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The Vibe and History of Our Favorite Japanese R&B Songs

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I’m hearing a lot of caps and lies about brothas fantasizing about dating in Japan, especially on TikTok and YouTube. There is a lot of made-up nonsense going on about Japan and brothas are making up fake narratives in their head that will get them twisted if they go to Japan on some nonsense.

I’m a real one who has been dating Japanese women for 10 years. I have real peer groups of brothas in Japan who date and marry Japanese women. So there is zero BS from this article on the topic, and if you ever hear anybody talking out their neck about Japanese women or dating in Japan, challenge them and bring them over here, and I’ll deal with the caps.

The cover photo is, again, an anime rendering of me and my Japanese boo, and we have been together for over five years. The reason why is I don’t need to prove anything to anybody except the woman that I’m with about our love and our relationship. People in my social media group see the real photo of us

This series will give a real picture of brothas from America dating in Japan. It is very important that I’m pointing out ADOS American because there is also Brazilian and Jamaican influence in Japan that dates back decades. These non-American brothas will find their own Japanese dating counterparts in Japan, but this article is for American brothas.

See, there is not anything new about Black American men dating Japanese women. In America, people forgot during segregation and even up North, Japanese were considered colored and have to live in the Black community. Early Black Civil Rights leaders such as W.E.B DuBois went to Japan frequently and Japan was a big sponsor of the Black Civil Rights movement, they don’t tell you that either. Black actors and Black jazz performers have opportunities in Japan back in the 1940s when they had no such accommodations in America.

Then Black military men after World War II were stationed in Japan and brought our culture and lifestyles and Japanese who returned to Japan from Black communities also brought back our culture and practices as well. A lot of Black American families supported and shared homes with Japanese families in the early half of 1900s, Black-Japanese history are you are not told about.

In case you didn’t recognize the photo above, yes Michael Jackson was dating Yuko Asano in the 1980s and flew over to Japan to date her like a passport bro. Yep, Michael Jackson was a passport bro in case you didn’t know so don’t listen to some clown on YouTube acting like they invented this trend.

There is another piece of history that is important. There has been a tradition of Black American music artists going to Japan to perform since the jazz era. You can look up YouTube videos of Stevie Wonder and James Brown performing in Japan. When I first flew to Japan, I was walking to the terminal with a Black jazz musician from New Orleans who told me he is performing in Ginza and asked me to come and see the performance.

The video above is another Black History they don’t tell you about. R&B performers who were drummers, producers, bassists for Herbie Hancock or George Benson and more would perform with Japanese artists and get a cut of royalties out of Japanese artists performing Japanese R&B with them contributing to the album and recording.

So this is where me and my lover in Japan found our special common ground. She listens primarily to Japanese R&B and has a voice where she can sing Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker at Big Echo Karaoke. At this point, you brothas, the real ones like me should automatically realize the shock and awe – I got myself a 1980s and 1990s Japanese soul sista that is better quality and can argue more soulful than these 2024 trash American sistas you brothas have to put up with in America, lol.

I want to give you a taste of the kind of Japanese R&B music we listen to as we drive together in Japan, hear it at the bars we go to, or chilling at her house or having a BBQ get together with her friends. I want you if you grew up in the 80s and 90s to listen carefully to the songs and the style of music and rhythm and you will see why a real brotha, especially an old school brotha will connect with a Japanese woman more than skin deep as some them carry our same common African-American cultural roots from our early days.  

YeYe × BASI - おとな – our favorite

If there is one song, one video that can describe our relationship and how we vibe together – this video it is. This is exactly us and everything about us. I want you to watch this to beginning to end. Here is the thing my brothas, if she doesn’t react like this after you give her a drink, then she isn’t the one.

The one thing I will tell you about this is I hope you fully understand why once you have this kind of relationship, you not going back to what you were putting up with in America, trust me. YeYe is also my favorite artist and I can tell you when I play her album as I’m about to take a bath, I’m in a whole new zone to myself.


The lady in the previous video is a professional urban dancer who primarily style is pop-locking. This is one of my favorite Japanese R&B song because of the production talent behind this song. Listen to the song arrangement – they were able to incorporate a harp into an R&B song with a brass section and a R&B bass rhythm.  

When we abandoned R&B in America, the Japanese kept innovating with R&B and this is an example of how the genre of soul has evolved. You might have to listen to this song several times to truly appreciate how Japanese took R&B to this stage, listen to the harp again.

DAWGS – Enemy

This is my boo song because the lead singer is an also a solo artist who make good Japanese R&B songs on his own. This song and video also capture something you brothas and sistas who are old school should notice as well. This is what me and my Japanese boo does after work, we go to small bars like this that used to be in our Black community back in the day where you can have a drink and a intimate conversation. You cannot do that in Black America anymore, not in this day and age.

A little secret – that’s how my Japanese boo be dancing like the server like she from the 1980s as well. I love it because I’m back in the 1980s and 1990s vibes that I remember the good days, still intact in Japan with my boo. I hope you brothas and sistas are getting the vibe I am feeling in Japan and I know you getting nostalgia of seeing in Japan today is what you used to live back in the day.

金木犀 feat. 鈴木真海子 / TOSHIKI HAYASHI

One thing I like about my Japanese girl is when I show her my list of Japanese artists on Spotify on my phone; she is quick to say she met or knows the artist; I like that she talks like that. She didn’t know this song, but when I told her she know the artist and she recognized Mamiko Suzuki that’s when she started listening. She knows Mamiko from Chelmico, which was a duet that Mamiko was part of, and didn’t recognize Mamiko went lo-fi hip-hop.

Noticed how chilled the video is and they hanging out at a barbeque out in the countryside; this is also awesome Japanese dating from way back in the day when our 1970s parents would take out of the city into the countryside to have quality time. We didn’t really do this back in the 1980s and 1990s although in the up-North cities but in the South, the Southern Black folks would do this a lot I think they call it a “kick back” or something like that.

This article was designed to show you the real pleasure and joy of dating a Japanese woman as an old-school American Black man that knew how it was back in the day. You will see I was hooked in when we was doing stuff I was doing back in the 1980s and 1990s when dating was fun, innocent, discovery, and having a real boo and good music and a good vibe was all around.

Real R&B, real hip-hop, real sistas that are into you like SWV versus 2024 looking at a dirty tattooed-up chick with weed black lips talking on her mobile phone pushing her cart trying to avoid you when you a brotha with a Japanese chick who can sing Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker at karaoke nights.

That’s why I’m in Japan and why I feeling good having a Japanese chick who represents what and where we should have been as Black people if we kept holding on like Jeffrey Osbourne to the good culture we had instead of letting it devolve into what it is today. Yeah, I definitely have an escape plan and an escape girl in Japan, and I’m loving it 100%. 


Ed Dunn

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