Dream and Hustle

Currently Experiencing the Best Japan I Visited

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

I am in Japan for a minute and the first two days were mind-blowing. Always stated that Japan is the window of the future to urban societies, especially Black American culture. They going through in Japan now, and we going to see it come to us in 3-5 and how the Black community reacts determines our fate.

In this article, I want to talk a couple of things while I’m here in Tokyo.

Trading-Up or Writing Off

In case someone didn’t catch a clue, the only reason for me to go to Japan is to reunite and work it out with my Japanese lady who I have known for over 5 years but the pandemic separated us for 3 years. But there was something I realized at the Atlanta airport traveling to Japan – it’s too many fine Japanese women trying to talk to me and be friendly with me.

I had two dates lined up before I left the airport. One of them had a stacked body and I messed up. I have not used the Line app in a while and she helped me scan her QR code. I saw her Line profile show up, she looked up and saw her luggage on the baggage carousel and I closed my screen and helped her load her baggage on her cart. I assumed I added her to Line and when I got to my hotel, found out I did not add her to Line, and her contact was gone – man, dayum!

The second one, we are going to the new food hall in Shinjuku that was under construction when I last visited Japan. She is in her 30s, has a 1990s Halley Berry cut with a nice lining in the back of her neck, and got her own thing going on – she peeped me out as well. I tried speaking Japanese and she was telling me how to say English words really fast to fake Japanese, I found her conversation both funny and helpful. For example – saying “Don’t text message dad” really fast can sound like “you welcome” in Japanese after they say arigato or thank you in Japanese. She made me laugh and she was laughing and we were connecting right there, damn Japanese women know how to hook a Black man like a fish.

A lot of Japanese women have been looking at me, hitting up on me once I initiate the conversation and I’m getting filled up with new Line app contacts. But there was one thing missing from the conversation and the baggage claim story gave it away and you should have caught it – my Japanese lady was not there at the airport when I arrived. You know full well I gave her all the flight details and arrival information and she was a no-show. That prior experience caused me to dump a sista in London who did the same thing to me at Heathrow.

Look, if you told me you coming into town, I’m at the Atlanta airport waiting for you – I’m taking the day off, I’m dressing up, I’m there to see my baby and welcome her and take her home or the hotel she staying at – I don’t always like people visiting staying at my house. With that said, I better be treated the same, if I’m flying in, she better be there waiting on me. She wasn’t.

She contacted me the next day and the way she was talking – it was silly talk for a brotha launching up his empire. She has been there all this time for me but when I’m in Japan, expanding the empire, she turned and flipped out with these silly lightweight conversations like she ain’t ready for the moves I’m about to make. This always happens to entrepreneurs, people close to you start turning and flipping on you when you are about to make those big moves and you have to take control of your journey, another one that let you down and turns on you last-minute, is the never-ending story. You go to be cold to be protective of your personal growth, for real.

I spoke to her on this matter in Roppongi at Mori Tower and we have been going back and forth on our relationship and where we at now. Personally, I feel she is being distant from me acting brand new – a lot of women that come in and out of my life do that and brothas hate that shit – don’t act brand new or start over with me if I was involuntarily separated from you, that bothered the hell out of me. We better continue where the f*ck we left off or I can act brand new with some other woman.

I believe she quiet quitted on me believing I will not come back to Japan and stay there with her. I accept her reasoning. Our position is we are friends, and we stay in touch but I have already quiet quitted on her as well because she is not ready to scale up with my goals and ambitions. I don’t got time for this nonsense – I got a global empire to build.

Japan is a modern dating culture – it is easy to find new attractive Japanese women (they kinda all look and dress the same as a monolith culture) and plenty of places to sit down and eat or take a bullet train somewhere and enjoy time away from Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the best dating cities in the world – do not let anybody lie to you about this.

But I come to the realization just from the Atlanta airport experience is I prefer to date new and trade-up for better or stay alone than keep tolerating unscalable partners in my romantic life. I see why celebrities always break up as a couple, they need to focus on their growth instead of relationship antics that mess with the big money coming in.

My biggest concern is not love with drama back and forth; my biggest concern is my future employees and making sure they can grow with my company and raise their families I don’t want to tell them I have to lay them off – if you don’t understand that, you not an entrepreneur or ready for this.

She should have been at that damn airport.

Passport Bros is Faking It

There is a passport bro on YouTube here in Japan as well – International Passport. He is over there making videos talking about Japanese girls in Japan for the lame brothas. Now I’m in Japan as well and look at his videos – he is over here exaggerating and sounding dumb about Japan when Japan is one of the most established Black ex-pat communities in the world for almost 100 years.

He got a video talking about him rolling with a Japanese chick and she looked basic and unexciting. If that is the best he can pull, he doesn’t have it going on like that. Then he makes another video talking about Japanese women going crazy over his Japanese – if you see the video, you will see the typical “Japanese girlfriend group or sisters” having fun with the foreign Black guy and talking among themselves, not to him. There are plenty of “Asian Boss” interviewers around Japan and Japanese people like to get on camera and talk to them – he may not realize that’s what those ladies were doing with him.

Then, yeah get this – I keep seeing him talking about “IT consulting” that I noticed these YouTubers are doing like Kevin Samuel's hustle model. They get an audience, then offer 1-on-1 consulting services and he is stating he is tech. Here is the giveaway I already told you earlier and you may not have caught on. Remember I said I spoke to my lady at the Mori Tower in Roppongi? That is where American tech firms are located and plenty of tech people and nice tech women from all over the world hang out at. There are plenty of Black-owned businesses and Black women there in Roppongi as well – he ain’t even touched on that place I just mentioned; that is a giveaway to real folks that know Japan.

I tried to reach out to him and he acted like I’m some regular dude off the street somewhere – that’s when I realized this dude is just a content creator selling a fake narrative for his audience. I think that is what most of these passport bros are as I stated earlier, they are no different than the Black campers or folks living out their RV – that Black camping looks good on video until the reality where you are out there in the woods and got to take a dump and the toilet paper is all damped from the humidity. Don’t forget I was light infantry – I know all about being Black and being outdoors.

The passport bros are shaping up to be just like the swirling sistas – selling fake narratives and propaganda. Remember that one chick Beyond Black White who was advising sistas to chase White men but in reality, she was trying to sell a relationship dating subscription site? See, the hustle is selling a lie and having people pay for an outside service for that lie they selling, the passport bros doing that same nonsense, and not real in this global jet setter game.

When you the truth like Ed Dunn who actually travels, actually has global girlfriends, and actually in this technology game worldwide – characters like International Passport claim they want to hook up but they nowhere trying to be near the real ones when they are on some fake nonsense – that’s what I’m feeling on these passport bros. They are just content creators doing it for the gram, the clicks, and the views.

I Want to and Will Move to Japan

I did not like Japan due to the travel ban on foreigners for 3 years. They took the soul out of me and I started looking elsewhere the only viable place I thought to move to was Dubai and create a freezone firm – that is still one of the best options but it is price-prohibitive for some folks to get set up and most folks don’t realize how strict the laws are in Dubai where you can go to jail for using WhatsApp because it is banned in the UAE as an encrypted communication device like scanners – you can go to jail in the Middle East for having radio scanners and that Nobel Price lady in Myanmar they jailed is because she had a walkie-talkie in her possession.

But there is a better option – start your business in America, then work remotely overseas from your own country with a digital nomad visa or just get a long-term visa. That is the best and most realistic option and the conversation about low taxes is just some made-up motivation, I don’t care about paying taxes in America as long as I’m growing. Now when I get to $100 million, yes taxes are going to matter but realistically right now – I’ll pay and deduct taxes here in America until I reach that threshold.

It feels good to be in Japan, a beautiful landscape, nice and friendly people who want to teach you Japanese. I dropped my wallet on the subway and I heard it and before I turned around, a young Japanese man ran and picked it up and gave it to me, imagine if that was the Five Points station in Atlanta and I dropped my wallet – what you think the typical young brotha would do at that moment?

I don’t need to be around this bullsh*t in America, the trifling and ignorant Black sistas who don’t know what a Black man with money, power, and moves can do for her and sistas in America clown-f*cking and getting pregnant by garbage brothas. Black people getting shot at gas stations on Panola Road. Black people hating on each other and trying to judge and rank each other. I don’t want to be near any of that nonsense anymore in my life as a Black person and most of you are tired of it as well.

I rather sit at the park behind Tokyo Midtown Mall on a quiet sunny day and this Swedish family with a man married to a Japanese woman asks me to take a photo of them in front of the pond while their infant runs around chasing birds. Japanese give a brotha the peace he has been seeking, the dating pool of women, and a place to always eat at and I can sit down and chill at a cafe with my laptop and concentrate 100% on my business startup.   

I already decided, I’m going to get my money up fast so I can start the business in the USA, set up a shop in Dubai, and have a place in Japan to visit. Then you realize something – that is how all the rich is doing it right now, they live overseas while their business is set up in the USA. That’s how you really do the passport game and I’m all in because I feel so refreshed here in Japan and this place has the peace and lifestyle I’m looking for.  I remember one YouTuber who was here in Japan brought his dad to Japan and his dad said he ain’t leaving Japan – he staying there and he over there fishing and enjoying his peaceful quiet life, that’s what I’m talking about.

The Great Reset in Japan

I noticed Japan has changed and it is because of the ignorant travel ban that did major damage to the Japanese local economy. A lot of businesses had shut down, especially almost all foreign businesses, and foreign people I knew worked here. A lot of elder Japanese who worked at tourist vendor spots are now gone and they using automated vending machines. I see a lot of adjustments going on.

I see some of the meanness and rudeness gone with foreigners and they appreciate us and our money and our business. That is going to happen to Black America as well – all this stank attitude is going to get dealt with hard and folks will start to straighten, the sad part is we know there is only one way to make Black folks in America to recognize this and that’s the only way the reset going to happen, sorry.

More and more automation and digitalization are going on in Japan. More vending machines and more automatic menu ticket machines allow single entrepreneurs to run micro-operations which is what I explained about the food carts I will start researching here in Tokyo. Even the cabs are more automated with special doors to get passengers in and out of the cars with no human interaction as the doors open automatically. I believe what’s going on is innovation to help elder Japanese stay relevant in the workforce with assisted technology.

I’m observing these new patterns and practices and documenting in real time the changes I’m seeing and it’s too much right now – I will have to unpack all this stuff when I’m back in America, back to the bullsh*t. Yep, I look forward to going to Kroger in Atlanta and seeing some standoffish stank-attitude sista acting like she got all the options but got nothing special to offer a brotha, really.

Writing Too Much, Have to Get Going

I got more to cover; a lot more but just want to reach out with an update of what’s going on in Tokyo. I love it here, I want to move and live here, this city and country is awesome. I still have a ringing in my ear because a bunch of high school girls started screaming loudly close to my ear over some boy they saw outside the train station.

I have to buy bags and watches for the folks back home – the prices are inflated but not that much and also the yen to USD conversion is 36% so a Louie Vuitton Neverfull in excellent used condition with original packaging is around $550 – you can tell this passport bro still rolling with sistas if these sistas got me out here buying bags for them, that’s our sistas, I tell ya.