but in America, the Black man could not be part of the household. Sistas were purposely choosing low-quality Black men to abandon her and their kids to get more food stamps to sell for cigarettes over building a legacy for her children with a solid Black man as a couple against the world.

It was Bill Clinton's welfare reform in the 1990s that put an end to the public assistance foolishness but the damage was done. Black women had a choice to build with her Black man after Emancipation and she chose abortion, public housing, food stamps, and government cheese blocks over building with the Black man.

In the 1990s Black men started messing up. Black men started embracing music and media that degraded Black women, songs that were called the sistas b*tches and hoes and these songs were getting played over and over on the radio. Black men supported music videos on BET that objectify women as nothing more than a big butt and smile in a one-piece neon outfit.

Then we get into the 2000s and Black men are supporting the butt model movement by reading stuff like King Magazine. Black women responded by becoming Black feminists and the radicals among the Black women started to suggest complete divestment from Black men when in reality, the Black woman divested from Black men over 100 years ago. So Black women were avoiding Black men, talking about swirling with men outside their race trying to gaslight and hurt Black men altogether through isolation.

But there is a major plot twist – the passport bros. The passport bros have been underlying in Black History for nearly 100 years. The first signs of passport bros were Black men stationed in the European theatre in World War 2. You may have seen several movies such as Red Tails where a Black man found a White girlfriend in Italy and I remember another movie where a Black man found a White woman in Germany. Then the show moved on to Korea and Vietnam and the Philippines where military men found local Asian women and created Blasians as early as the 1940s. Black men were going overseas in the military and finding wives from these countries creating Tiger Woods.

Then there was a next-generation from the military brothas going overseas – brothas working for the airline with free flight benefits traveling to Brazil and Thailand and finding wives. Many have seen how well they were being treated by Brazilian women and Thai women versus the stank attitudes they got from sistas back home. Also, let’s not omit the obvious, both Brazilian women and Thai women got the same curves and a well-shaped backside like a sista which is what a brotha really wants and after at the core level. There was a documentary in the early 2000s about brothas going to Brazil and settling there with their Brazilian wife or raising children while living in America, basically outsourcing his whole family rearing in another country instead of choosing to raise a family with an American Black woman.

Today, we look at the passport bro movement. I don’t buy into the passport bro movement as it stands and think it is an Internet meme. The only thing the passport bro movement did was exposed American Black women to the entire world when sistas started talking condescendingly about Asian women and Latina women being illiterate and poor and those women clapped back globally against American sistas. As a result, the whole world now knows how fractured Black love really is in our communities and working to exploit our divisions to our own detriment.

After all of this history, who is the blame? The problem is there is no need to blame, there is only a need to reset and heal and rebuild something new. Maybe the old ways were based on surviving in a world of systematic racism. Black men were not offered decent work to support their families, marginalizing them from feeding his family and he ran away in shame. Black women had to support their kids in any kind of way and resorted to sexual favors and taking public assistance with the rules to keep their kids from not going hungry. That is what happened back then but it has no relevance to what happens today.

Here is my honest opinion as a grown Black man and this is the most important paragraph. We are looking at a known paradigm where two extremes on both sides carry out the craziest stuff. Then the moderate middle is supposed to take the best points from both extreme sides and carry forward a solution out of both of the craziness. This is called the Blue Ocean Strategy a book by this name written by scholars that is flawed and dangerous.

A ghetto trash sista is going to always have a supply of ghetto bum brothas to reproduce babies with, no one can change that situation. A well-off brotha is going to look at his economic opportunity and realize he can advance further with a non-Black woman because either she is cheaper in Brazil or Thailand or she is on his level such as an Indian or Asian computer programmer making six figures just like him. Those who get hurt and the most affected are the moderate middle Blacks who feel the whole situation is a mess and they see no viable solutions or options for them.

The only solution is to change everything right now. The sistas should stop going through the Starbucks drive-thru hiding from good brothas working on their computer. I was at a counter at a fast-food restaurant and an attractive sista jumped out of her car and walked in and acted shocked to see me. I told her if she gets out of her car instead of going through the drive-thru all the time, she would run into quality brothas like me more often. I’m not making this story up; it happened last week.

The brothas need to detox the negative misogynistic culture he was raised in and start respecting sistas more. There are plenty of good sistas out there but a lot of them are hurt by the sanctioned disrespect of Black women via rap music on radio stations like V-103 in Atlanta. Transform yourself into a proper brotha who can afford to raise your own family and you will eventually find a good woman.

Start focusing on having dignity and respect for each other. You be the one that speaks first instead of waiting on the other. If the other one has a stank attitude, keep it moving. But it starts with every one of us and if that doesn’t happen, we going to lose everything and will really be in a messed up situation in the very near future as a community and people if we allow Black love to be taken off life support. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide